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"You don't know what it is do you?" Logan asked as my stomach growled for whatever food I was smelling. I was so hungry, but there was something about how he talked that frightened me. "It's raw meat." My eyes grew large in disgust as it hit me. Bloody hell, I was smelling raw meat. I could feel Logan's arms on me, his calloused skin causing shivers to run down my body. I watched as he pointed to a dead carcass several feet away from me, a couple of kids already eating the meat off its bones. I covered my mouth, fighting the urge to vomit. My body jerked, my stomach wanting to heave out what wasn't there. I could feel his hands on my back, the circular motions he was making reminding me of my mom. She would always rub my back when i was sick. Merlin, I wanted to go home and forget all of this. I looked up, ignoring the tears that were threatening to fall down. I couldn't think about that right now.

A loud growl echoed through the air as I sat there, the hairs on the back of my neck standing up in full salute. I could feel everyone's eyes move towards the woods closest to us, the darkness hiding the obvious source. I looked away taking in the mass of people around us. Everyone was backing away slowly, Logan standing up as quickly as he could; his body acted like a shield to mine as he pulled me up alongside him. Oh my eyes widened as a large, black wolf ran out of the woods, hitting Logan squarely in the chest; my body flung from behind him. Air rushed past me, the sensation of falling causing me to flail in the air. Yet I never made contact with the ground. Strong arms grabbed hold of me, dark skin contrasting with my pale arms. I looked up, the dark eyes of Adrika mirroring my own fear. I allowed her to set me down beside her, her body in front of mine as we ran into the crowd, allowing the two men to fight. I watched with fascination as Logan phased, the transformation moving so fast that I couldn't even keep up. It was the total opposite of Remus, he fought the battle every step of the way.

He just allowed it and it was beautiful.

"Bloody hell! Some one stop them!" I yelled, trying to walk forward but was instantly pulled back by Alastair, his appearance unheard by myself until now. His eyes were focused on the two fighting, the non-stop tackles and swipes causing my head to ache. It was never going to end. "What is going on?"

"Logan stepped out of line." Alastair growled, he bent down his eyes level on mine. "He shouldn't have been so close to you."

"Why?" I growled, raising my eyebrow at his comment. He smirked, his entire body stance dangerous.

"Cause you have been claimed, Darlin'." he muttered. "The Alpha bitch." Before I could yell at him, a loud roar echoed through the air, My entire body shuddering alongside the rest of the group. I watched as Fenrir phased back, his naked body emerging from behind the naked pelt. Logan was on the ground, his body shivering as blood rushed down his skin. Bloody hell, what have I gotten myself into this time? I watched everyone knelt down, their heads tilted to the side as he stood proud; blood staining his smooth skin. I couldn't fight my body as I knelt down, something deep inside of me whispering for me to submit. Tears silently feel from my face as my head tilted to the side. I was slowly losing my freedom and I couldn't even fight for it. It was all because of him.

"WHO IS YOUR LEADER?" He yelled, his voice echoing through the air. My body shivered, as the rest of the pack looked up to him .

"YOU ARE!" they stated, each voice calm and collected.

"WHO DO YOU SUBMIT TO?" he yelled again, his body tensed as he grabbed a hold of Logan by the throat. I watched with large eyes as he turned towards the crowd, his head thrusting the man's body up into the air. He was going to kill him, Logan turning colors from the lack of oxygen in his body.

"YOU ALPHA!" everyone responded. I bit back a scream as Logan was thrown into the crowd, the crowd catching the naked body. My heart jumped erratically as my eyes connected with Fenrir's, the feral eyes rushing over me as he took my body in. Black spots threatened my vision as he stalked over to me, his muscular body stretching and pulling with each stride. The muscles rippled in his chest and arms as he appeared before me. A wave of dizziness overcame me, my body on the verge of collapsing in front of him. His tight hands gripped my arms, pulling me up forcefully. I struggled in his arms, ignoring a growl that ripped through the air. Up on my feet, his right hand grabbed my hair; pushing it to the side, I instantly knew what he was going to do. "You submit to me!" He growled in my ear. Before I could speak a word, sharp teeth bit into my skin; a rush of pain running through me as blood poured from the wound.

"Stop-stop." I moaned, my hands on his chest, trying to get him to stop. This wasn't good at all; warm blood staining my skin as he kept his teeth latched onto me. His chest rumbled against mine as his arms trapped me against him. He wasn't going to let me go. Black spots covered my vision, the last thing I could remember seeing being Logan's face, fear and sorrow radiating from his eyes as Gabriel held him up on his legs. I let the darkness take me, welcoming it with open arms. Anywhere was better than here.

She was mine.

I ran up to the cave, ignoring the howls and shouts that pierced the air. The Alpha had chosen, and my word was law. No one was above me, and I would fight to keep it that way. My grip tightened on her as the cave appeared before us. I wouldn't let her go, not now with my mark adorning her alabaster skin. Nothing would hide it, no magic would heal it. After she phased, the bite mark would still be there. Her body would never let her forget who she belonged to. I laid her down on the mass heap of pelts and growled. I could feel it, the bond beginning to forge as she laid there asleep. I ran my tongue over my fangs, the taste of her blood staining my mouth with her unique taste. Bloody hell, it was ambrosia: nectar from the gods above. My hand swept over my mouth, my tongue lapping at the dried blood on my skin. Every part of me was shaking, like an addict overcomed with need. I fell to my knees beside her, my body directly above hers. She was beautiful, there was so many words I could have used but it would never be enough. Her back arched, her neck instantly shown to me. Even in her sleep, she was submitting to me. The venom was working through her system now. I inspected the bitemark, pleased that it was already healing.

"Fenrir." she whimpered, fear flushing over her as she dreamed. Guilt appeared only briefly but was soon overcomed. I tooked what I wanted, and I wanted her. I pushed back a strand of her hair back, my face going for her neck. Nuzzling the wound, I lapped at her wound; my saliva adding to the healing. Taking in the last of the blood, I pushed myself away. I couldn't let this go any farther, I only had so much control over my emotions. I got up, stretching my limbs as I walked towards the entrance of the cave. Music and laughter could be heard from down the hill, the rest of the pack enjoying what was left of the night. I smirked grabbing an apple from the basket on the floor. Taking a bit, I smiled. Everything was going just how I wanted it to be.