This is a really quick one ;) basically what happened after the delectible egg left

roleplay. not roleplay.

G - grapenut01

S - Shitty Chicken Gang Bang



S - searching mrs lovett's face, she smiled weakly at him in encouragement, though he could still see the pain in her eyes. toby felt a sudden rush of guilt come over him. he mustnt be doing it right. he had to try harder, he wanted to help his mum.

doing as mr todd instructed, he gently ran his hand over her breast. he had to hold his breath in nervousness. he'd always wondered what it'd be like, to touch a lady in this way. he caressed her softly, glancing back at sweeney

hmm this computer doesnt have active X?!

ok... ill download that, then reversi it is

G - he nodded. you can be rougher if you wish. she likes it. kiss her a little all over.

S - toby was reluctant to be rough with his mum, she was obviously hurting.. she was bruised and beaten all over. he didnt want to hurt her more. leaning down, he gently kissed her cheek, brushed some of the bloodslicked hair from her face. he knew this wasnt what sweeney wanted, but this felt more right in his mind. he then felt sweeneys grip on him again, rough hands showing him the way to do it

G - thats better. just remember she isn't made of glass. you can do whatever you want to her.

i don't think he would force toby to be rough with her. it's bad enough what he has the boy doing now. he'll wait until he gets them like this a few more times before forcing things.

S - ah ok

G - grapenut just sent you a nudge.

did you know you have a webcam?

S - i do... somewhere

G - yea. just saying. he would force too much at once.

S - yeh ur right hey

G - you have a little icon below your picture.

S - yeh but its not plugged in lol.. ill find it tho. shouldnt be far. why, u got one?

G - nope no webcan here. i have a headset though.


S - toby turned back to mrs lovett. her body was so warm, so soft against his hands. even in the state sweeney had put her in, she was still more beautiful than anything. secretly, he'd always wondered if maybe, if he were older, they would be able to do something like this... but he'd never dreamed it would ever actually happen, certaintly not like this

the belt tying her down cut red marks against her skin. toby wondered if he could untie her

G - you know i did say you can do whatever you want. i meant it..

oh i'm feeling so bad for lovett now.

grapenut is inviting you to start Reversi. Do you want to Accept (Alt+C) or Decline (Alt+D) the invitation?

S - hahaha well, understandable... i mean after all the stuff we put her thru

You have accepted the invitation to start Reversi.

G - exactly.

oh well.

grapenut just sent you a nudge.

grapenut just sent you a nudge.

S - carefully, toby undid the belt tying mrs lovett down. he then crawled up onto the table with her. i love you, mum... he whispered, hesitantly leaning down to kiss her on the lips

haha were weird

G - very. lol.

what happened to the game

S - it wont let me play until i install activeX on this computer

hang on... ill check the net for active X.. whaetever it is

G - sweeney turned. he grimaced and grabbed the judge and threw him into the fire.

you be lovett too?

S - umm alright ill try

wont be as good as egg tho

G - yay! maybe if you start i can do it but you'd have to start.

You have invited grapenut to start Reversi. Please wait for a response or Cancel (Alt+Q) the pending invitation.

grapenut has accepted your invitation to start Reversi.

i believe lovett is up. or toby.

S - toby closed his eyes, kissing mrs lovett was something he'd never thought imaginable. he'd never kissed a girl before, let alone the kind, beautiful baker who'd taken him in and treated him like her son. no... she was more than a mother to him now. she had to be- she was kissing him, she loved him!

this thought only made the boys kisses more passionate. he ran a hand through her hair lovingly

ur turn, luv

G - dun dun dun.


she had conflicts in her mind. she loved how he was being so gently and was confused.

well... thats all the vulgar for a while.

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