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Chapter 1-The Master of the Night

It was dark out no moon and the stars were covered by dark storm clouds. This was his element, he was most at home in the mysteries of the night. The lone figure closed his eyes and took a deep breath letting the cool breeze soak into him. This is where he belonged, no bright lights, no annoying people, just him, the night, and the earth that was his mother.

The field he was in belonged to his family, part of the twelve or so acres they owned. This field had actually been over-run with weeds, but that didn't bother him, it was perfect for his training. He tossed off the hooded sweatshirt and started to run. As he ran weeds popped up in front of him, he dodged, spun, and swerved. His feet didn't make a sound as they passed over the ground. Every weed was dodged as he continued to run, the wind whipped against his body cooling him as he went. Three laps, six laps, nine laps, twelve laps, he kept going until he was up to his fiftieth lap. Only after that did he stop, he was only panting lightly sweat covered the front of his shirt.

He then returned to the center of the field, a bey dish was built into the ground. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a flaming red launcher followed by a red beyblade with specks of orange in it. Closing his eyes he attached the blade to the launcher and took a deep breath, a small click sounded through the night. "3...2...1...let it rip," he whispered pulling the rip cord through the launching mechanism.

Andy whispered the wisdom that was given to him by a power much older then himself, "A mongoose has the ability to use speed as a defense."

His blade responded by increasing in velocity moving faster then the naked eye could follow. It dodged, swerved, and spun around the dish, a red blur. Andy smiled Tyr's speed was increasing every time they practiced. Soon they would be able to keep up with the fastest beyblade in the world…Rei's Driger.

Andy took a deep breath this next one he still hasn't been able to master, "A mongoose lacks fear in attacking and defending one self." He picked up a dozen rocks then he started throwing them at the blade.

The blade started moving dodging and striking sending the rocks out of the bowl. But every rock that hit slowed down the blade more and more till it stopped. Andy sighed.

"Still no good," he whispered.

"Andy time to come in you, have your Academy entrance exam tomorrow," called his mother from the house.

Andy sighed again, "We will get it Tyr, the spirit mongoose said we could do it and we will." He set the blade against his forehead and took another deep breath.

He then stood up and headed for the house. It had been another good night of training and he had grown a little stronger. That is all that mattered a little bit at a time till he was one of the best.

He made it to the house and walked inside with a good night to his parents he headed to bed. Tomorrow was a big day.

Author's Notes

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