CS: This is written for Taang week, Day 6, Ecstasy

CS: This is written for Taang week, Day 6, Ecstasy.

Axel: Which, according to Wikipedia, means a sense of bliss or other emotion where nothing else is present.

CS: I don't own Avatar, so lawyers with nothing better to do that sue Teens trying to write, pester some one else!


Toph was seething in anger. He did this. He made her hurt! Aang made her cry! Twinkles was the cause of all this pain! "Why did you have to get me pregnant!?" Toph screamed at her husband.

Aang jumped back as a rock hit the ground where he was standing before. "Toph, the doctor said no earthbending above five pounds!"

"Screw that!" Toph yelled as a spike of earth flew to hit Aang in the butt. He nimbly flipped over it and landed on the ground.


"Don't 'Toph' me! I can't sleep! The bed is either to soft, to firm, the frickin' ground is uncomfortable! The ground is uncomfortable to me!" Toph yelled.

"Calm down honey-"

"Don't you dare tell me to calm down!"

Aang tried to persuade his wife, but she wouldn't listen.

"Forget this! I'm going to bed. And you're sleeping on the couch! She yelled as she threw a blanket and Pillow out of their, I mean her room. Aang sighed as she slammed the bedroom door.

Toph lay in her bed and tossed and turned. She grunted in pain

Then, suddenly, things didn't hurt. It felt like waves of relief wash over her. She wasn't on her bed anymore. She was floating, truly blind. If felt like a cloud. A warm cloud. It was ecstasy. She quickly fell asleep, no longer in any pain.

Aang sighed as he used his air and water bending to keep the cloud going. It was warmed by his firebending. Aang stayed up all night, making sure that his wife felt no pain. It was worth it to see the smile on her face as she slept.


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