This is a roleplay that just... came outta no where while i was chatting with grapenut01 on msn :)

WARNING: i didnt call it vulgar for nothing. it came from the dirtiest of minds. beware, very graphic and violent.

the following is our msn convo, exactly how it happened.

bold is the actual story. italics is the conversation inbetween.

S - Shitty Chicken Gang Bang

G - Grapenut01


now mr t... you wouldnt dare take advantage of a poor woman alone

G - haha i'm sure i would.

G - all the fucking corners. oh well.

hahah especially a woman such as yourself .

S- mr t... were u brooding away all that time just thinking of something smooth to say

well.. it worked

(drags down to the bakehouse)

bahaha whaaa

G - shoves lovett against wall.

S- haha oh noes

now mr t, be gentle wit me poor bones... its been a while since me dear albert

haha were so creepy XD

G - picks up lovett and starts ripping her clothes.

S- WHY are we doing a sex roleplay while playing reversi

G - it's fun.

S- haha yu bet it is :P

now mr t... what about the customers.. they'll hear-

G - not if you keep your mouth shut like a good little whore.

S- slightly frightened expression, but stays quiet and nods

ahhh maaaaaan

G - i take it i'm sweeney forever more?

S- haha seeems so :P

G - oh okay.

throws the shredded clothes on the floor and starts pulling off the belt.

S- tries to pull away but his grip on her is too strong now mr t... no need for this...

G - now what happened to being a good little whore? hmmm?

S- i- mr t, please... this aint no way to treat a lady. let me go.. whats all this foolishness-

G - i've never done this with another person before just my stories. lol.

S- haha its fun :D

G - yeah it is.

throws the belt down finally having gotten it off.

i thought this was what you wanted ny pet?!

S- not like this... please mr t, let me go...

G - i feel kinda dirty but i've written worse so fuck it.

S- ha just let the sadism loose

G - silence or else.

S- nods, blinking back tears. shes starting to feel afraid. down here no one will hear her scream

ha theres my sadistic side shining through

AH MAN im losing the game :-O

G - that's the point my pet. silence. now are you gonna stay quiet or will yu need some help with that too?

S- she stares into his eyes pleadingly, words fail her. maybe if she screamed, someone would hear, someone would come help her. but she remained silent

G - slaps her. answer me!

S- she doesnt reply, she just continues to stare up at him, praying hed show some mercy. she was silent.. thats what he wanted wasnt it?

what.. what do you want me to say? the man was impossible

G - slaps her harder. I SAID ANSWER ME!

S- she winces and struggles not to show weakness. he really frightened her sometimes

mr t, what do you want of me?

G - are you gonna keep quiet or will you need some help with that too?!

S- mr t... i aint gonna just let ya have your way with me.

she tried not to show how afraid she was.

it aint right.

G - pulls out razor. i believe you are the one who asked for this my pet and you are gonna get exactly what you want. traces her jawline with the tip of the razor.

S- she intinctively jumps back, but the sudden movemnt is enough to set him off. she makes a desperate dash for the door, though already knowing its too late

G - grabs her by the hair and throws her back against the wall. now now pet play nicely or i'll have to be mean.

S- oh you sadistic woman you :)

G - yeah i know. this is the stuff that i think but don't write.

S- she scrambled back to her feet and tried again to escape. she should call for help... but what if toby were to hear? she couldnt drag the poor lad into this...

G - i only write stories that i can see actually happening y'know.

S- haha this is my area of expertise XD ..unbelievable, sadistc, the works

G - did you forget she has no clothes on?

S- haha yep

woah. wait when did they come off?

G - picks up the belt and grabs her by the hair again and drags her to the table.

awhile ago. lol.

S- she continued to struggle against his grip, hopeless as it was. she wasnt going to give in.. she wouldnt go down without a fight

G - forces her on to the table and ties her to it with the belt. she can no longer move to run away.

S- she struggles against the belt, staring up at the barber and dreading what was to come next. she couldnt believ sweet, naive benjamin could ever do such a thing to her

G - y'know i'm starting to think you like it when i'm mean my pet.

S- she glared up at him, her eyes wide with hurt and betrayal

wotever did i do to deserve this?!

G - lol. it's just fun.

S- haha sweeney said lol :P

G - now now y pet don't you worry we'll still have fun.

i make a good sweeney. muwahahaha!

kisses her long and hard. shoving his tongue down her throat.

corners are good btw. lol.

S- they are?!

she squeezes her eyes shut and takes it without a word. she'd always longed for his affections, but not like this. never like this

she feels him grab her forcefully and she braces herself. it'll be over soon, she tells herself. just get it over and done with. itll be over soon..

G - deepens the kiss even more and roughly squeezes her breast.

same brainwave i tell ya.

S- haha this is awesome :P

she ignores the pain as his hands roughly claim her body, his razor occassionally leaving its mark across her body

G - pulls away and slaps her breasts as he feels her struggling still. i thought you were gonna be good now my pet? smacks her face hard.

S- shes having a hard time keeping back the tears, but somehow she manages. she wont give him the satisfaction of knowing he was hurting her. she didnt want him to know shes afraid. just get it over with.. she prays silently to herself

G - are you gonna be my good little whore or not?!

S- she hates herself for doing it, but slowly she nods in agreement. if she was going to survive this game of his, she was going to have to play by his rules..

G - that's better then hmm? maybe if your really good we can do this more often.

S- she doesnt reply. she's done her part. now she braces herself, her body quivering as she waits for him to do his

man, this is twisted


G - he scratches down her body. until he reaches her warm moistened area. see, i knew you liked it. brushes his fingers over her just barely then brings his fingers to her face. see?!

i am one twisted pervert

S- haha u are :D

its great

she looks away, hating her body for betraying her so. she struggled against her binds again, even though it was hopeless. she knew what was to come now

awwww emo-angst ;)

G - admit it. say you like this. lets his fingers wet from her own juices brush agianst her lips. admit it for me my pet.

S- she turned her head away struggling harder to break free. go to remains silent, shaking her head as she continues to squirm away from him

this is intense

G - dips his fingers down again to make them wetter. brushes her cheeks and lips some more. admit it like the good liitle whore you are. afterall only a whore would let this happen; let alone suggest it.

S- she feels sickened by what hes doing to her. she wont say it... just get it over with! why did he have to torment her like this?

no. i aint saying it.

G - come on you little slut. say how much you love this. it's clear you are. smears her own self all over her chest. it's not that hard.

oh yes you are!

S- his words cut into her, she felt the tears threaten her eyes again

please... just get it over with.

G - brings his lips close to her ears. say it.

i'm sorry. a little much?

S- haha never

i thought for a second sweeney was saying that XD

G - oh okay. i shall continue then. shall never say that.

continues whispering in her ear as he inserts one finger all the way just to bring it back out and trace her lips again. say it my little whore.

playing nice is overrated.

S- haha i love ur mind :P

G - it's filthy i know.

S- she feels sick. this is worse than shed ever imagined.. he was going to drag this out, he wanted it as slow and painful as he could make it.. she knew what the best choice for her survival was

i.. i like it. i love it, mr t... her voice becomes more convincing as she goes. mrs lovett had always been a good liar. i love it, mr t. i am your whore. she tried not the wince at the words that escaped her mouth

G - he growled say it again as he shoved his finger inside her again. as he brought it out again he licked her ear lightly. once more tracing her lips with his finger.

S- she shuddered. her pride was strong, but her will to survive, to rid herself of this pain and humiliation was stronger

i like it... i.. like what your doing, mr t. i love it.

she looked up at him hopefully. shed done everything hed wanted.. surely now it'd be over?

G - he told her open your mouth my little slut as he shoved his finger inside of her as far as it would go before taking it out and briging it to rest on her bottom lip.

S- oh that was brutal :P

G - hehehe. i know. i'm evil like that.

S- she felt her lip quiver against his finger. no.. hold it back.. but before she could stop it, a tear ran silently down her cheek. she closed her eyes, surrendering herself to him. she knew there was no hope. there was no point in fighting any longer

sobbing silently to herself, she waitied for what the barber was to do next

G - see now that wasn't so hard was it. such a good little whore. makes me wonder how you kept your shop running for so long without any money.

S- she felt the sting of his insult, but knew better than to speak.

G - course prancing around in those dresses like the whore you are you'd think you could have a little more money. but then again your used material.

S- despite her better judgement, mrs lovett couldnt help but fire up at this remark. how dare he? he had no idea how hard it was fro her, with times hard as they were. her eyes snapped open again, she glared up at him bitterly

shut up. she snapped, before she could stop it

G - he slapped her harder then he had before. that's no way to talk to me slut. i'm in charge here you are in absolutely no position to question me.

S- she winced to herself, once again taking the pain. she wasnt going to show weakness anymore. she knew she was stronger than this. she would survive his game..

well, i think weve had enough of this foolish chatter.. if your gonna do it, then just get on with it.

G - smacks her a few good times. leaving a purpling mark on her cheek. shut up whore! your mine to do what i please with do you hear me?! now, are you going to remain silent until i ask you otherwise or not?!

S- she closed her eyes, turning her face away from him. her cheek stung badly but she knew it'd be nothing compared to what was about to come. not turning back to face him, mrs lovett simply nodded her head

G - then keep your damn mouth closed you foolish slut. proceeds to unzip his pants.

S- she keeps her eyes shut. even though she coudnt keep herself from quivering in fear, or her body from becoming traitorously aroused by sweeneys pressence... she knew she could at least make sure to give him the least bit of satisfaction from this. she would not cry. she would not look at him. and she definitely would not enjoy it.

G - his pants wer now off. now since you were being difficult earlier this will be a little akward but only for you. he stands up on the table.

S- she makes one last desperate struggle against her binds. one last attempt of escaping her fate... but by then sweeney had already taken a hold of her, his breath heavy with anticipation

G - now i'm sure you can handle this my pet. helowers himself so his long, hard, throbbing member on her bottom lip. open wide like i'm sure you know how to do and have done many times before.

S- woah.. hunny isnt it like 1am over there? i just realised hey

G - 1:12am to be exact.

S- haha sorry if im keepin u up... thooouuuugh you do seem to be enjoying this :P

G - oh don't worry your not abother at all. lol. your a pleasure my pet. lol.

S- no... why does he continue to toy with her? she just wanted it to be over... she just wanted him to get it over with... reluctantly, she opened her mouth

G - he shoved himself all the way in. now do what you do best whore.


S- she choked, feeling herself gag as he roughly trust his way down her throat. she couldnt breathe, but it seemed the more she would choke, the harder he would thrust. it was as if the idea of puting her in pain made him all the more aroused. mrs lovett tried breaking her head free from his strong grip but it was impossible. her eyes watered involuntarily and she had to fight the urge to throw up


G - come on my slut just a little more. then we can get back to the real fun.

it's your turn

reversi that is.

S- ok... what do i do

hang on.. il figure it out

You have invited amy to start Reversi. Please wait for a response or Cancel (Alt+Q) the pending invitation.

G - the game not our story.

S- aha there we are

amy has accepted your invitation to start Reversi.

oi our other game got cancelled :P

she continued to choke, her head beginning to feel light from the lack of air. but she managed to stay concious throughout, and finally he withdrew himself from her, the colour returning to her face as she gasped for breath

G - he came all over her body and partially inside her mouth. now then my whore are you ready for some more of the fun we were having before?

S- she felt something hot splash inside of her mouth, it dribbled down her chin, and dripped stickily across her chest as he moved himself further down. she spat out as much as she could, but couldnt move her arms at all to remove it from her face

haha sorry :P my mum was there... i didnt wanna send that till she was gone

she didnt read any of it ;)

G - nice.

he slapped the bruised cheek again. i said are you ready for some more fun?! you are to answer me my little slut.

S- she winced in pain, nodding her head sowly in agreement

G - i want to hear it whore.

S- yes. she said, her voice quiet and hostile. she didnt look at him.

G - you are to look at me when you speak to me and when i'm talking to you. he grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him in the eyes.

S- she stared back at him, her dark eyes no longer filled with fear, no more innocent feelings of hope or affection towards him... her eyes were filled with pain, hatred. she hated sweeney todd for what he'd done to her, what he was still going to do to her.

G - answer me, he growled.

S- yes. her voice was no more than a whisper, her eyes focused on his with her intense stare.

G - tat's better. he threw her face away fro his. hemoved lower down her body, breathing heavily onto her as he did so. arousing her even more.

S- she tried not to think about what he was doing to her. she didnt want to enjoy it... but she couldnt help it. as much as she hated the man right now, her body still wanted, craved to be near his. she knew this was it.. she closed her eyes, bracing herself for the pain she knew was to come

G - he buried his head inside of her: teasing , licking and nipping at her. he couldn't help but love the noises he could make her make.

S- she didnt want to enjoy it.. but it felt so good. she moaned softly as his tounge slowly ran up, tracing light circles over her stomach which sent small shivers down her spine. she knew hed use this pleasure she was feeling against her later, but god it felt so good..

haha my attempt at smut :D

G - you have much to learn grasshopper.

S- haha XD told ya i cant do romance

i tried, it ried

i didnt try at the spelling tho :S

G - he dragged his teeth over her stomache and up to her breast. he took it in his mouth and started sucking, licking, and biting. she tasted so good. he bit a little harder and drew blood.

S- Deviantly annoying sent the wink "Bow"


G - i'm good at the dirty stuff.

why yes bow down! now!


we have to hurry now so i can go to sleep. so respond grasshopper. now!

S- she gasped lightly in pain, but he continued to be rough with her, until finaly he positioned himself over her. she had to stop herself from sighing in relief... it was almost over

haha there u go grapenut

G - better. i'm rubbing off on you.

he slipped a hand between their slick bodies and caressed her. then he brought his hand to her mouth and told her to lick it all off.

reversi? it's still your turn.

S- oh whoops

haha jeez all this sex is distracting me from reversi

G - good.

S- she did as he said without question. it was almost over, she kept telling herself. almost free... he placed a hand on either side of her, holding himself steady and positioning himself. mrs lovett closed her eyes. this'd be the worst of it, then it'd be over.

G - what's wrong my pet? your a far cry from a virgin you'll be fine. it's good to see you being the little whore you truly are though. always so obliging. my good little slut. yes, we will definitely be doing this more often. maybe i could let a few others have some fun. i know the beadle is fond a few. see now they can have you for free.

S- mrs lovett felt as if her heart were about to break into a milion pieces. it wasnt over... it was never over. and just like that, he thrust into her, hard and ruthlessly. it'd been so long... she couldnt hold back her screams

G - i told you to shutup bitch! can you not do a simple thing?! next time i'll have to make sure you won't be heard at all won't i?! he hits her just as hard. WON'T I?!

S- she lets slip a soft whimper of pain as his fist makes contact with the side of her head. this just makes him thrust harder, faster into her, his hand held tightly over her mouth, supressing her screams of agony

wow. sadistic eh :P oh well... its late.. well for u anyways

its only 4.30


S- violence i can do ;)

haha pleasure on the other hand...

G - i'm good at pleasuring people?

S- hahaha so it seems :P

G - nice.

he bit her neck as he came hard into her. once he was done he just lay on top of her heaving body before kissing her passionately on the lips. you did very well my pet. we will definitely be doing this again sometime soon. then he got off of her and got dressed.

S- the end

G - no. come on now.

S- whaa? thats a good ending. sad.

alright alright

G - come on. she has to do something. and it has to go on for a bit so we can continue tomorrow.

is there anyway to save and come back to this?

S- yeh ill copy it all.. email ya

he then left her, alone in the bakehouse, aching both in body and in heart. she remained there on the table, not sure if she'd be able to move if she wanted to. now mr todd was finally gone she was free to cry. she forced herself up to gather her torn and tattered clothes, tears running freely down her face. it was over, at least... until next time

haha until next time indeed :)

G - i never said he freed her y'know. lol.

S- oh :P whhoopps

well... we'll work on it next time ;)

haha u know me and my continuity problems

the end... for now.

but knowing that vulgar woman, she'll be wanting to continue next time im on msn ;)