True love

He sat there staring across the room at a true beauty,


She sat there calmly doing her problems for math,


Her shimmering gaze swep across the class

to catch another bue-eyed gaze


Ther eyes lock for a few seconds but it

felt like enternity to them

Mi smiles at hi,

He smirks back

They knew what this was

True Love

Lady Water

Mizu, Goddess of water,

stood gazing at a large pool

of blood.

Mermories start to invaid her mind,

Some good, Some bad

But one mermory stood out from the rest.

"Bankotsu my love"

She thought stareing longingly at

a blood covered body of a boy

less then 20.


"Why did you have to leave so soon my love"

She mourned and cried on that battlefield

Her Cries could be heard over miles away

every year on the same day some say

you can still hear her soft cries in the wind.