Being pregnant was much easier the second time around. Harry had few symptoms this time and he did not wind up in the hospital at all. He also got to share the pregnancy with his husband from the start. It was nice having his husband there the entire time holding him not just for morning sickness. Beyond that he got to share the pregnancy not with one but two friends. It turns out Blaise was pregnant when they married for he and Jeff had started trying before they wed. He was not due until November for he had only been days pregnant at their wedding but all three their children would go to school together. In August the Malfoys and Zaibinis had a three way baby shower though Harry had argued since he had one for Star, he had not needed another on.

Hermione was due first and Harry was glad he could not b on a dive for they were worried that Hermione would be right. Malfoy babies tended to be on their own schedule. Harry and Lucius had no intention of missing the grand entrance of their first grandchild into the world. Harry still laughed to think he'd be a Grandpa. It turned out their first grandchild decided to be an early riser and cam September first.

Harry and Star had been out in the gardens playing as he was trying to stay cool as it was still extremely hot. "Hey princess, ready to go back inside?"

Star looked up from where she was playing in hr little mini pool Hermione had given them, a muggle object. "No Papa."

Sighing and shaking his head Harry wished he had the energy to go and swim in the adult pool. It was one of the many perks of their mansion. But being eight months pregnant he did not have the energy to even change into some swim trunks at that point. He could settle for the cold drink and the fan spell that he had got going. He definitely wished he had planned the timing on his newest better. He had already given birth to Star when it became any where near this hot. She had been born early May and it was only the end of the spring rally. Ad they had been in Scotland which is always slightly cooler.

Lucius surprised him by coming up behind him and kissing him tenderly along the back of his neck. "My love we need to get our dolphin out of the pool and dry."

Harry turned to kiss his husband. "I assume since you are home in the middle of the day and making me force our daughter from her pool, we are to be Grandpas."

Lucius smiled and nodded. "Hermione went into labour this morning. She insisted she did not want to stress you when you are so close to your own date."

Harry laughed as it sounded just like Hermione. Before Harry could accuse him of knowing Lucius assured him he had not known either. Draco had known his father could not hide anything from Harry. H had known that Harry and his dad would be happier and comfortable at home till the baby came. Lucius from what he knew Hermione was still pushing but by the time they got there the baby would probably be born and Hermione would have had some time to bond.

Harry scooped up his daughter to take hr up to get dressed. "Little princess you are about to become Aunty Star. Draco and Hermione are having their baby."

Star was as excited to be an Aunt as a big sister. She was too young to know how odd it was she was an Aunt at age two. "Yeah Papa, me want to see, me want to."

Harry and Hermione, even Blaise had decided they would not find out the genders of their babies before they were born. Harry had a feeling there was sons for all three or at least him and Hermione. Draco always said Malfoy babies were boys first born. He knew Draco would love a daughter; she would have him wrapped as Star did, but all first born Malfoys in six generations had been sons. Harry secretly hoped for Draco that h was wrong. He knew Draco were holding out hope for a little girl. Harry was both sure but from the different way he was carrying, he believed or hoped his own was the son he had been praying for.

Lucius led them out for the bus as they could not apparate. "Blaise and Jeff will be bringing the Grangers to the hospital but at this rate they will beat us."

Harry elbowed his husband being careful of his daughter in the process. "They do not have a two year old bathing beauty for them to take care of either."

Sure enough by the time they got to the hospital they were the last ones to come into the room. Draco and Hermione were sitting in the bed and Harry was delighted to se that the bundle in Hermione's arms was pink. He could see from the look of shear heaven in Draco's face that he was in absolute heaven. Draco was already wrapped around his daughter's finger and Hermione was just as happy.

Harry came to their side. "It seems that you were wrong about the first born Malfoy being always a son Draco. I hope you are not disappointed."

Draco looked down on his perfect little girl. "I think I can live with her. She is pretty cute."

She was the spitting image of Draco and Star except for the eyes. Like Star she got her eyes from the non Malfoy parent. In her case she had the most beautiful warm caramel eyes from Hermione. Harry got to hold hr but he passed her off to Lucius who shared her with the other grandparents when Harry and Blaise signed off as the godparents for the little girl. They had both been honoured to be asked.

Lucius looked down at his granddaughter. "And what name have you chosen for our little granddaughter her?"

Hermione made the introductions for them. "We have decided to name our beautiful daughter Gemini Dahlia Malfoy."

They had chosen to continue the Black tradition of Greek myth or space names and had gone for the constellation Gemini as Draco was a constellation. Dahlia was a type of flower and was to honour Narcissa. It was definitely a unique name but brought many smiles to the grandparents as well as Jeff and Blaise.

Harry accepted his new granddaughter back as Lucius held Star up to see. "Hey Gemma, I'm your Grandpa Harry and this is your Aunt Star and Grandpa Luc."


Gemma never gave her mother much peace in hr belly. Hermione had even more trouble with morning sickness and symptoms then Harry had with Star. And she was not much better since she was born. She had colic when she had first come home and Draco had spent many a night pacing with his newborn daughter. Harry would have been happy to help as Draco had with Star but he was so pregnant with his own he had not been much help. He wished he was Hermione for this time it seemed the second Malfoy he gave birth to decide to be stubborn and not make their entrance on time. He went a wk past his due date.

His dads and sisters cam to visit him and keep him company one afternoon. Like Star was excited about Gemma, both three year old Lara and one year old Rhea were excited about the birth of their newest niece of nephew. Both little girls were hoping for a second niece. His dads hoped for a grandson as they knew Harry wanted on badly. They could understand him wanting a son of his own since his stepson was older then he was.

Harry was playing with his sisters and daughter who were doing a puzzle when he realized his pants were soaking wet. "I think you guys need to take me to the hospital."

Remus noticed first and smiled. "Girls you are going to stay here with Papa/ Grandpa Sirius and I am taking Harry to the office for a bit."

Just like when Rhea was born they had not wanted to worry Star or his sisters so Harry acted as normal as he could when his dad led him to the fireplace. He assured Harry when he was being helped into a bed and put into a gown, that his husband would be found and brought as well as Draco and Hermione of course. Lucius arrived just in time for it seemed that his pregnancy even though quit late had progressed amazingly quickly.

Lucius cam to his side as the healer told him to start pushing. "I need to thank our son or daughter. They just got me out of the most boring staff meetings ever."

Harry laughed and kissed him. "Your child and I are grateful that we could save you from the fat. I need my husband here by my side."

He was told to start pushing and he clung to his husband and father as he did. It might have been moving quicker then with Star but it was definitely as painful with his second as it had been with his daughter. He was sobbing by the time the healer told him they had seen the head but he found the energy some where. The baby cam free and as the room filled with the sounds of a baby crying to see what it was.

The healer smiled as he handed the baby off to the nurse. "I am happy to tell you that you have a healthy little baby boy."

Lucius kissed his husband. "You have your wish my love. You have your own little boy to raise finally."

Harry could not celebrate the news though for he was in absolute sheer pain and the healer looked at him and started running a diagnostic. Lucius was scared as he watched his husband sobbing in pain.

He looked up. 'Well it seems we missed something on the scan. You have another little baby here making his or her way out. You have twins Mr Malfoy."

Lucius was shocked and held his husband. "You are truly a miracle worker Harry. Twins are nearly unheard of in male pregnancies. Come on Harry. Come push."

Though he was absolutely exhausted and did not know where he could find the energy Harry knew he wanted to have the other baby into the world. Finding and drawing upon his father and husband in the end Harry. Just before he gave up a second beautiful baby made their way into the world, a second daughter for the couple. She was only slightly smaller and still very healthy.

Lucius kissed Harry. "Our family is complete, two sons and two daughters, a nice balance."

Harry clung to his husband. "Go cut their cords Luc." And turning to his dad. "Tell them the baby is healthy. I want to see their shock when they see twins."

Laughing Remus assured his son h would not break the news on them. Harry was in heaven as his son was placed into his arms. He would love the little girl just as much as he loved Star and the boy but h was in haven. Just like Lucius had been dreaming of a daughter and had been in heaven when Star was born, Harry was with their son. He knew most men would be with their first son. Lucius already had his first son. He agreed with Lucius, they had two sons and two daughters as he did count Draco in that, and their family was complete. Well except for some grandchildren more to come.

The nurse showed him how to nurse twins at the same time though later he would nurse one and Lucius could bottle feed the other one. They had an hour of peace with the twins before their company had come in. He could see the shock. Not only because twins were uncommon for had males but as there been no sign of a second baby in the scans. The healer said it was not uncommon.

Draco was amazed. "Are we seeing things or did you guys steal a baby or something? I can't believe you guys never told us you were having twins."

Harry kissed Star who was placed on the bed with them. "We did not know either. Our newest princess was as much a surprise to us as to the rest of you."

Of course Star was over the moon and so were his sisters. They were all happy for the girl though they did tell him the boy was cute as well. They had asked Luna who had come in with the others and George since Fred was for Star, to be godparents so they named them for their son. They had decided since Draco and Hermione were brother and sister in law they would ask Jeff and Blaise and the couple who had come among the others was honoured to be asked for the daughter.

Remus looked at the twins. "I know you now had two to name but did you guys come up with names for your precious twins."

Harry smiled. "Our beautiful son we have decided to name Jack Prospero Malfoy."

Lucius introduced their daughter. "And this is Eden Cressida Malfoy."

The middle names had continued the Black tradition of space names. Both Prospero and Cressida were moons of Uranus like Ophelia. Their first names they decided to be a bit more original this time. Jack was a species of fish and was inspired by Harry's job and the dives. Eden was inspired by the garden of Ede and was sort of a link to the Evans tradition. They had considered moon names for the first names but had preferred their choices as first names for the twins. They were met with great approval from the family.


Nine years later... Harry could not believe the day had come. It was the last day of August and the family was having a big dinner. His precious Star was starting school the next day. Star was a mini Draco; she had his smirk and sense of humour and just was her brother all over. Harry had no doubt he had a snake on his hands. Her godfather loved her to bits for she had also turned out to have a real interest in potions though she did like to fly as much as her Papa and big brother. She had got an owl from her dads for a late birthday gift and a broom from Draco, getting an IOU on her birthday. But it had been the apothecary she was most excited by when shopping which made Severus beam.

Eden came bounding in with her Aunt Gemma. "Papa are Uncle Blaise and Uncle Jeff going to be here soon?"

Harry laughed. "I am sure your Uncles will be arriving soon. I am sure you really want to see them bad."

He laughed when he thought about two years from now. Gemma, Eden and Jack and Blaise's daughter Caden Alida would all start school. Harry sometimes felt bad for his son. The three girls were inseparable and when together could be as much a handful as the twins. Not that Jack was not a ball of energy either.

Draco laughed as he heard. "You know your other cousins will be coming s well as your Grandfathers and the girls as well."

Harry shook his head and reminded his best friend that when those three were together there were no others in the room. Draco and Hermione had stopped at two, blessed with a son three years after Gemma, Scorpio Michael who had just turned six. Along with his dads and sisters Jeff and Blaise were coming with their three, their two sons who were now seven and five. There would be the Weasleys and some others like Luna and Neville coming as well.

Lucius pulled him in for a kiss. "Well Mr Vice-president of the company are you starting to feel old now that our daughter will be starting to school?"

Harry smiled at his new title but elbowed his husband in the ribs. "I remind you my love that you are the cradle robber here and will actually need that cane soon."

Eleven years of marriage they were s strong and happy as ever and their children often groaned that they were like honeymooners. There had been worry when people found out he was involved with Lucius for they were not sure the two ever could be happy but no one could ever think they were anything less.

Author note: Gemini Dahlia Malfoy: Gemini (Latin) means the twins and refers to the constellation since Draco is one. Dahlia (Greek) means a flower named for botanist A. Dahl. In honour of Narcissa. Scorpio Michael Malfoy. Scorpio (Latin) scorpion, the constellation and a variation of the name for Draco's son in books Michael (Hebrew) who is like God, in honour of Hermione's father

Jack Prospero Malfoy: Jack (English) is a variation to John which means gracious or merciful, name of several species of fish as well as a tropical fruit tree, inspired by Harry's diving job instead of something like Darwin. Prospero (Latin) fortunate a moon of Uranus like Ophelia but it is also the name of the lead in the play the Tempest. Eden Cressida Malfoy: Eden (Hebrew) paradise, like her brother is a more general link to the Evans, inspired by the tropical paradises of their dive vacations Cressida (Greek):means golden, a moon of Uranus like Prospero and Ophelia, she is a character from Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida

Caden Alida Zaibini: Caden (American) means fighter and Alida (Latin) means small, she was born not long after the twins and a bit premature was a little small