Six Years Later…

"I feel old, am I old?" he asked, grabbing a toe and holding on lightly.

"Oh god, how many times do I have to tell you? You're not old! You're still good looking and desirable and there are a ton of women out there who would want to jump your bones because you're so hot," she sighed, fingers trapped in a tiny grip.

"No, I'm definitely old, 36 is old, right?"

"What has brought this up? Just yesterday you were crowing about how the girl at the coffeeshop asked you out and now you're moaning about how old you are?""I knew it! I'm old, you just said it.""You're not old. Crazy, but not old."

Tommy and Jude, both Quincy now, lay on their bed, in their house, with their six month old son, Jason "I refuse to name my son after a Beatles' song" Quincy, lying snuggly between them. It was a Saturday morning, bright and clear, and the Quincy family was still in bed.

"No, definitely old. I have a child. I'm married. I'm officially an old person."

"You've got a 6 month old and you're married to a rock star - if you are old, you're pretty much the coolest old guy ever."

"I believe Hugh Hefner still claims that title.""Ugh, only you would think Hugh Hefner was cool. Is that what you're going to do after I'm dead, date a bunch of 19 year olds?"

"Yes, definitely, that is the plan."

"That's sweet."

"No problem, Big Eyes," laughed Tommy as he brushed a lock of hair out of Jude's face.

"Well, just know that if you die first, I'm dating Jamie."

Jude squealed and rolled off the bed when Tommy reached for her in a vain attempt to smack her butt. Jason giggled at the sudden movement of the mattress and Tommy lifted his son off the bed and held him above him. This caused Jason to giggle more and Jude cautiously made her way back to the bed.

"Your mom is just mean, she's really mean," cooed Tommy which made Jude snort and roll her eyes. "If she starts to date Andrews, I expect you to put a stop to it by any means necessary, okay little man?"

Jason responded by spitting on his father's face before giggling once more.

"Thank you Jason, that was just lovely. So I guess this means were getting up?"

"I guess so. And stop trying to corrupt our son, he loves his uncle Jamie."

"I know and that's going to be a problem for him later when he's forced to kill him in order to preserve my honor."

"You're such a jerk. But I love you so I guess I'll have to live with it."

"You too. Never stopped."

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