((Inspired by TV drama "Lost in Austin")) Bethany is a normal teenage girl, completely in love with the Twilight series. Her brother is going through hard times and she can't be bothered with school. She just wishes that he life was like an adventure, a story to call her own. What if one day that happened? What if she storms out of class only to find her self in the world of Vampires and Werewolves? With Edward reading her mind, she is in trouble. He doesn't understand how she knows so much about all of them! Bella looks after Bethany and decides to ignore Edward but we all know how the story goes, right? – What if it went wrong? How will Bethany make sure that Bella and Edward stay the most romantic couple of all time?!

Jacob looked at me and frowned. He wiped his fingers across my cheek, catching the tears there.

"You're not supposed to be the one crying Bella"

"Everyone cries at weddings," I said thickly.

"This is what you want, right?"


"Then smile"

I tried. He laughed at my grimace.

"Im going to remember you like this. Pretend that…"

"That what? That I died?"

He clenched his teeth. He was struggling with himself—With his decision to make his presence here a gift and not a judgement.

I could guess what he wanted to say.

"Bethany!" a voice boomed up the stairs, "If you don't get up right this minute im going to come up there and drag you to school my self!"

God.. Why are parents always in a rush? Its only school.

I put my precious book "Breaking Dawn" down unwillingly, before finally shoving it into my school bag. Is it me or are the books getting bigger and bigger every time? If I could sit here all day reading the series, believe me I would.. Even if I have read them five times each..

I hurriedly get changed into some jeans and a top, tie my short blonde hair into a scruffy ponytail and there you go. Im ready. Okay so maybe im not Barbie but I mean, who would get all dressed up for school? Its not Like Edward Cullen is going to be sat next to me, or Jacob black is going to teach me to ride a motorbike.

But just thinking their names makes my heart beat faster. I know I know, im 16 I should be over the whole "Why can it be real" But seriously.. Why cant it?!

As I walk out of my room I bump into my older brother, his hair is a mess but in an almost stylish way and his jeans hang loosely around his waist. Nathan. Not that he gets called that at school. No. He name is "Emo" but I mean come on! A few lads noticed scars on his arm in P.E, I have asked him about it but he just lies – saying that he scraped his arm on the door or something. Just because im his little sister doesn't mean im stupid. The real reason is Tiffany. The stupid blonde, big boobs, long legs Tiffany. She has messed him around so many times, Im getting really worried about him.

"You gonna stand there all day?" He muttered, black circles under his eyes. "Your late"

I glance at my watch and notice I have literally 5 minutes to get to school.

"Aww Crap.." I sighed "Would ya give me a lift?

Nathan's 19 - he doesn't have the best car in the world but who cares? It gets you from A to B.

"Sure" he replies sleepily and for a moment I consider that im probably safer taking the bus..

The schoolyard is empty, everyone is already in class and im late. My brother would be too; only he is in 6th form and doesn't have to be in school till 10:30! Lucky for some. Im never staying in school, I want to do something with my life, I hate things being the same everyday.

Sometimes I wish I could have my own adventure, like Bella.

"Late again Bethany White" Mrs…Mrs.. Mrs What-ever-her-name-is says as I creep into the room.

I stand still as the whole class turns to look at me, wishing I could turn back around and walk straight back out of the door I reply "Sorry Miss…" I cant even think of an excuse..

"Sit down" she sighs and I take my seat at the back of the class, noticing that if I threw my book forward it would hit Tiffany-the-Barbie right in the back of the head.

That's right. Tiffany is in MY class. And my brother often asks me if she has said anything to me. Who is he kidding? Her and me are on two different ends of the social ladder – Her being at the top.

"As you all know class, Romeo and Juliet are the most famous couple in history.." the teacher blabs on.

Im tempted to yell "Yeah but they died at, what, they age of 15? Bella and Edward are going to live forever, surely that has to be more romantic?!"

Everyone gets out their huge copy of the book and I quickly sneak "Breaking Dawn" in front of it so it looks like im reading Romeo and Juliet but really im in a completely different world.

"No." he finally answered. "But I'll see you this way in my head. Pink cheeks. Heartbeat .Two left feet. All of that."

I deliberately stomped on his foot as hard as I could.

He smiled "that's my girl"

He started to say something else and then snapped his mouth closed. Struggling again, his teeth gritted against the words he didn't want to say.

My relationship with Jacob used to be so easy. Natural as breathing. But since Edward had come back into my life, it was a constant strain. Because – in Jacob's eyes – by choosing Edward, I was choosing a fate worse than death, or at least equivalent to it.

"what is it, Jack? Just tell me-

"Beth would you like to come back to planet earth?" I heard a voice say, I looked up and everyone was staring at me again. Apparently I has been asked to read and not heard.. The class had been sat there watching me.. Of course I went bright red.

"If Romeo and Juliet isn't good enough for you in my lesson I would rather you left." She said in a snobbish voice.

"She probably is reading some baby fairytale, Oh my god. Breaking dawn?" Tiffany said grabbing my beloved book from me.

A group in the corner burst out laughing "Oh my god that's about vampire and wolves, My Kid sister is reading it!"

I don't know what rating the book is but it can't be for kids! Im dying to correct them and tell them that it's 'Werewolves' not wolves but I decide against it. Snatching my book back I grab my bag, my face is as red as a tomato and knowing that is making me go redder!

I swing the door open and slam it shut quickly behind me, feeling dizzy and ill. Leaning against the cold wall im finally being able to breath. That was embarrassing..

The corridors were empty.. But.. Different? Were they always like this? I don't remember the displays on the walls, they are different colours and the floor has changed. Where am I?

I turn around again, preparing to walk back into the classroom and to get laughed at, but as I cautiously open the door, the room has changed. The desks are different and im sure these people weren't in my class. Then I notice a certain pupil. He was beautiful, his skin like marble, his hair a gorgeous bronze colour. His golden topaz eyes looked up at me curiously as I thought about him.

There was no doubt about it, I was standing a few feet away….. From Edward Cullen.

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