Dn college Chapter 23,

AN; I'M so sorry that this chapter has taken me so long to get out but RL is hitting me hard. I first got swamped with projects and papers for school and had very little time to write. Then it got to summer and I moved to an on campus apartment, ran to the city a number of times and then had a summer geology class.. I finished class, took a number of trips for the last month of summer and then fall classes started and I've been settling in. I honestly don't know where the fic is going to go from here. Are you readers wanting more or should I end it in a few chapters?


Dark grinned bouncing in his seat as he looked eagerly around the room. Krad was huddled in a black coat next to him a faint blush on his pale cheeks but the blond also look exited. The purple haired teen glanced around the room again, he couldn't believe that it was finally time for the big music project, he couldn't wait to get up there and show what he and his boyfriend had come up with, he bounced again.

Dr. Mike Brothers walked out on to the stage and the room fell silent. He smiled around, "alright class, I know that all of you are ready to begin so I'll make it quick. What we are going to do is you are going to drop your papers off with me, get on stage tell us the name of your dance and its country of origin and then perform." Dr. Brothers nodded to the class, "Good luck," he climbed down and took his seat in the front row.

Dark grinned even wider and leaned foreword, "You ready Kraddy?"

The blond rolled his eyes and smacked the other teen upside the head, "Yes, and don't call me that."

Dark smirked, "okay, if you don't like Kraddy, how about, pumpkin, cupcake, sugar, sweetheart..."

Golden eyes narrowed at the purple haired boy, "You want me to tell Meo and Towa that you want to go shopping again?"

Dark paled, "Not particularly." He shuddered at the memory of shopping with the said two girls. He was afraid that he would need intense psychological help if he ever got stuck shopping with the shopping demons from hell again.

Krad smirked, "then you won't call me any of those silly names."

The purple haired teen slouched in his seat pouting, "that was just evil." He folded his arms and turned his attention to the front of the room.

Krad just smiled smugly.

"Lori Keric and Mike Ziman."

The two nervously got up handed there papers in to the professor and climbed up on to the stage turning to face the rest of the class. Mike nodded, "Our dance is the Mexican Hat Dance, it is a traditional Mexican dance." The music started as Mike dropped his hat on the floor.

Dark nudged his boyfriend in the ribs, "Hey, that looks like fun."

Krad raised an eyebrow and sniffed, "if you think dancing around a hat classifies as fun." The blond then folded his arms, "anyway, I like ours better."

The song ended and everyone clapped, Dark settled back ready for the next group to start. The next group had four members and did an American Square Dance. The group after that did a British Waltz, which was followed by a traditional Native American Story Dance. The next dance was a traditional dance from South Africa and then, finally it was there turn.

"Dark Mousy, and Krad Hikari."

The two looked at each other and nodded shrugging out of there coats that up until this point had hidden there costumes. They got to there feet and walked up the ial, handing Dr. Brothers there papers as they passed. The two quickly walked up the steps of the stage turning to face the audience. Both blinked in surprise as Argentine and the others waved from the very back of the room. Krad raised a blond eyebrow, "How on earth did they get here?"

Dark shrugged, "How do they do anything?" He flipped a lock of purple hair from his face.

"True," Krad rolled his eyes focusing his attention back on to the class and what they were supposed to be doing.

Dark stepped forewords and bowed, "Hi, everyone," he flashed the class a grin. "Our dance is called Chaiyya Chaiyya and it is from Bollywood India." Dark nodded his head as the music started and Krad settled himself on the floor.

"Jinke Sar Ho Ishq Ki Chaaon"
Paanv Ke Neeche Jannat Hogi
Jinke Sar Ho Ishq Ki Chaaon…" As Krad sung the opening few lines he slowly got to his feet stretching his arms first out to either side and then over his head. The blond leand his face back eyes closed arms over his head hips swaying slowly from side to side.

"Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya
(Repeat 7 times.)" Dark started the next bit casually swinging his head slightly from side to side and slowly increasing the speed. He then started moving his arms up and down one at a time hands clinched into fist.

"Saare Ishq Ki Chaaon Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya
Saare Ishq Ki Chaaon Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya" Dark then jumped across the stage to land in front of Krad who was still swaying his hips from side to side hands above his head. Dark leaned close to his boyfriend as if he was admioring the blond as he finished the last word.

"Paanv Janat Chale Chal Chaiya Chaiya
Paanv Janat Chale Chal Chaiya Chaiya
Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya
(Repeat 3 times.)" Dark straightened to his full height still facing Krad and started doing the up and down arm movements from before. Krad then turned his back to Dark and started to sway once more. The two boys moved together for a few words singing the same part before Dark started on his own once more.

"Saare Ishq Ki Chaaon Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya
Saare Ishq Ki Chaaon Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya
Paanv Janat Chale Chal Chaiya Chaiya
Paanv Janat Chale Chal Chaiya Chaiya
Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya
(Repeat 3 times.)" Dark started moving his hands slowly back and fourth as he sang. Krad joined him facing the audience as the two swayed together and Dark started moving his arms again. Then both hopped several times still in rhythm with each other.

"Woh Yaar Hai Jo Khusbhu Ki Tarah
Jiski Zubaan Urdu Ki Tarah
Meri Shamo-raat Meri Kaynaat Woh Yaar Mera Saiyyan Saiyyan
Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya
(Repeat 3 times.)" The two boys repeated the move of swaying and hopping as they moved left along the stage.

(Music) Dark stood straight punching first one arm into the air and then the other as Krad watched swaying slowly and grinning. Dark then moved behind Krad and alternetly the two bowed and bobbed back up raising their arms into the air. Dark then spun in a circle as Krad swayed his hips again and then both started waving their arms to the side like a version of the wave.

Gulposh Kabhi Itraye Kahin, Mehke To Nazar Aa Jaye Kahin
Gulposh Kabhi Itraye Kahin, Mehke To Nazar Aa Jaye Kahin
Taabeez Banaa Ke Pahnoo Use Aayat Ki Tarah Mil Jaaye Kahin
Taabeez Banaa Ke Pahnoo Use Aayat Ki Tarah Mil Jaaye Kahin
Gulposh Kabhi Itraye Kahin, Mehke To Nazar Aa Jaye Kahin
Mera Nagma Wahi Mera Kalma Wahi
Mera Nagma Wahi Mera Kalma Wahi
Yaar Misaale Os Chale Panv Ke Tale Firdaus Chale
Kabhi Daal Daal Kabhi Paat Paat Main Hawa Pe Dhoondho Uske Nishaan

Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya
(Repeat 3 times.)" Dark slowly move his right arm across his body one finger pointing at the audience, when it reached the left he dropped his arm and made a sweeping gestor with his left hand in front of himself. He then started swinging his head from side to side. Dark then moved his shoulders back and fourth raising his hands one at a time in the air while Krad watched swaying his hips. Dark then dropped to his knees rubbing his hands across his face and up into his hair. He then rose to his feet sweeping his hands from side to side and a few times over his head. Krad then joined him raising his hands into the air and then folding them across his body fist pressed to each shoulder. The blond then placed his hands on his hips swaying his upper body from side to side behind Dark.

(Music) Dark then jumped coming down on the stage and started the fast movements of raising first one fist into the air followed by the other He turned to face Krad and the two kept singing as they swayed their arms from side to side after which they both spun in a circle. The two boys turned facing the other direction both facing the audience and crouched moving hands in a circle pattern before rising and turning in a circle once more. Krad swayed his hips as he turned in another circle while Dark swayed his shoulders back and fourth. Both boys then shook their arms and shoulders as they moved back and fourth at the waist. After which Krad crouched again rose to his feet and swayed his hips. Dark followed the blonds example as they crouched again and rose. The two then banged one fist against a hip and move the hand back behind them.

"Woh Yar Hai Jo Khusbhu Ki Tarah
Jiski Zuban Urdu Ki Tarah
Meri Shamo-raat Meri Kayanat Woh Yar Mera Saiyan Saiyan" Krad turned his back to Dark so the two were facing the audience and with Dark directly behind him danced Right down the stage. Dark then jumped forwards past Krad spinning in a complete circle as he did while Krad started swaying his hips again. Dark then dropped to his knees face to the sealing armes out to either side.

Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya
(Repeat 7 times.)" The two then started moving arms up and down once more and then Dark started swinging his head from side to side. Dark then went behind Krad appearing on the blonds other side as the two started moving their arms up and down and then over their heads. The two started raising first one arm up then the other and when bringing them down they clapped their hands twice together. They repeated this move four more times before the music stopped and silence filled the hall.

Dr. Brothers rose to his feet, "Great job boys, that was very nice." He started clapping as did the rest of the class. Dark and Krad bowed before climbing down off the stage. Dr. Brothers turned to the class, "that is all the time that we have today, I'll see you in here on Friday for the rest of the presentations. Have a good evening,"

Dark hurried back to his seat with Krad behind him to get their coats and backpacks. The two had just made it out of the room before they were ambushed by their friends.

"Wow, that was so cool!" Towa Grabbed Dark in a Bair hug and began to strangle the purple haired teen.

Argentine nodded to Krad, "she's right, that was really cool, I had no idea either of you could dance and sing like that."

Krad shrugged, "it took a lot of work but it was a fun project to work on.

Mio grinned, "awe, is someone being modest?" She lunged for the blond trying to hug him squealing, "that's so cute!"

Krad paled and dove for cover behind Elliot, "I don't need a hug."

Freedert smiled, "okay, no hug but how about lunch?"

Krad peeked out from behind Elliot, "Lunch sounds really nice."

Riku grabbed Mio as she tried to jump the blond again, "Mio leave the poor guy alone."

"Have I ever told you how much I love you?" Krad smiled at Riku who blushed.

"awe," Mio pouted.

"Hey," Dark scowled, "what's that make me?"

Krad smirked, "a loving boyfriend who's afraid of a girl."

Dark pouted, "that's not very nice."

Argentine swung an arm around the purple haired boys shoulders. "Cheer up Dark, you've got the rest of us."

Dark folded his arms across his chest. "thanks a lot."

The group walked off laughing and chatting.


AN: I hope this dance bit is interesting and fun to read. It took forever to get it to sound right. I highly recommend going up to youtube and watching the "Chaiyya Chaiyya" video, it is really cool. Thanks for putting up with me guys, hope this chapter was worth the wait.