I'm Coming Home to You

Summary: Sweet Home Alabama-Power Rangers style. TK. Takes place after Dino Thunder.

Author's note: Alyson Jade, Brian Penn, Will, Sam and Angela Brown are my characters. The rest belong to Saban.

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Chapter 4

3rd June 2008

Kim didn't expect to see Aisha so soon. 'The letter and picture must have said a thousand words if Sha's right in front of me now,' Kim thought. Tearing up, Kim looked at Aisha.

"You had a niece, Sha. Had," Kim said softly as she started crying. It broke Aisha's heart to see her best friend break down just like that and the only thing she could do was give her a big hug.

"Come on, Kim. We can sit there and you can tell me everything," Aisha said as she brought her best friend towards a bench nearby. Kim nodded and went to sit with Aisha. Placing an arm on Kim's arm, Aisha said, "Anytime you're ready, sweetie." Kim took a deep breath and told Aisha everything.


Kim woke up one day feeling like crap as she had a huge headache. She went to get ready for work but felt like she couldn't so she called in sick. She took an aspirin and decided to head to the doctor's to find out what was wrong with her.

Two hours later, she was back in her apartment, wide-eyed and shocked. She wanted to take a nap but she couldn't fall asleep. Her mind kept wandering back to what she heard in the doctor's office. "Congratulation, Ms Oliver. You're two weeks pregnant."

She couldn't believe it. She, Kimberly Oliver, was two weeks pregnant. She and Tommy always wanted a baby, and now they were going to have one. The thought of their baby made her cry. All the more now, she couldn't go back. She was determined to not let her child grow up in a lifestyle of danger.

She looked at the sonogram her doctor gave her while laying a hand on her flat stomach. She soon smiled as her intuition told her it was a girl. Happy about the news, she started writing a letter to Aisha.

However, when she finished the letter, she couldn't bring herself to send it. Instead, she kept the letter with all her special belongings and said to herself that she would give that letter to Aisha someday.

She crawled back into bed and that's when emotions took the best of her. Her baby girl would grow up without a father, and that made her cry so much that she cried herself to sleep.

Two weeks later, it was a busy period at the fashion house Kim worked at due to an upcoming private runway show. Kim was in the middle of helping to organise the event. It was mid-afternoon and she hadn't eaten all day except the two slices of toast she had in the morning.

She felt a little dizzy and sat down for a bit, while drinking a little water. "Kim, are you coming? We're about to head out for food," Kim's colleague Sam called out to her. "Yeah, I'll be there in a minute," Kim replied as she tried to steady herself up. The next thing she knew, her world went black.

Kim woke up and felt a little pain in her wrist. She opened her eyes and looked all around her, wondering what she was doing in the hospital. "You're awake! I'll go get the doctor," said the nurse who was checking up on Kim.

Kim felt her body going numb, as though something was gone. "Kimberly, how're you feeling?" The Doctor asked, and introduced herself as Doctor Angela Brown. "I'm okay, I think," Kim replied softly.

"There's no easy way to tell you this, but you suffered a miscarriage, Kim. Your body was almost dehydrated and with the crazy schedule you kept up as well as the irregular meals, it caused the miscarriage. I'm so sorry, Kim. We would like to…"

Kim tuned out after she heard that she'd lost the baby. Her baby girl. The baby she wanted to bring up and love was gone. Doctor Brown, knowing the effects of a miscarriage, left Kim alone for a bit.

Crying her heart out for the baby she just lost, Kim fell asleep. For the next two months, Kim tried her best to get back into work and be her normal self but every night, she'd clutch that sonogram and cry herself to sleep.

-End of Flashback-

"Oh Kim," Aisha said as she reached forward and hugged her best friend tightly. "No one knows about the baby, Sha. No one but you so please, I" Aisha interrupted Kim immediately. "Girl, its not my place to tell. But thank you, for trusting me with it."

Kim smiled at Aisha. "It means the world to me to know that you're here for me, Sha. I'm so sorry for everything." "Time heals wounds, Kim. I can't say I totally forgive you as of now, but things will get better in time."

Kim hugged her best friend again. "So why did you leave, Kim? I never understood why you left just like that."

Sighing, Kim replied, "I can't tell you, Sha. I'm sorry but this is something I can't tell you. It's between me and Tommy that I have to settle."

Nodding, Aisha understood. "It's okay, I understand. And as much as I would like to sit here for an entire day, I have to go back and finish moving in to the new place Rocky and I bought."

"You and Rocky are living together now?" Kim asked, happily surprised. "Yeah, we bought the place two weeks ago," Aisha replied with a smile. "So when's the wedding, Sha?" Aisha laughed. "I don't know yet, girl, but I'll be sure to tell you. Besides, you owe me all the gossip about Brian."

With that, they shared a close hug and said goodbye. Kim walked back to her car, the memories of what just happened floating through her mind. She had somewhat fixed things with Aisha and she needed to do the same with Jason and Trini.

Making up her mind, she would find her husband tomorrow and get him to settle the divorce papers, then she'd fix things with Jason and Trini before heading back to New York by the weekend.

"So she really is back here," Tommy thought to himself as he saw her driving out of the Youth Center parking lot. He was at the Center to help Ernie move some of the new kitchen equipment when he decided to go out for some fresh air. It was then he saw her.

Looking at where her car was parked, he saw a small piece of something right there. Walking over, he picked it up to look at what it was and his jaw dropped. There in his hand, was a sonogram with the name 'Kimberly Oliver' typed at the bottom of it.