Christmas Eve that year was definitely a unique occasion. It was not the normal family function. After dinner it was time for the bachelor parties though Harry's would be spent with his brothers at the Burrow. Being four months pregnant reduced how wild he could get.

Sirius bent and kissed his head. "You're sure cub you don't mind your dad and me going? We should be at your party with you."

Harry shook his head. "Go. My fiancé needs some people at his party besides you know I need you to keep an eye on him over there."

Laughing Lucius came over and pulled his fiancé into a long tender kiss. He had assured Harry he had not needed a bachelor party and felt guilty since Harry could not. Harry had told him he wanted Lucius to go and have some fun and that he would enjoy his evening with the guys.

Severus came over. "Don't worry we will make sure that he will not have too much fun. I won't be offering him a hang over potion for tomorrow."

Harry shook his head. "He can have some fun, and I'd rather he not stumble over our vows tomorrow. Play nice Sev."

Harry's dads, Severus, Draco, Stephen, Filius, and a few co-workers were taking him out drinking tonight. Lucius had Draco and Severus standing for him the next day and Harry had asked Luna and George. Hermione had assured him she was not hurt. She knew how much Harry had come to rely on Luna and the twins. The twins had flipped a coin to decide who would stand with him. As the ring witness was usually of the same gender George would do it, Draco for his dad.

Harry kissed Remus on the cheek. "Make sure my father and fiancé both make it home in one piece. I need the two of you to walk me down the aisle tomorrow."

Remus knew he was considered the reasonable one. "I promise they won't walk in front of the Knight Bus or anything. There will be a wedding tomorrow."

There was a time in his life that he had never imagined having family at the wedding but he would. The Weasleys of course, Luna but now his dads as well. His dads would be escorting him down the aisle as the junior partner. And since George was doing the ring part Luna had offered to carry Lara down the aisle. Harry had refused to allow his sister now to have a part in this. Lara was flower girl though that was not common in wizarding weddings but Lucius thought it sweet.

Hermione and Luna, the Weasleys and a few of his friends were there for the party like Neville and Blaise. "Gran thought this was a bit mad."

Harry smiled and was so grateful that they came."I hope your families don't mind me stealing you tomorrow. It means a lot you guys were coming "

They all laughed and assured him that many of their families celebrated Christmas Eve anyways and those who had not normally, had been willing to change. They all encouraged their children to be at their friend's wedding even if on Christmas day.

Harry looked at Molly who brought in cider for them. "You really will not tell me anything about the wedding tomorrow?"

Molly shook her head. "Your fiancé has gone to a lot of trouble to make tomorrow special for you as possible Harry. Just enjoy it."

The first time that Lucius had married he had a wedding with hundreds of guests, most of them were friends of his parents. It had been a social event, not anything for Lucius or Narcissa who had barely even known each other. There would only be a few dozen guests, friends of both grooms, mainly just the guests of their bachelor parties and a few others like Jack, Harry's mentor in diving And Lucius was making sure it was the dream wedding for both of them. He wanted to make sure that it would be a day Harry would never want to forget or would.

Fred clapped him on the back. "You know I am putting on some fireworks for the two of you. That is the only clue you get."

Harry smiled. "I'd love that Fred. They were always one of my favourite products you two came up with."

The brothers had all given Harry a hard time e had not asked them all to be in his wedding party but they were just joking. Unlike when Charlie had married, his husband did not have many close friends to stand with him and they settled on two. Charlie and Oliver had assured him they understood his choices. Oliver was of course there with his husband. Harry was not the only pregnant one. Oliver was eight months pregnant with his and Charlie's first child. The rest of their original quidditch team would be at the wedding but the girls had not come this evening as they were home with their families.

Oliver came over to him. "Though we considered changing out mind when you chose neither of us as a witness for your wedding we have a wedding gift."

Charlie nodded. "When this little one enters the world we'd like you and Bill to serve as godfathers to our son when he comes in a few weeks time here."

They had served as witnesses for the wedding and Harry should not have been surprised but he was. He was definitely honoured. He considered both me to be older brothers and had definitely considered both as possible witnesses. But since he had too many to choose from he had gone for two he had needed through this all.

Harry hugged them both. "You know I am so honoured. Just make sure this little man does not enter the world before I return from my honeymoon please."

Oliver smiled. "You are going for just over a week and I am not due for a month. I promise there is little chance you will miss his grand entrance."

Lucius and Harry had been considering many options for godparents for their first born and had settled on each choosing one though they had not told anyone their choice anymore then the gender of the baby yet. Like his witnesses for Harry his choice was not simply friendship or brotherhood for had far too many to choose from between Draco and the Weasleys, Hermione ad Luna. His choice truly was someone who had been there for him through a lot.

Harry looked down at his belly. "This little one at least has relented on their daddy in the past two weeks. I might enjoy my own wedding dinner."

Fleur smiled."None of the odd cravings have hit yet have they? Good because the rest of us might want to enjoy your wedding feast as well."

There may have been no drinking but there was a great deal of laughter and smiles that night and when Harry headed for bed he knew just how lucky he was. He had family all around him and would have them by his side as they wed tomorrow.

Harry looked out the window before he headed for bed.. "Mum and dad I hope you know you're with me in my heart tomorrow. I have my dads but you as well."


Accompanied by is brothers Harry made his way to the manor the next day but straight in the floo into his bedroom to dress. Lucius had left strict orders that Harry was not to see or know anything till the wedding. Harry was using his official bedroom from last Christmas, for the last time. The master suite officially would be his soon.

Draco appeared in the door as he was dressing in the beautiful dark green robes."Father sent me with this to give you. And he thanks you for the new chain."

Harry smiled and hugged Draco. "Thank you for being a part of this even if as your dad's witness and not mine."

Draco smiled and returned the hug. "You're my brother and soon to be stepfather. And that little one means as much to me as you and dad. Of course I am."

Harry had never thought when Draco had found out about them that he would accept it but it had brought them closer. Draco would never call him dad but he had accepted Harry was his stepfather long ago and this baby as his sibling as well. They both thought it funny that Harry would be grandfather to Draco's kids though.

Draco pointed at the box."Open it. Father wanted to know if you liked it or not. He knew your fathers had given you cufflinks for the ceremony."

Harry nodded, a beautiful set of lion head cufflinks he was now wearing. He opened the box and smiled. "It's beautiful. Tell your dad I will wear it"

Though he knew Harry was not much for jewellery he had a small pendent made that he knew was simple enough Harry would wear. It was a small hoop of ivory formed from a lion and a snake for him and Lucius. There was a perfect round emerald the color of his eyes in the center but there was a backing to the stone and he saw on the flat back there was an inscription.' To the love of my life, my heart and soul, may today be the start of a life time of love and tears of joy.'

Draco saw his tears. "I think that was the reaction dad was hoping for. I need to go to his side. See you soon brother."

Harry hugged him. "Thanks Draco. Thank you for that night after the quidditch game and ever since. It has all meant the world to me."

Returning to hug him one last time Draco left and Harry soon was being ushered down as well. All but George and Luna had already gone, well and his dads as well. Luna took his sister and George walked near her, while his dads each took one of his arms to escort him. He was amazed when they headed into the back gardens but he remembered with heating spells it would be warm out there if needed.

Harry gaped as the doors opened. "This is beautiful. I can't believe he did this for me."

Sirius kissed his cheek. "This is pretty low key for a Malfoy wedding but he wanted to make it everything you could ever want."

The guests, his friends from both houses, some teachers, co-workers of his husband, and the Weasleys sat in a few rows of simple gold chairs with a runner of gold and silver. No over done flowers but wreaths with some winter roses in them were at the end of each and he smiled when he saw the topiary trees that lined the garden had the same winter roses as well. Lucius stood under an arch but it was actually an ice sculpture he realized, beautifully carved into an arch. The top of the arch had a beautiful assortment of roses and Christmas greens. The entire decoration was beautiful in the simplicity.

Lucius' eyes were on him the entire time but his dads held to him till the minister asked. "And who gives this young man in marriage?"

Sirius smiled. "His dad and I do.""

Both kissed Harry on the cheek and went to the front row where there were two seats left for them. Lucius had taken Harry's arm and they were both hiding teats glistening in their eyes. They were both happier then they had ever imagined being.

Lucius started as they wrote vows. "I went about this all wrong. Stupid does not even begin to describe me. I was a fool who was attracted and falling in love with you but tried to possess you. I spent years in a loveless arranged marriage, a friend nothing more. The thought of love scared me. But my son and best friend showed me this was worth fighting for. I nearly made the worst mistake in my life in trying to give you and this baby up. I wanted to make you happy but did the opposite. I know I am not worthy of you but I will spend the rest of our days earning that love. You are my heart and soul. You and this baby, and Draco, are my world. You will never have to doubt I love you, doubt I will be by your side. I will show every day for as many years as we are granted together, that I deserve you. You are my life."

The minister spoke."Do you Lucius Abraxas Malfoy take Harry as your husband and bond, to love cherish and protect until death?"

"I do."

That was a hard act to follow but Harry tried. "I was scared when this started. Scared to let you in, scared to open my heart to anyone. I fought so hard not to fall for you but I did. When you tried to free me when we found out about the baby I realized as my heart broke, that I was in love. You stood by me through some of the worse times of my life. You helped me face things I would not wish on my worst enemy. You showed me I could trust you, I could open my heart and love you. You make my heart beat faster, you take my breath away. I want to spend my life as your husband, your lover, your fried and confidant. Draco and this baby are so lucky to have you as will others we might have. But I am the luckiest. Lucky to share my life with a man who is my other half. You are half my heart, half of my soul."

"Do you Harry James Potter-Black take Lucius as your husband and bond, to love and cherish and protect until death?"

"I do."

Draco handed Harry a ring. "Take this ring and claim my father as your husband and bond."

Harry slid the ring on to Lucius' bare hand. "With this ring I proclaim my love and take you as my husband."

George handed a ring to Lucius. "Take this ring and claim my brother Harry as your husband and bond."

Lucius slid the ring next to Harry's engagement ring. "With this ring I proclaim my love and take you as my husband."

The minister smiled. "By the powers that be I proclaim you husbands. Lucius kiss your husband."

Drawing Harry into his arms Lucius happily kissed Harry deeply making his husband light headed. When they drew apart with their witnesses they signed the wedding contracts and were proclaimed Lords Lucius and Harry Malfoy. Lucius scooped Harry off his feet and carried him off in a shower of snowflakes.

He put him down in the sitting room. "How does it feel my beloved to be Lord Harry Malfoy?"

Harry smiled. "I was a bit worried I'd have to be Lady Harry Malfoy but I must say I am relieved."

Pulling Harry in for another kiss after some laughter and a swat to his arm Lucius reminded him this was not uncommon. And though Lucius was lord Malfoy, Harry was his consort and held the title as well. Harry cared nothing for the title lord, the only new title he was celebrating was that of husband and stepfather.


Though the ceremony had been outdoors the reception was in for with less then fifty guests there was more then enough room in the dinning room to seat everyone. Tonks and her parents had come for the wedding which meant a lot to him. And Moody as well. The dinning room was incredible. All down the table between the dishes were these beautiful Christmas trees made out of red, green silver and gold Christmas bulbs and the table was run with Christmas greens as well. Not an extravagant several course meal dinner was instead turkey and stuffing, cranberries, mashed potatoes, stuffed mushrooms and Caesar salad. Wine or cider to drink.

Lucius raised his glass. "To my amazing husband who made me happier today then ever before. And to Draco and the baby to come, both our kids and part of us."

Harry raised the glass."And to our amazing family and friends for being here with us to celebrate our wedding and the start of our new family."

The toasts went down the table and back up through dinner, sometimes toasts and sometimes stories of either the couple or one or the other. Harry had tears in his eyes more that day then ever. Laughter was the most of it but there were tears as well.

Sirius looked at his son. "I am so honoured with Remus to walk you down the aisle but I know James and Lily were with you today. They I am sure watch and smile."

Remus agreed with his husband. "They would have wanted nothing else but for their son to be happy and in love. And there is no doubt Lucius makes you both."

Draco rounded out the toasts. "Enough sap. I must say finding out my best friend would be a stepfather was a shock but I m so happy for the two of you."

Very few knew all the details other then the Weasleys, Luna and Hermione. No one knew of the contract or even he had nearly died last New Years. They also did not understand the odd look and laughter between Harry and Draco. They had never thought they'd laugh over Draco walking in on him and his dad, but they were now.

Lucius led Harry into the adjoining library where the party continued around the massive Christmas tree all done in silver. "So is this everything you wanted?"

Harry laid his head against his husband as the music for their first dance started. "This is more then I could ever have dreamed of. Thank you for all of this Luc."

There was some dancing to follow but they ad not wanted a formal dance to follow. When darkness fell they all headed out into the beautiful gardens again where the twins kept their promise and put on a fireworks show worth of their silent backer. They had designed some of the show just for the occasion including a lion and snake together in the end like the amulet he wore.

Lucius led him towards a horse drawn sled after they said goodbye to their family and guests. "It will take us to the gates where a portkey awaits us."

Harry smiled at the thought of their honeymoon to come."I still wonder where you are taking me but I guess after this incredible wedding, I can trust you."

Though the sled was not often used for they both preferred riding he had opted for the sled. Harry should not be riding when he was pregnant especially in the winter Lucius thought so at least this way they could bring horses into it. Gold and silver snowflakes instead of confetti showered them as they headed out. Harry was shocked when he found some of Molly's cheesecake waiting, one slice to share and feed each other. They had not had the traditional cake cutting. Harry managed to get some cake all over Lucius but they both enjoyed the last bit of the wedding before the sled stopped and they were to head for their honeymoon.

As he was helped down Harry was still wondering where they were going as he saw their bag. "How do I know you packed what I need?"

Lucius kissed him. "How do you know I packed anything? I might plan on keeping you in bed the entire time."

They both liked the sounds of that though Harry knew where ever they were going Lucius would make sure he saw some of it. Lucius loved that Harry shared his desire for travel and though he had only been to Paris and the Caribbean so fear, Harry knew Lucius had every intention of that changing. They would have the romantic exciting honeymoon to Dagger Cove that summer after the baby was born but he knew Lucius had something amazing planned.

It was not until he opened his eyes though after the portkey took them away he knew just how amazing. "Luc?"