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Damn arrogant male.

I had been "storming off" for about five minutes now, ranting endlessly in my head about the downfall of humankind and how the second most likely reason for it to happen is men. The first being squirrels, of course.

But I mean, really? I had woken up earlier, in the boat… And I do really like boats, when your dad's in the Navy it tends to get you an acclimation for the ocean. After waking up I had wondered around in said boat for several minutes, only to find it completely devoid of any life except for the random rare hunter (stupid name, by the way, someone was getting a berating for that later, among other things) who had kindly informed me that "Master Marik" was off kidnapping Joey or something.

Without me. The stupid idiotic boy had left without saying a word, leaving me behind to do nothing. What did he think I was, some sort of trophy? Then again, he was male. I had left in rage with intention to find him, completely disregarding the fact that I had no idea where I was.

"Oh, bugger."

And then I heard footsteps.

"Why on top of a skyscraper? What on earth could posses you to think that dueling on top of a skyscraper would give you any advantage whatsoever?"

The rare hunters ignored Kitty, having picked that up from Kitten and Kaiba pretty quickly. Sighing, Kitty sat down and decided it wouldn't hurt to take a nap.

"Wake me when you win," she called to the protagonists. "And I call window seat on the copter."

Marik had to admit the plan had gone rather smoothly. He strolled away from where the blonde had been brainwashed and decided he might as well go back to the boat, take a well earned rest after the good work and wait for the outcome of the duel…

Oh wait, there was the girl. He smiled; he was looking forward to having some intelligent and un-brainwashed company besides Odion. Rude as she had been to Bakura, he had deserved it, and she had shown no signs of acting the same towards himself. In fact, she hadn't interacted with him much at all, instantly taking off to bed as soon as they had got back.

Then again, he hadn't exactly been mister outgoing himself either. She was independent, and she was a girl. A girl that wasn't his sister. He hadn't encountered many of those…

He turned the corner and entered the indoor dock, and his smile faded when he saw the guard he had posted there asleep. How was she supposed to be protected like that? He sighed and went to go find her, he would reprimand the guard later…

A few minutes later he was the hunter was awaken by being kicked out of his chair, and whimpered when he realized that it was his master who had done so.

"Where is she?"

"I-I don't know Master, she just left.."

"Just left?" Marik was very angry at this, he had a bad feeling at the pit of his stomach. "I instructed you to keep her safe, and keep her here."

"She… Threatened me."

"A fifteen year old girl threatened a full grown man? With what, exactly, did she threaten you?"

"A spoon."

Marik growled with frustration and briskly left the building. He had to find her, this wasn't a good area for a girl to be in alone.

"Please, powers…" I said, talking to myself out of desperate hope. "Please work… Now… It would help a lot…"

I cradled my arm, trying my best to ignore the throbbing and the blood that was seeping into my shirt as I stumbled away from my attacker. Just my luck to be attacked by a man. A man with a knife, and a big one at that.

The man scared me to no end, for I knew that there was a good chance I might just die. Why was I so stupid? I was supposed to smart, not likely to run off into a random chain of alleys just because I was angry at something.

I stumbled again, this time crying out as I hit the ground. My shirt was already soaked and the blood kept coming, he had hit something major and my head was beginning to go dizzy from blood loss. I had always imagined myself being strong and invincible in such a situation, but in reality I was now helpless and on the verge of death, even with whatever powers I possessed.

I looked up helplessly as the dark figure loomed over me, shining blood-stained blade held in his hand. I closed my eyes, praying that whatever would happen I wouldn't feel it for long, resigning myself to death.

Nothing happened. I opened my eyes and saw a sight perhaps even more frightening than the one before.

My attacker made a strange gurgling noise as the blade slid out from his neck. The body slumped to the ground, knife still dangling from his fingers.

There stood Marik, righteous with anger. The blade-tipped Mellenium rod held in one hand the glowing eye on his forehead said enough. He blinked then, and seemed to calm down some as he quickly slipped the Rod away, now sheathed in an obviously practiced act. The eye faded slightly as he ran over to me and bent down, looking at me closely.

"Are you ok…" he left the statement hanging as he saw the blood and the shape my arm was in. To my shame tears began to slip out of my eyes. It was all just too much. As the world turned black I started to hallucinate, feeling arms around me and a comforting voice.

"It's going to be alright."

`Sand. There was sand, everywhere, hot as the burning sun overhead. And it was the sand that I collapsed into, the sand that acted as a grainy pillow for my head. Too exhausted to think, the thoughts in my head were streams of what had once been. Memories flashed of temples, people, fire...

"You can't escape it, this thing you were made to do."

"But I can try."

The sand dissolved, shifted into a swirling black void. No sense of self, no sense of anything, except for the feeling. The feeling was of a terrible purpose, as if I were a ticking time bomb, that something was causing a change inside of me. Changing the chemical composition of my soul into something that could not be considered human in the slightest.

Perspective changed. Not a bomb. An egg. The void was the shell, the mask that had been put on. Chip, chip… Slowly breaking away, as everything else lined up in position. Slowly, very slowly, but it would give in. And then again, why care about the thing itself?

I was only interested in what lay beyond.

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