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Summary: What kind of dummies would've waited so long to reveal their true identities? I mean, well, other than Sam and Austin? Here's what would have happened if they weren't so dumb. Sam/Austin.

Nomad has logged on.

Sam smiled, talking to Nomad was at times her only salvation to living with Fiona. He, despite the lack of knowing who he really was, always seemed to be there when she needed someone to talk to.

Nomad: What's up? :)

Sam smiled. He was obviously in a good mood.

PrincetonGirl: Oh you know, plotting ways to get out of here. Same old, same old.

Within seconds, he had sent a cyber apology.

Nomad: Evil stepmom at it again?

PrincetonGirl: What tipped you off?

Nomad: Is that a trick question?

PrincetonGirl: I thought I once told you I wasn't in to games. ;)

She laughed. Nomad was at times easy to mess with, as poetic and deep as he came off. Sometimes she imagined that he knew who she was, but didn't care. Sometimes she wished that he was merely waiting for the right moment to come out and say, "Sam, I'm Nomad." Sometimes she wished that she could be Cinderella.

But Sam knew that wishing, dreaming, imagining, all of it was useless when action wasn't taken.

She snapped out of her daze when Nomad sent her a little "Buzz."

Nomad: Okay, so we've established that your stepmom is indeed, evil. I wish I could help.

PrincetonGirl: You already have.

PrincetonGirl has logged off.

"So let me get this straight. You've been talking with this guy for months now and you still don't know who he is?" Carter, Sam's right hand man, sat in the passenger side of her 'stang, amused, but shocked by her revelation.

Sam, eyes on the road, nodded. "Well, yeah. I mean," she glanced at Carter for a second before continuing, "why ruin what we already have? I don't want things to get awkward."

"So you'd rather text and IM this guy, hoping that he'll someday find you and whisk you away to la la land?"

Sam rolled her eyes. "I wouldn't say that exactly, Carter."

"Aha!" Carter pointed out, victoriously. "So you admit that you would say something quite similar!"

Sam sighed. "No Carter, that's not what I meant either."

"Oh yeah, I'm right. You can't deny it. It's written all over your perfectly symmetrical face Sam."

"You're so weird Carter," Sam laughed.

He crossed his arms. "Don't judge me."

"Austin Ames," Mr. Jones, known amongst his students merely as "Jones" called, scanning his eyes over the class.

Austin raised his hand. "Present and accounted for," he replied jokingly.

Jones rolled his eyes. "A simple 'here' would do just fine Mr. Ames."

"Sir, yes sir."

Jones continued on the list, reaching Carter and Sam as he went on. Rubbing his hands together he smiled, a twinkle in his old, wrinkled eyes. "Alright kiddies, I've got some exciting news to announce."

A kid from the back spoke loudly, "You're retiring?" A few snickers emerged as he high-fived kids around him.

"That depends, Mr. Dermont, you going to graduate this year?" The class laughed as the kid sulked in his seat. "All right then," Jones continued, "what I was going to say is that we're going to be doing a little partner project for the next few weeks."

Unified groans circled throughout the classroom.

"Very funny guys. Did you honestly think I'd let you go through my creative writing class without effort?"

"Is that a trick question?"

Sam snapped her head up, looking to Austin, who had asked the question. She faltered for a second, before shaking her head at the ridiculous question mark that plagued her thoughts.

"Ha, you amuse me Mr. Ames."

Sam looked to Carter, mouthing, "Partners?" At his nod, she smiled, happy with herself. Carter was such a pushover, she'd be free to do whatever she wanted with the project.

"Pull a name out of the hat. I think you know what happens after that," Jones said, smiling at his corny rhyme as he walked around to one side of the room. Carter and Sam were sitting on the same side, which meant no chance of them being partners.

Her shoulders slumped as she shook her head in apology towards Carter. Carter pulled out a name regardless, shrugging before reading the name. A wide grin, one that made him look as if he had done something wrong, spread across his face. He then winked towards Shelby Cummings. "Hey partner," he announced.

Shelby cringed. "Ew."

And then Jones came to Sam. "Miss Montgomery? It would help if you would pick a name."

Sam snapped out of her trance, mumbling an incoherent line before reaching into the hat. She pulled out a thin piece of paper as Jones moved on. Opening up the tiny piece of paper, she read aloud, "Austin Ames."

Austin turned to her, nodding once. She sighed. It was just her luck, getting Ames as a partner.

"Alright, get with your partners now."

Sam sighed, heading over to Austin's desk. What would an hour of class on his side of the fence be like?

Guess she was going to have to find out.

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