"Roland!" Rex commands sharply, if a bit breathlessly. "Get her off me!"

"Er, right," Roland grimaces and awkwardly grabs at Winnie.

She growls as his arms slip awkwardly about her waist. When his fumbling grasp persists she begins to shriek, "Lemme go!"

Jesse hasn't been trudging behind the old man for very long when Winnie's shrieks ring out through the forest. He forgets about the gun and yanks his arm free, filled with a fierce adrenaline at the thought of what might be happening to his wife. Twisting from the old man's grasp is easier than he had thought it would be, the old man seems stunned and Jesse takes the opportunity to race away in the direction of his wife's screams.

"Get back here kid!" The old man shouts seeming to have finally recovered himself. Shots ring out, snapping sharply against the bark of trees, but luckily none of them strike their true mark.

Jesse tucks his head and continues on. Nothing matters but helping Winnie now.

Winnie writhes in Roland's grasp. She is terrified; she's never been in a situation like this. Even the man in yellow all those years ago hadn't scared her like this.

Abruptly Jesse is flying out from amidst the tree, yelling a battle cry. Roland is startled enough that his grip loosens and Winnie is able to wiggle free. Jesse leaps on Roland snarling fiercely as if he were a savage and wild cat.

Winnie frantically searches for a way to help Jesse fight. She's distracted as Rex tackles her and they both crash into the fighting boys. Everything becomes a mess of fists and grunting, a maze of writhing limbs.

Someone shrieks and abruptly everyone is collapsed in a big heap on the ground, panting and desperately trying to catch their breath.