I'm Coming Home to You

Summary: Sweet Home Alabama-Power Rangers style. TK. Takes place after Dino Thunder.

Author's note: Alyson Jade, Brian Penn and Will are my characters. The rest belong to Saban.

Chapter 1

31st May 2008

"Aly! I'm freaking out here, what do I wear for tonight?" Kimberly Oliver almost screams over the phone the moment her best friend Alyson Jade picks up.

"Relax, Kimo. The pink chiffon dress in your wardrobe that's been there for ages would do. It looks gorgeous on you and Brian will die when he sees you tonight."

Kim walks across her New York City apartment to her very own walk-in wardrobe that's full of everything. She pulls out her pink chiffon dress and holds it against her body while checking it out in the mirror.

"Yeah, you're right. Thanks Aly."

Alyson laughs over the phone joyfully. "Don't worry so much, Miss Greatest-Designer-in-New-York. Tonight's your night. Now go get ready and call me tonight with all the details."

Kim laughs back at her friend. "You know I will, babe! Ta."

Five years ago, Kimberly Oliver left Reefside for the city lights of New York. Calling in a favour from her old friend Alyson, whom she met in Florida and was now a property agent in New York, she managed to get a swanky apartment right in the heart of the city.

Alyson picked Kim up at the airport when she flew in. Kim was quiet throughout the car ride and Alyson knew something was up but she took Kim to her new apartment and helped her move all her stuff up. It was then that Kim sat down on the sofa and broke down. Alyson stayed the night to let Kim have a shoulder to cry on. The two soon became best friends, confiding everything in each other, from their good dates to the bad workdays.

Kim's phone started beeping just when she finished putting on her dress. "You're gonna look fantabulous tonight, baby pinky. I have a feeling he's gonna do something big tonight. But whatever it is, remember that you deserve the life you have now. And you'll always have a bitch like me to remind you. Xoxo."

Kim couldn't help but laugh at the message that came in from Alyson while she did her hair and make-up. Thoughts of the last four years with Brian started flowing through her mind.

Brian Penn was one of New York's most eligible bachelors, being the heir to a multi-million-dollar shipping company which parents owned. Just shy of turning 30, Brian was a gorgeous man with short dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. Standing at 6"2, he looked like model who just stepped right out of a magazine.

The two met 6 months after Kim arrived in New York. It was an early Friday morning and Kim was walking out of a Starbucks outlet near her workplace in the city. Brian, who was rushing in to meet a client, knocked right into her, causing the iced mocha in her hand to spill all over his shirt and the floor.

Apologising profusely for knocking into her, Brian extended an invitation to have coffee after work that day so he could make it up to her for spilling her coffee. The two had regular dates after that and six months later, Kim agreed to be Brian's girlfriend after a romantic night out on his yacht.

'Four years and we're still going strong,' thought Kim to herself. 'Almost strong as…' She stopped herself before she could even think his name. She started shaking it out a bit. She felt a slight ache in her heart at the thought of almost bringing up his name but brushed it off.

She put the finishing touches on her make-up, sprayed some perfume and waited for Brian to come. Five minutes later, there was a buzz and Kim went to answer the door. She opened it to find Will, Brian's driver, with a bunch of flowers.

"Mr Penn told me to come get you and that you have to read the card before I blind-fold you and take you to where he is."

Kim thanked the driver and happily accepted the bouquet of roses and sunflowers. In the middle of the bouquet laid a small card.

"To my dearest Kimberly,

My heart is ever at your service-William Shakespeare

You're my heart and soul. Put on the blindfold and have Will take you to where I am. I love you and I can't wait to see you.


Kim sighed longingly after reading the card. She put the card and bouquet on her living room table before allowing Will to blindfold her and take her to where Brian was. Throughout the entire fifteen-minute ride, Kim was all excited about what Brian was going to do. 'Maybe Aly was right. He is gonna do something crazy!'

"We're here, Kim," Will said, as he stopped the car and opened the door. She felt a pair of hands lead her out from where she was. The same person led her into a lift and then into what felt like a huge room.

The same pair of hands then went to undo her blindfold. She opened her eyes to see a room full of jewels. She recognised this as the special Tiffany store, only open to its very, very VIP customers.

There were rows and aisles full of little black boxes, each with a ring in them. The room was so bright, she could barely see. But when she did look around, she found Brian on one knee, holding her hand.

"Kimberly Oliver, my heart is at your service now and will forever be. Will you be my wife?"

Tears formed in Kim's eyes when she heard all those words. Looking right into Brian's sincere blue eyes, she knew it was the right thing to do. She came to New York to start anew and this was it for her. "Yes, of course I'll marry you," Kim said, more tears forming.

The next thing she knew, she was up in the air with Brian spinning her around. She giggled as he brought her into his embrace and kissed her softly. "Pick any ring you want, Kim. It's all yours to choose."

Kim couldn't believe it. She was like a little girl at the candy store, laughing as she went around the different counters with Brian. In the end, she decided on a simple one and a half carat princess cut ring.

Right after that, Brian took her on his yacht for dinner and to celebrate their engagement. To say the night was magical for Kim was an understatement.

The moment she got in the door at the apartment, Kim rushed to call Aly. "Do you know what time it is?" Aly groaned over the phone.

A quick glance at the clock told Kim it was half past two in the morning. "I'm sorry, I just had to tell you that you're talking to the future Mrs Kimberly Penn right now," Kim giggled. "He proposed? I knew he would do something big tonight," Aly exclaimed. "You have got to send me a picture of the rock!"

"You know I will, babe," Kim replied happily. "So how about a little girlie celebration tomorrow night for my dear Kim?"

"I don't think I can make it, Aly," Kim said, shaking her head. "I have to head back to A.G. asap. Brian wants us to get married soon."

"That doesn't exactly consider as a reason to suddenly be going back. What's in A.G. anyway? Wasn't it just some random small town?" Aly asked.

Sighing, Kim replied, "It may be some random small town but that's where my husband lives. I'm getting married to Brian, but before I do, I have to get a divorce."