3 years later


Hinata walked down the street, waving to people who greeted her, she had just had a pleasant lunch with the girls. However they had tried to hook her up with someone, again.

'When will they get it, I'm not interested.' she thought, touching the necklace that hung around her neck, she hadn't heard from Gaara in over three years. She turned a corner and spotted a group of people just down the road.

"Could they be from the Sand Village, they look like sand-nin." The three turned as she approached. 'It's them!'

"Hey look it's... that girl." The blonde said.

"It's Hinata Temari, try to remember." The red head sighed. 'How could anyone not remember that name.'

'If I remember correctly you forgot her name as well. You thought it was Hanna or Heidi.'

'Shut up.'

"Sorry." Temari, smiled.

"D-don't worry. You g-guys here for the p-party that's t-tonight." Hinata stuttered not taking her eyes off Gaara. 'Great! The stutter came back.'

"Yeah, do you know where it is?" Kankuro, the one with the cat suit quipped.

"It's in the a-arena you guys d-did the 3rd chuunin exams. R-remember?"

"Arena huh? It's going to be a swell party huh Gaara?" Kankuro elbowed his little brother.

"Hmm." Gaara replied looking over his shoulder at his gourd, which was shaking.

"What wrong?" Kankuro asked.

"I don't know; the gourd is acting strangely, almost like it's trying to get out of..." Sand burst out of the gourd and rushed at Hinata. "Control!" Gaara yelled.

"Aaah, help!" Hinata screamed as the sand enclosed her. "Gaara!"

"I'm trying!" Gaara yelled back as he tried to regain control of the sand. Then the sand also wrapped itself around Gaara. "I have a feeling that something strange is going on." Gaara simply said as the sand rose higher and higher.

"Y-yeah...m-me too." Kankuro looked confused.

"Help, I-I want o-out." Hinata yelled form within her sand ball.

"Sorry... I'm stuck too." Gaara yelled back.

"I-I got sand in m-my mouth."

Then the two sand balls rushed together; Temari, standing in between the two, jumped back, narrowly escaping being crushed.

"T-that was close!" Temari breathed heavily. The sand started to fall away from the two, exposing the two who had somehow found themselves in each other's arms. Gaara looked down at Hinata.

'She's grown so much, we haven't been this close in 3 years.' Gaara thought, he was blushing a little. "Are you ok?" he asked. Hinata's blush went a deeper shade of red.

'Wow, he's grown so much, he's soo hot!' she then suddenly threw her head at Gaara, hitting him in the middle of his forehead, she then went limp. Gaara looked at the limp form in his arms.

'Fainted...hmph. Hey! She still got the necklace.'

Temari noticed the look in Gaara's eyes, "Our little Kazekage has grown up" Temari thoughts then drifted to a certain leaf ninja.

"Hey no fair, he got a girlfriend before me." Kankuro whined. Gaara walked over to a bench and laid Hinata on it, they waited about 15 minutes before she woke up.

"Hey, are you ok? You've never done that before, so why now?" Gaara shooed his annoying siblings away.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I fainted because…because y-you've g-grown s-s-so much m-more g-gorgeous." Hinata lowered her head in shame. 'my stutter came back! I thought I got over it.' Gaara took her chin in his fingers and raised her head so she faced him again. Gaara leaned in for a kiss; he didn't care that everyone could see, all he cared about was his lips against Hinata's.

"I've missed you." Gaara whispered when they came for a breath.

"I've missed you too." Hinata hugged Gaara around his waist. "can we tell people now? I'm sick of my friends trying to hook me up when I'm already taken. I hated not telling them." Hinata murmured into Gaara's chest. Gaara smiled.

"Yeah, why not. I think Temari and Kankuro have figured it out." Gaara pointed over to where Temari and Kankuro were spying on them, their jaws almost hitting the ground in shock. They both laughed. Hinata stopped and stared at the powerful red head, Temari dropped her fan and Kankuro looked like he was going to faint. Gaara raised an invisible eyebrow. "What?"

"I've never heard you laugh before."

"Well there's a first time for everything." Standing, Gaara intertwined his fingers with Hinata's and started walking down the street. Gaara looked at his siblings. "You coming" they snapped out of their trance and quickly caught up, though they kept back to give the young couple some space.