All credit to Characters and places go to Jk Rowling. Based on the musical the sound of music, a Rogers and Hammerstein musical. The bits you don't recognise are mine.

I hope you enjoy.

The hills are alive

With the sound of music

With songs they have sung

For a thousand years

The hills fill my heart

With the sound of music

My heart wants to sing Every song it hears

My heart wants to beat like the wings Of the birds that rise

From the lake to the trees

My heart wants to sigh Like a chime that flies

From a church on a breeze

To laugh like a brook When it trips and falls

Over stones on its way

To sing through the night

Like a lark who is learning to pray

I go to the hills

When my heart is lonely

I know I will hear

What I've heard before

My heart will be blessed

With the sound of musicAnd I'll sing...

...once more

Harry rich tennor voice could be heard in the hills again when he noticed the sound of a tolling bell.Crap He thought I can't be late again Dumbledore will kill me. He grabbed his robes and ran as if hell's dogs were chasing after him all the way back to Hogwarts.

Meanwhile at the Order, his absence was creating havoc. "Dumbledore Sir."
"Remus what is the matter my boy."

"I simply cannot find him – Harry. O I knew we should have put a tracking charm on him." Dumbledore looked towards the flustered werewolf as he said "Have you looked in the owlery? You know how much he adores the birds." Remus gave a despairing sigh. "Yes I have looked in all of the usual places Sir." Dumbledore's eyes twinkled merrily as a small smile played on his lips. "Well Remus considering that it is Harry I suggest that you look in all the unusual places." A rather tall greasy looking man met up with them, his robes billowing. "I hope this new act of defiance has put any doubts you have about Potter's future here in the Order at rest."

"Now, now Snape I feel it is wise to always keep one's doubts" Dumbledore replied as if he had just imparted information of the highest calibre. "Yes" Remus chimed in "After all the wool of a black sheep is as warm as that of any other."

"We are not talking about sheep mut!" snipped Snape. "Boys, Boys!" a group of the order came into view. "We were just discussing the future of one of our younger members. My Potions Master and my Defence instructer were helping me decide, each with a different view on the matter. Maybe you could help me. What do you think of Harry?" Sirius ventured an answer first. "Well he is a wonderful boy … most of the time." Minerva, a tall thin stern looking woman , "It's very easy to like the boy … except when it isn't"

"And you Molly, what are your thoughts?" Molly Weasly defiantly stuck up her chin. "Well I love him very much, but he always seems to be in trouble doesn't he?" "My point exactly" declared Snape. Harry chose this point to run into the courtyard and consequently disturbing the conversation. "My office Harry 8 this evening after dinner." Harry sighed what was the point even with the best will in the world he always messed up. "Yes Sir."