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A week passes. God knows how I get through it, I think I'm on auto pilot. Nothing seems real anymore, just a boring blur that I have to put up with.

Images of being in Edwards arms keep appearing in my mind and I start to wonder if I made a mistake coming back. But it wouldn't have worked out anyway would it? After all I didn't belong in that world.

You know that saying, 'Everything happens for a reason'? well.. Why the hell did that happen to me?! It's been a week and all I have been is depressed! My mum just blabs on about god-knows-what and my brother still shuts himself in his room. He needs to pull it together now; I'm starting to get really worried about him. Tiffany said she was going to meet up with him but never turned up. She's messing with his mind and to be honest I think she enjoys it, all of her friends have a good laugh at him. It's hard to believe they once had something serious.

Even talking to him won't help; his door is constantly locked and no matter how loud I shout at him from the other side of it he won't listen, just turns his music louder. Mum even asked him to see a psychiatrist but he just gave her a disgusted look. I don't know what to do!

I don't pay attention in class but I do hear whispers of a new guy joining our class today, although he didn't turn up so people are wondering who he is.

The bell rings for lunch and the class immediately get up and scurry off to the canteen to get the first pick of dinner. Tiffany whispers something to her friends who turn and laugh at me before leaving. I know I look a mess, you try sleeping when all you know you will dream about is another world that is so much better than this one. God, am I following in Nathan's footsteps? Will I soon lock my bedroom door and think about a love that I can never have?

Stop it! You're in this world, and now there is nothing you can do about it. Make the best of it and you can get through it!

I'm on my own again, I don't really care though. I understand that kids my age have their own 'groups' and wouldn't dare be seen on their own but to be honest, it's so much easier to not care.

Lunch is disgusting, I don't even know what it is, some sort of spaghetti slop. Not like I eat it anyway, my mind has been filled with dreams and wishes, there isn't room to this about food, appearances or friends.

I forget to pick up a tray and carry the bowl of lukewarm gloop to an empty table and from the corner of my eye I notice Nathan walking into the huge room. He looks rough. Not hobo-i-sleep-on-the-streets rough but a 'I can't stop thinking about her' rough. It could be worse I guess, he could be totally goth and have hair all over his face with black eyeliner and nail polish. But he isn't, just simple jeans and a top although his hair is slightly messy.

I watch as he catches Tiffany's eye who immediately spins around, making her long blonde hair flow gracefully, she giggles with her friends for a second. What is she up to?

Nathan walks over to her, oh god please, don't let her upset him. Not here. Not in front of everyone.

"Hey Tiffany, we still okay for tonight?" I hear him say, such hope in his voice.

I feel like if I stare at Tiffany long enough her head might just blow up and the world might be a better place.

She laughs again with a few nudges from her friends before turning back to him with a suddenly – very fake – innocent look on her face.

"Ermm.. No." Her little sweet voice replies, "I'm meeting Dan tonight sorry." Her friends burst out laughing. They all know Dan is Nathans best mate and to be honest Dan hates her guts, there is no way he would meet up with her! Why does she have to be such a cow?

"You look a mess" She say pitifully stroking her hand down his cheek, "Try having a shower? Can you afford one of those?" It's almost like her friends explode with laughter, even a few other tables have turned their attention to her.

Nathan looks down for a second, he actually looks slightly angry but walks away and sits with his friends. They look a bit awkward, like they don't want to be seen with him.

How can one stuck up, dumb, fake blonde bitch have this much affect on everyone? Does everyone take her side just because she's 'hot'? They don't realise that she is actually a brunet, had a boob-job and wears a type of corset thing to make her look thin? God, what type of world do we live in?

Stuff this; I don't even want to eat. I get up to leave, feeling ashamed that she could do that to my brother when he literally devotes himself to her. Someone needs to help him. Someone needs to save him...

I need to save him.

I pick up the bowl of orange mush and walk over to Tiffany who is laughing extremely sweetly with another table of guys who watched to performance.

"Tiffany?" I say, she turns around in her seat and it's almost like everything happens in slow motion once again. Her smile fading slightly as my hands automatically turn the plastic bowl upside-down and place it on her head. She screams and stands up, making the gloop seep into her hair and down her face onto her clothes. Ripping the bowl of her head she creates a waterfall affect and I have to say it's absolutely hysterical to watch. There are a few gasps around the hall but it soon turns into laughter. Everyone knows she's a bitch, she's just a bitch that you want to stay on the good side of, no-one really likes her. She starts screaming at me and I realise a blonde extension is stuck on the side of a bowl, ha! Her hair isn't even real! God.. I actually feel sorry for her.

Who am I kidding, no I don't!

I can't even say anything to her, the sight of her is just priceless. I shake my head at her whilst trying not to laugh and glance at my brother who I would have thought would be beating me up right now but instead he has a huge grin on his face!

This has made my day, I'll probably get expelled by tiffany's rich 'daddy' but to be honest.. Totally worth it!

Tiffany's friends are all fussing around her but daren't touch her as much as she yells at them to help her.

I turn on my heel and walk out of the canteen; god knows what Tiffany will do now, how much of hell will she make my life? Ah well, I'll live I guess!

Just as the door closes behind me I notice someone standing further down the corridor, leaning on his side against the wall with his back to me.

Oh my god.

It can't be!

"Edward!" I run towards him and practically smack right into him. Ouch. That actually hurt.

The book he was holding falls to the floor and the contents of my bag spill out everywhere but I don't care, I glace at his face and my heart falls. It's not him.

"Oh god, I'm sorry! I.. I thought you were someone else" I stammer picking up everything and shoving it back into my bag, my face probably as red as its ever going to go.

He doesn't seem fussed however, just grins slightly as I pick up his back and hand it back to him, apologising once more.

Then I realise the book is 'Breaking dawn' and wonder if my copy had fallen out of my bag? But he takes it. He reads twilight! He looks at me again, the corner of his mouth turning up into a half grin. I feel rather close to him actually.. Inches apart. I go to take a step back for a second and our eyes catch each other.

His eyes are golden. A very soft, comforting Golden.

Then I do take a step back, my heart beating rather fast to be honest. This is crazy, maybe that's just a normal eye colour?

Don't be stupid, have you ever seen anyone else with that eye colour? The little voice says and just as I go to reply it adds, From this world?

The boy smiles, as if he has just acknowledged that I know something.

"Stephenie Meyer really knows what she is talking about doesn't she?" He glances at the book before looking back at me and grinning, "Hope to see you in class" He adds before walking down the corridor and into the class which I'm in next... He's the new guy?!

Oh my god. He's a.. V... Oh god I can't say it. It doesn't seem real, it can't. They don't belong in this boring world! But.. What if Stephenie Meyer really did know what she was talking about?

I lean against the wall for a second, feeling rather faint. What do I do? Do I believe?

My head falls against it as I close my eyes but the corner of a picture causes me to open my eyes again, I never paid much attention to this picture, I don't think anyone does to be honest. It's ancient, all black and white and practically the whole school from 1920 outside the old school building. Half of the kids aren't even smiling.

Then suddenly something catches my eye, one of the older boys in the picture, he's standing quite far to the back and is basically buried in the sea of faces but there is no doubt about it.. It's the boy I just bumped into. Looking exactly the same, he hasn't aged a bit! Oh my god, this is real isn't it?

The bell rings once again and I practically jump out of my skin. People start bumbling past me and a hum of chatter fills the corridor but I can't pay attention.

On auto pilot my feet start walking to my next class, as I turn in the doorway I notice the new guy sitting on my table, it was mind you the only free chair in the class. I can't believe this at all!

He smiles at me as I walk into the room; something tells me he knows I have seen him in the picture in the corridor.

There is just one thing I am praying...

Please please please God.. Don't let this one be able to read minds!

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