DN College

By Stormshadow13

Disclaimer: I don't own and if I did the anime would be a lot better then it was.

AN: Everyone is in college and they have no powers and none of that stuff. I guess this is an AU story with everyone in college. Yea, for creative license. Also the campus in this story is based off mine but the names are different. I'd also like to Thank Domini-chan for being my beater and Isangma for Emailing the story back and fourth between us. This chapter is for you guys.


Dark stared at the dark amber liquor in the glass in front of him. At the moment he had no thought in his head other then getting completely smashed. He took another gulp of his drink shoving the sudden vision of Daisuke tangled together with that creepy Satoshi kid out of his head. He drained the glass and waved to the bar tinder for another refill. He'd been planning on a nice quiet night maybe making love with Daisuke or just spending time with his boyfriend. But that had all changed in a moment, one horrible offal moment. He'd stopped at Daisuke's place after his classes were over for the day and that was when his world had shattered. He'd walked in on his lover entwined with another.

Flash back.

DARK strolled down the sidewalk cheerfully whistling a little tune, he'd just gotten out of his last class of the day and was looking forewords to spending some quality time with his boyfriend. He smiled at the thought of the happy red-head. He hadn't gotten to spend as much time as he wanted with Daisuke this semester because of his class load. Why on earth he'd taken 18 hours was beyond him. Well maybe he just wanted to get some of the classes out of his way so that he could take it easy his senior year. He turned up the walk to Daisuke's apartment and took out the key opening the door. He trotted down the hall turning into the living room and froze.

Daisuke was lying on the couch limbs entangled with Satoshi Hiwatari. Daisuke's eyes widened as he saw Dark standing in the door way. "Oh, Dark I didn't know that you were coming today."

Dark felt his heart clinch, "I see. So when were you planning on telling me it was over or were you just not going to tell me?"

"I..." began Daisuke trying to untangle himself from Satoshi.

"No," Dark shook his head, "Don't tell me I don't want to know. I hope you two are going to be happy." He turned and fled from the apartment ignoring Daisuke's calls for him to wait.

End flash back.

So that was why he Dark Mousy was here in a bar getting drunk off his ass instead of cuddled with his boyfriend watching a movie and eating pop corn. He'd shut his cell phone off after the fourth call from Daisuke. He wanted nothing to do with the other at the moment. He signaled the bar tinder for yet another drink.


Krad sighed sipping half heartedly at his drink and idly wondering why the hell he'd let Argentine talk him in to coming, he hated bars. He wasn't fond of alcohol, and he found that bars were too noisy and crowded for his taste. The blond glanced over at his friend and rolled his eyes. Argentine was in a heavy make out session with his girlfriend Towa. Krad sighed again and considered just leaving.


Dark signaled another drink just one more of an endless string he'd lost count around seven and he really was past the point of caring.

The bar tender walked over. "Don't you think you've have enough kid?"

Dark blinked at him not really comprehending what the man had said, "Huh?"

The bar tender sighed, "Kid I'm not going to give you any more, you've had enough. Where do you live? I'll see if anyone can take you home. If not I'll call you a cab."

Dark blinked, "Uh, East Thomas dorm."

The bar tender nodded and turned looking out over the crowd. "Hey! Is anyone going to Thomas dorm!?"


Krad finished his drink and pushed his chair back, "Argentine, I'm heading home. I'll see you tomorrow."

Argentine waved not breaking from the kiss with Towa.

Krad stood up just as a voice boomed over the chatter.

"Hey! Is anyone going to Thomas dorms!?"

Krad blinked and weaved his way through the crowd heading for the bar. He caught the bar tender's attention.

"Do you know where Thomas is?" the man asked, a concerned look on his face.

Krad nodded, "I live there."

The bar tender smiled, "Will you please help this young man to the dorms? I'm afraid to let him go on his own."

Krad blinked and glanced at the other young man who was staring at his glass morosely. He had wild shortish purple hair, amethyst colored eyes, nicely tanned skin and was wearing all black The blond frowned, 'I think he's in a few of my classes,' he thought to himself.

The bar tender nodded and waved a hand in front of Dark's face to get his attention. "Hey, I've got someone who's going to walk you back to your dorm."


Dark blinked and glanced over at the person now standing next to him. 'He looks familiar,' the purple-haired teen thought, and tried to pin point the stranger but his alcohol fogged brain refused to work properly. The only thing he could come up with was 'Damn, he's hot.'

Krad studied the purple haired boy as the two of them left the bar. For someone as completely smashed as this guy had to be his motor skills were pretty good. …Or not. Krad had to grab the others shoulder to keep him from walking face first into a light post. Finally they arrived at Thomas, The blond glanced at his watch and was surprised that the walk from the bar had only taken them twenty minutes considering how drunk his companion was he'd figured it would of taken them a lot longer.

He pulled out his key and unlocked the dorm door. Krad pulled open the door and ushered the other into the foyer between North and east Thomas. "What room are you in?" He glanced at his companion suddenly realizing that he didn't even know the other's name.

Dark blinked, "Uh, 318."

Krad raised an eyebrow, "north, south, east?"

"East," muttered Dark staggering towards the stairs.

Krad sighed and hurried after the other, 'I better go with him to make sure that, A: he doesn't fall down the stairs and break his neck and B: Make sure he gets into the right room.'

They made it up the stairs with no major mishaps, and down the hall of third floor east. They arrived at 318 and the purple haired boy fumbled with his keys dropping them three times before Krad took them and opened the door himself.

The blond followed the other boy into his room and glanced around. Not surprisingly most of the stuff in the room was black: rugs, blankets, sheets and even several towels that were laying in a corner in a heap.

The boy who he was beginning to consider his ward stumbled over and fell face down on the bed. Krad shook his head and was about to turn and leave when he noticed a bottle of Advil on the dresser. He picked up the bottle and then scooted the desk chair over next to the bed setting the Advil on top.

Then the blond turned to the small black refrigerator and opened it looking for a bottle of water. He found what he was looking for quickly and set it onto the chair next to the Advil. Then he turned and left the room turning off the lights as he pulled the door closed.


Dark cracked open one eye and groaned. God, his head was killing him. He was able to raise his head just far enough to read the clock: 11:43 am. He slowly lowered his head back down to the pillow, the only thought in his head was 'God, I'm glad that it's Saturday so I don't have classes.'

He laid there contemplating weather it was worth the pain to get up and retrieve the Advil from his dresser top. It took almost five minutes to realize that he'd seen the Advil recently and they weren't on his dresser anymore.

The now bewildered purple-haired teen once more slowly lifted his pounding head and looked around his room. He'd been right, the Advil wasn't on the dresser anymore they were instead sitting on his desk chair with a bottle of water. Dark blinked confused. How the hell had the Advil gotten there? And how the hell did his chair move across the room? He was pretty sure that he hadn't moved them last night… He frowned trying to remember. Oh yeah, some blond guy had walked him home from the bar, this must have been his work.

Dark reached for the meds and swallowed several of the pills with a swig of water. He then laid his head back down and tried to remember more about the blond from last night. He knew he knew the blond from somewhere but he still couldn't remember quite where.

Maybe somewhere from around campus?

Yeah, that sounded right but from where on campus? Union? Maybe, very likely. Class? Yeah, that was also very likely he had some pretty big classes. Okay , now that he had some idea of where he'd seen the blond before now did he know the blond's name? Nope, no clue what so ever. Damn, and he was really good looking too. He sighed and buried his face back into the pillow.

Some time later Dark was aroused by a knocking on his door. He groaned and peeked at his clock 3:00pm. Wow he must have fallen back asleep after taking the Advil earlier. The person was still knocking on his door, he sighed and heaved himself off the bed and stumbled across the room. 'I swear if that's Daisuke I'm going to slam the door in his face the cheating little bastard deserves it,' he thought savagely as he grabbed the doorknob.

Dark pulled the door open and blinked in surprise. It wasn't Daisuke it was the blond guy from the bar, the one he'd been trying to remember earlier. "Er, high." 'Oh really smooth Dark, just make the guy feel uncomfortable why don't you,' he mentally kicked himself.

The two stared at each other for a moment before the blond coughed, "I just wanted to make sure that you were doing okay."

"Uh, Yea." Dark gave himself another mental kick for another stupid sounding answer.

The blond nodded and turned, "Er, I've got to go, I'm glad that you are better today," He started down the hall.

Dark shook himself out of the stupefied state he'd been and stepped out into the hall, "hey, wait."

The blond paused and glanced back over his shoulder one eyebrow raised in question.

"About last night…" started Dark rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment. "I'm sorry if I was a pain and I wanted to thank you for walking me back here." As he waited for the blond's answer he took in the appearance of his visitor. The other had very pale skin, unusual amber colored eyes and light blond hair. It took Dark a moment to realize just how long the blond's hair was, the tip of the pony tail reached to mid-calf and was probably ankle length when down.

The blond regarded him for a moment before answering, "it was no problem. I was coming this way anyway."

Dark nodded, "Er this may sound stupid but I don't recall hearing your name."

The blond smiled faintly, "Probably because I didn't give you my name last night. I'm Krad, Krad Hikari."

Dark nodded that name was familiar he had a Krad Hikari in a few of his classes. "Well… Thanks again."

Krad nodded and turned, "I'll see you around," he walked off down the hallway.

Dark watched the retreating blond for a moment and then he turned and went back into his room closing the door behind himself.