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The Gourd

On the outskirts of Suna sat a red headed boy with amazingly green eyes, he always sat there when he wanted to be alone and think. His siblings and everyone else in Suna knew better than to disturb him, they valued their lives.

'Kazekage! Why me? Everyone hates me and I'm the youngest of dad's kids. Why me?' The boy thought. The boy thought of his father with hate.

'It's because we're so strong, and their scared of you. If anyone thought you wrong you could kill them in an instant.'

The poor boy clutched his head as the voice thundered through his mind. 'I feel a headache coming on.' Two ninjas stood at the entrance of Suna watching him.

"He's been out there since we got back from the chuunin exams and that was 5 months ago. Then just as I thought he would come back home, he found out about him becoming Kazekage and that was 1 week ago. Is he going to be alright Temari?" The one in the cat suit asked the other.

"He's Gaara. I don't know what to think Kankuro, and like he would let me find out. He would probably just kill me instead." Temari replied turning back towards Suna. Kankuro took one last look at his younger sibling then quickly followed the blonde. Gaara looked back at Suna.

"How am I meant to lead an entire village that hates and fears me?" the red head said aloud to himself. Then suddenly something large landed in his lap, he turned back; in his lap was a black haired girl with gorgeous lavender eyes. 'I've seen this girl before, though not in Suna.' He thought, trying to think of the person who owns such unique features; then it came to him. "Hyuuga" His eyes narrowed. "What are you doing here?" He demanded, not as coldly as he would have liked.

'Gaara! He seems different somehow.' The girl thought. She completely forgot the 'killer' reputation of the guy she was talking to when she shot back.

"That's what I'd like to know." with such force it shocked him.

'This girl has some spunk, isn't she the one who stuttered all the time.' For the first time in his life he agreed willingly with Shukaku.

"What kind of sick joke do you think this is? Transporting me here and into your lap of all places." The Hyuuga girl went on.

"Hold on, you think I did this?" pointing to himself, clearly he had yet to notice he had a woman in his lap and this of course is impossible because everyone ran and hid when he just walked down the street.

"Yeah, I was on my way to meet my friends for dinner, when all of a sudden sand surrounded me and then I find myself in your lap." As she said the last few words, her cheeks turned a deep crimson; she quickly stood up, finally realising where she had been sitting for the past 10 minutes. 'Oh god, I was sitting in a guy's lap! How long was sitting there?'

"Oh, I see now how you think it was me. But I swear I didn't do such a thing. Why would I want to?" 'Shit; was she sitting in my lap the entire time?' Gaara was shocked, no one would even dare come near him, let alone sit in his lap.

'No shit Sherlock. I was wondering when you would notice.'

The two just stood beside one another quietly watching the sun go down. 'I should take her home; we only just re-established the peace treaty with Konoha, keeping her here would probably cause another war.' He thought, just before the sun was completely down he spoke.

"Look, how about I make it up to you by escorting you home tomorrow." 'I'm being nice! Why the hell am I being nice to her?' Gaara thought to himself, Shukaku laughing all the while.

"Tomorrow! Why tomorrow?" 'Why the hell can't we go now, I want to go home now.'

"Well for one thing, you can't travel in the desert at night you would freeze to death. Second you have no idea how to get back, because you have never been here before; and third since I'm taking you I refuse to travel at night." Gaara said counting on his fingers.

"Fine" she huffed. She reluctantly followed the red head into the village.

"Oi, by the way your name, its Hanna or Heidi isn't it?" Gaara looked back

"No, it's Hinata." She said firmly.


'Haha, you suck. You forgot her name. Come on, I even remembered her name.'

'Shut up you. You could have at least told me.' Hopefully he didn't sound as stupid as he felt.

'And why would I do that?' Gaara led Hinata to a building close to Kazekage tower; Gaara pulled out a key and unlocked the door, he stood aside and let her in. 'oh great Kankuro and Temari would have a field day if they saw this.' "Temari? Kankuro? You in?" Gaara yelled.

Temari poked her head out of the kitchen, "What's with all the yelling?" Temari spotted Hinata hiding behind Gaara, "Ooh who is this?" she asked coming out of the kitchen.

"This is Hinata Hyuuga, she just arrived in Suna. She is staying here until tomorrow, where I will then escort her back to Konoha." Gaara motioned for Hinata to follow, however Temari's voice stopped him. "Oh she can't leave tomorrow."

"And why not?" He glared daggers at Temari.

Temari flinched a little but continued. "You're being named Kazekage tomorrow, so you can't leave; and no one else can be spared because they're needed, so she can't leave either."

Gaara looked back at Hinata. "Will she and I be able to leave the day after that then?"


"Fine then; follow me to your room." Hinata quickly followed Gaara to a room with simple furnishings. "My room is next door, Temari's is down the hall. The bathroom is just opposite yours. Temari will supply you with anything you need." Gaara turned to leave, but a voice stopped him.

"Thank you K...Kazekage Sama."

Gaara quickly left after mentioning that dinner was at 8.

thisisthelinethatseperateseverything thisisthelinethatseperateseverything

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