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Every story has a basic principle on which it is modeled, no matter how small or insignificant the story may be. This story, among others that this world has to reveal, is one that affects the lives of many, both innocent and directly concerned with the sequence of events that took and are taking place.
The aforementioned principle of this story was something that the Elders of the villages imparted to the world…believing it to be for the best. Their decision proved to be a means for many catastrophes that then plagued the Leaf.

The principle happened to be a revelation that came to the Elders in the form of a prophecy. This prophecy concerned the most prestigious clans of the Leaf and its surrounding areas: The Uchiha's and The Hyuuga's, and of course, their less pure- but not any less powerful or respected- branches. These branches, over the years, had slowly retreated from the strictly inter-clan marriages of their pure main branches.
Two of the most prominent of these were The Hiwatari's and the Kanbai's; the former of the Uchiha's and the latter of the Hyuuga's. The 'kekkai genkai' or blood line limits were immensely rarer in these clans, being suppressed traits; but there were some in whom these abilities were more powerful as their weaknesses were also more suppressed.

The prophecy left behind a trail of blood and tears and many innumerable losses. There was no clan of the above mentioned that remained unaffected. This insight of the Elders, meant to lead the Leaf out of the dark shadow that Orochimaru had left over it, only proceeded to darken it and tighten his grip on the Leaf.

The seemingly insignificant document that cast inestimable grief on the Leaf merely announced the birth of a few shinobi children that would be weighed with a burden too great for their age. Only segments of the scroll were still available to the Leaf after the fires of destruction waged by the massacres. The prophecy was pieced together by those most capable, as they thought was best. The fragments of the prediction that lingered, are as below:
"…individuals…the Uchiha, the Hyuuga… their strengths incomparable to the rest… children who will be burdened with the destiny of the world…Dragons of Destiny…unimaginable power at their disposal but darkness will be a unvarying temptation… as strong as their strengths, are their weaknesses…a dark past, a burdened future and a difficult life and people closest to them in constant danger…suffering and destruction. The destiny of the world is in their hands…"

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