Light and Darkness

This may be hard for you to believe, but Gaara is actually 150 years old. Let me tell you what it was like back when Gaara was a kid.


Hi, my name is Gaara. I am actually a Hanyou. I have never been a normal person or youkai before considering my father was a youkai and my mother was human. I have a split personality which this other personality is Shukaku who loves to kill and he would kill anyone that gets in his way including his family. My mother died during child birth because the labor was too much for her normal human body. I have 2 older siblings that are his half siblings considering they have different mothers. Their mother was a youkai who controls the wind which my sister Temari controls while my brother Kankuro can control puppets. My siblings actually cared about me, but are afraid to get close considering our father, however that all changeā€¦

End Flashback

The female youkai I fell in love with has long pale pink hair with emerald green eyes. She is the light to my darkness as well she can make me laugh even if I am in my killing stage. Her name was Sakura Haruno. In the way Sakura is just like me, she has a split personality as well but her other self have anger management problem that loves to beat people to a pulp. Her personality is named Emma. She is the light to my darkness. She is the one that keeps me sane. My love, my mate Sakura.