She walked into the class, eyes gleaming with mischief

Her bright blue eys swept across the classroom

Her class mates


Her Icy gaze stops on a pitiful soul.

Bankotsu Shichinintai,

He lost is parents 10 years ago in a fire,

His only friends are-

Jakotsu a openly gay guy

Renkotsu a pyro freak

Suikotsu a person with spilt personality

Mukotsu lech

Kyokotsu very tall dude

Ginkotsu a boy known for his 'faulties'

All in all they were the

Shichinintai brothers

Mi a Punk in school walked over to Bankotsu

"Hey" She said tilting her head to the side so her Black

with blue highlights cover one of her eyes.

"What" Bankotsu asked annoyed.

"Hi" Mi said smiling at him.

He smirks at her.

She smirks back.

"Cocky much" the both say at the same time.