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This is a continuation of the end of the last chapter!

Chapter 5: Flashback of a Meeting

She had been skipping around just enjoying the nice day, she had a soft-ball game that day and their team had won. After the game she had decided to go and do a little Beyblade practice at the park. She finally made it to the park and was standing next to the bey dish, she was working on a new launch that would spike her defense by a lot.

She kept going and going trying to master the launch but wasn't getting really far. Suddenly a gang of teenagers appeared.

"Look what we have here boys, a little girl who thinks she can blade," stated the leader of the pack.

"This is public property, anyone can blade here," stated Alex standing up against the older kids.

"Wrong, little baby this is our turf only we can bey blade here, now as punishment I think we will trash your blade to teach you a lesson," stated the older boy again.

The whole gang launched their blades into the stadium at the same time. The then zeroed in on Alex's beyblade and started smashing it over and over again.

"STOP! Your going to trash my blade," shouted Alex.

"That's the gener….ouch!" shouted the leader.

Alex looked up to see what happened, the leader was bleeding from the side of his face. A small pebble laid next to his shoe.

"It's not right to gang up on people, it is against the Beyblade rules," stated a cold voice, but behind that voice was more a crackling fire burning bright for justice.

Alex turned to the voice and saw another boy, also older then her walk up from what seemed like woods. He wore a pair of jeans and a sleeveless shirt draped over his shoulder was a cloak of sorts a hood drawn over his head.

"Why you little punk, how dare you scratch my perfect face I'll mess you up something fierce," stated the older boy losing focus on Alex for the minute.

He rushed the boy his fist swinging in at a large arc, the boy moved like lighting he ducked the blow. Then he caught the guys arm that had just swung at him. He continued to pull the guy forward, right into his knee.

The bully grabbed his stomach then fell to the ground.

The bully furious at being humiliated stood up, "Alright, you can fight but I challenge you to a Beyblade match."

The boy nodded his head, "Fine." The same cold voice with the hint of crackling flames.

The other bullies completely forgetting about Alex returned their blades to their hands.

Now Alex being Alex wasn't going to have any of this, "Let's do a tag-team match, you guys tried to trash my blade I want my fair justice."

She turned her cloudy gray eyes at the stranger, daring him to deny her what she deserved.

The figure looked at the young fiery girl, when he did she caught site of his face under the hood. The dark brown eyes had tint of red in them…and he was smiling at her.

Alex was caught off guard, this seemingly tough guy was smiling at her. Her eyes changed slightly to a mix of cloudy gray and blue.

The stranger turned to the bullies, "Work's for me a two on two battle."

The bully nodded, "Fine." He nodded to one of his flunkies and he stood next to his leader.

"3...2...1...LET IT RIP!" the four people shouted

Alex's ice blue blade went spinning into the ring, followed by two black one's from the bullies, the last blade to go into the dish was the stranger's a red blur.

Alex's blade instantly went to the center in a defensive position, ready to out endure anyone who tried to fight her.

The stranger's red blade was a blur as it sped around the dish, the two black one's trying to keep up with it.

"Be ready," whispered the stranger to Alex.

"For what?" she stated with a confused look on her face.

The boy turned to her and smiled, "You will see, Tyr let's move!"

His blade responded, it started to move faster it was moving so fast it looked like the black blades were standing still. The boy's blade started to spin around Alex's blade faster and faster.

Alex looked at the stranger, confused at what he was doing. She looked back at her blade then she noticed it. As he spun around her blade the vortex off his blade made hers move faster and faster. She had never seen her blade spin so fast, it was an ice blue blur.

"What are you two doing, dancing?" stated the bully.

The stranger boy looked at the bully, "Exactly."

Alex noticed something different about the boys voice, it was no longer cold and the flame could no longer be heard. The boy sounded like he was just having fun, and that wore off on Alex.

She turned to the bullies, no longer angry, no longer sad, "Yep were dancing."

The bullies looked so confused, they shook their head, "Well then we will put you out of your misery, lets go."

The stranger boy smiled again, "Tyr!"

Suddenly his blade stopped moving it just stood right in front of Alex's blade spinning there.

"NOW WE GOT YOU!" shouted the two bullies.

Alex tried to be worried, but the stranger boys presence just wouldn't let her. This was turning out to be the most fun she has ever had in a bey battle before.

The two black blades raced towards the stranger's red one, planning to just bull dog it out of the way since it didn't look to defensive.

Alex felt the boy smile again, "Tyr, lets make your presence known."

Suddenly the red blade started to glow a red color. A large red light burst out of the bit on top of the blade. Then a red, flaming blur jumped out of the blade.

Alex got her first glimpse of a real bit beast, it was the most amazing thing she had ever seen. The animal's fur was burning fire that licked with orange's, red's and yellow's. The vital organs of its body were covered with black obsidian armor. A headband was wrapped around the creature that looked like a weasel's head with a single ruby in it.

"A mongoose uses speed in defense, the first lesson the mongoose can teach us, AFTERBURN!" shouted the stranger.

The beast burst into flames just as the black blades were about to collide with it. The two black blades went straight through the red blade.

"YE….!" started the bullies when they noticed that the blade just vanished, and they were heading straight for the sped up defensive blade, "wait he set us up!"

The boy smirked as the blades collided into Alex's defensive blade and bounced off barely scratching the sped up blade. The two black blades were launched into the air and suddenly the boy blade reappeared right behind then.

"Alright Tyr, let's finish this FLAMING ROLL!" called the stranger.

The beast rolled into a ball as its fur flame burst even brighter then it slammed into the one blade which in turn slammed into the other, defenseless airborne blades and sent them rocketing out of the dish.

The bullies hit their knees in complete shock, "How, why, when, what?" they stuttered.

The stranger boy turned to Alex, "I think your blade is safe now, you are really good at blading, to master your launch try twisting your wrist just as you pull the last bit of cord from the launcher, you will find that little move will give your blade a better spin and more stability."

Alex looked at the boy completely awe-stricken, "Thank you."

The kid smiled, "My pleasure, the whole strategy wouldn't of worked if it wasn't for the defense of your blade, so in all honesty I should be thanking you."

Alex was speechless, she just nodded and returned her blade to her hand.

The bullies leader wasn't going to let their pray get away scott free. He turned to his gang and made a few motions. Suddenly 6 blades were heading full force straight for Alex.

Alex saw the blades only to late, she couldn't move as she saw them heading straight for her. Then like a mantle of shadow, the stranger had her wrapped in his cloak and pulled to his body as he turned his back to the blades.

With loud thuds and cracks of bone all six blades collided into his back, protecting her.

Alex couldn't understand why she felt so safe in those arms. When the blades had made impact he let her go, to soon in her mind and fell forward.

The bully smiled and then with another hand sign all six blades reversed direction and rocketed to the red one that was still spinning. All six blades slammed into the red one sending it flying up into the air.

Alex was on her knee, trying to make sure her savior was alright. She pulled off the cloak and saw his dark brown hair. She then pulled off the sleeveless shirt that had cuts and holes in it. She caught site of his back, scratched and bleeding from six different wounds, bleeding a lot. Alex was horrified.

"That will teach that little punk to mess with us, now just cause he was so irritating we are going to trash his blade," stated the leader.

As if on response the six blades took turns continually slamming into the red blade over and over again.

Alex leaned down to see if she could stop the bleeding, but when she placed her hand on the boy's back she pulled back with a yelp. He was hot…wait hot like burning hot. A reddish tint surrounded his body as it started to rise up softly looking like flames.

The boy brought up his arm and slammed his fist into the concrete, then he pushed himself up. The flames around his body licked at him sizzling the air. He turned to the bullies his eyes were again tinted with red and his voice was the same cold emotionless but licked with fire, "It is wrong to attack a blader, again it is wrong to gang up on someone, a mongoose believes in the apprehension of wrongdoers."

"What the hell?" stated the bully.

"TYR!" shouted the stranger.

Suddenly his blade burst into a towering inferno as his bit beast shot out of the bit. It fur was blazing, the ruby on its headband was bright as the sun causing everyone except the stranger to turn away.

"WHAT IS THIS!" shouted the bullies scared out of their wits.

"TYR BLAZING JUSTICE!" shouted the stranger.

The bit beast suddenly burst into all fire, the blade did the same then it vanished. The next thing that anyone knew was all of the bullies blades were laying at their feet, as if they had never even fought the flaming mongoose.

The stranger stood at the front of the gang, "You don't deserve to call yourselves bladers, go back to the basics and learn the real reason why we blade."

The gang just nodded their heads, picked up their blades and left the park. After they were gone the stranger fell forward, worn out from exhaustion and loss of blood.

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