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Chapter Two:

Her hair swayed lazily in the wind that seemed to surround her up on the roof of the school building. Below her, she could hear the ever-present chatter that she was temporarily escaping. Why had she let her irritation with that girl coerce her into the attack… She was better at holding back than the control she had displayed. She should have been able to turn away from the fight, but the sudden momentary flare of blood-lust had thrown her off-guard. She had not lost the ability to judge her opponent; she realized, now that she had time to review her fight. She had truly wanted to attack her…to kill her… and she had almost succeeded.

Akira laughed wryly and ran a hand through her hair. Every day…every single fucking day…its grip tightened on her. She wasn't sure how long it'd be before it took her over and pulled her under. She didn't even know how much longer she could hold up against herself…

"Damn it!" She cursed as she ran through the hallways, swerving repeatedly to avoid the ninja's standing in groups. She slid to a stop next to her best friends, and leaned down, holding her knees as she regained her breath. She looked up to them and grinned sheepishly as she re-tied her long, light brown, wavy hair into a high ponytail.

"Tch. You're as bad as Kakashi Hatake." Neji commented

"Seriously, Kairi, lunch break? This has to be a new record for you" Tenten chastised her.

"You missed the fight of the day" Seth grinned at her

"I did? Damn it… what and who?" She questioned swiftly

"Ino and Akira Hiwatari" Neji couldn't stop the smirk that lifted his lips.

"New student" Tenten clarified

"A new student? Who won? Don't keep me waiting!" she mock-glared at them

"Ino was slaughtered." Seth Kanbai laughed.

"So what's this new girl like?" Kairi said smiling

"She was slightly intimidating; you'll understand when you see her Kairi"

"Exactly what you aren't… strong and beautiful" Seth jibed. Needless to say, she hit him in the face.

"Missed" He said straightening from the practically-folded-backwards position he had attained in order to dodge.
She sulked. Neji patted her on the head lightly, and she turned a smile to him. Tenten felt a slight jealousy flare through her despite the fact that being envious of her best friend made her sick with herself.
Seth narrowed his gray eyes at Kairi and she met his suspicious stare equally with a glare from her emerald orbs. He didn't trust that smile.

"Hit him for me, Neji?"


"In your face, Mizuhara Kairi" Seth laughed triumphantly.

"We're late. Next class, we find our assigned teams." Neji said as he walked away knowing that once his best friends got started, it'd take time for them to stop.

"Wait for me, Neji!" Tenten yelled, running after her crush

"Any chance we're together?" Seth called after him, as he ruffled Kairi's hair.

"Stop purposely making me feel short! I'll cut off all that long black hair until you have none left!" Kairi said turning to fume at him.

"Hey! My hair's not long! And you ARE short." He frowned at the insult to his hair.

She turned her gaze to her best friend. He was like a brother to her but she'd have to be blind not to see how attractive he really was. Lean and athletic build, tall, gorgeous silver-gray eyes with lashes to die for, slightly long-ish jet-black hair. Pale slightly tanned skin and a really cute smile to boot. He was hot in all aspects, but to be honest it creeped her out just realizing that she thought he really was hot. Their relationship was entirely platonic… Plus they fought like all siblings should. "Yeah" she smiled. She never could stay angry at him.

"Huh?" He seemed stunned that she had given up so quickly. She gave him another small smile and linked her hand through his arm as she pulled him along. "Now come on, let's see if we have been teamed up"

Seth walked calmly through the crowded halls; the notice board had been surrounded by people he recognized as his class fellows. Kairi had rushed ahead of him when she realized that he had no intention to hurry. He knew that all of them couldn't be together, at least two of them would be in a separate team, Yamato-sensei had hinted as much. He saw Neji standing with Tenten and Kairi with an unreadable expression but he knew his best friend better than to be fooled by his mask. Their eyes met and the slight discontent he found in Neji's lavender eyes was enough to tell him that Tenten was his partner.

"So?" Seth asked feigning ignorance

"You and Kairi, and, me and Neji!" Tenten practically beamed. Kairi didn't meet his eyes, clearly disappointed. Seth nodded once, he understood the complex relations between his best friends better than they themselves. Neji, genius that he was, didn't realize that at least his feelings were returned by Kairi. He did however realize how much Tenten was infatuated with him and that disturbed him.

"I was right." Seth said quietly, still wondering if once everything was out in the open, their group could remain together. It was becoming steadily awkward when all four of them were together. "Who's the third in our group?"

"Akira" Kairi said still not looking towards him. Kairi was another who despite being so attuned to her own feelings was painfully oblivious to Neji's, and even then she made no action thanks to Tenten. Seth, being the spectator, also knew that Tenten understood the situation very well, she only denied it and continuously kept reminding Kairi that she liked Neji, and Kairi was the type of person who valued her friends over herself. What a messed up trio, Seth smiled grimly to himself, they could belong in a soap opera… but he was the most messed up of all four, though for entirely different reasons.

"Who's our mentor?" Seth addressed Kairi again

"Anko Mitarashi-sensei" Kairi answered in the same monotone

"And your team Neji?" Seth said turning to Neji

"Maito Gai and Lee" Neji answered disgustedly

"Gai-sensei, Neji" Tenten corrected him

"Cheh" Neji growled, it was no secret how much he despised both of them as well as their queer habits. Seth couldn't help the smile that crept up his face nor the laugh that erupted from his throat. Next to him, Kairi tried unsuccessfully suppressing her own laughter, despite her dissatisfaction. Seth sighed with relief, the tension had been delayed… for the moment.

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