Summary: On a trip to see Curly at the reformatory, Dallas and Sylvia have an experience they're not going to be forgetting easily.

WARNING: It's weird, folks. The Outsiders. As characters from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. If that's not OOC, I don't know what is. Don't like it, don't read it. Probably some eventual slash in there, too. /winkwink

Disclaimer: I do not own The Outsiders or The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I don't have a Greaser or Tranny to my name! SE Hinton and Richard O'Brien do! And they are amazing! Oh, and Frankie owns herself.

"I would like to, if I may, take you on a strange journey..." A female, trying desperately (but failing miserably) at sounding like Charles Grey as The Criminologist in The Rocky Horror Picture Show began.

"How strange was it?!" Another female voice wanted to know.

"Shut up, Frankie!" The Non-Criminologist, a girl named Rozamond exclaimed angrily. "It seemed to be an ordinary night when Dallas Winston-"


"And his girlfriend Sylvia-"


"Two not-so-normal, misbehaving Greasers left Tulsa that late November evening to go visit one Curly Shephard, who was in the reformatory. It's true that there were dark storm clouds in the direction of which they were headed. It's true, also, that the car they were driving was stolen, and did not have a spare tire. But they being "rebellious" hoods on a night out, weren't gonna let a little rain spoil their trip, you dig? ...On a night out..."

"What kind of night out?!"

"It was a night out they were gonna remember-"

"How long?!"

"For a very, very long time."


As Rozamond tried to narrate, one November evening, two teenagers named Dallas and Sylvia were on their way to visit their friend Tim's brother Curly at the reformatory. Things had gone fairly smoothly, until it started to rain.

"Glory," Sylvia started. "That's the third motorcycle that's passed us, man!"

"The slut can count!"

"Stop it, Frankie!"

"I think we took the wrong fork a few miles back," Dallas replied irrelevantly, trying to ignore the voices that had been following them around all day. It was getting a little creepy.

"Um... Okay? Where the hell are all those motorcycles comin' from?"


Dallas ignored his supposed girlfriend, and tried to back up.

"Don't back up! BOOM!"

There was a loud bang.

"Shit!" Sylvia screamed. "What was that?!"

"We could very possibly have a blowout. DAMMIT!" He thought a moment. "I knew I should have stolen a spare tire, too!"


"Stay here. I'm gonna go find help."

"Oh, really. Where you gonna go in THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE?"

"I think we passed an old house a few miles back. Maybe they'd lemme use their phone."

"Castles don't have phones, Asshole!"

"Okay, seriously, knock it off, Frankie. That one didn't even make sense."

"Well, I'm going with you," Sylvia insisted, also trying to ignore the disembodied voices.

"No, you ain't. You're gonna stay right here."

"Look, I'm coming with you, okay?! Besides, the owner of that phone could be some cheap whore, and you'd leave me sitting out here all night."

Dallas coughed loudly, knowing she was right.

They both grabbed some old newspaper, pages of The Tulsa Sentinel, to try and keep dry, and set off to the old house. Their walk was silent.

"Psst! Sylvia!" Rozamond hissed nonchalantly. "You're supposed to start singing "There's A Light (Over At The Frankenstein Place"!"

"Okay, weird, disembodied voices, you can follow us around all you want, but there is NO WAY IN HELL that I am going to start singing some probably-cheesy song about lights in the darkness!" Sylvia exploded. Rozamond didn't try to make her sing after that.

Eventually, their pilgrimage to the house was completed, and the very wet Dally and Sylvia walked up the porch steps.


"And so it seemed that fortune had smiled on Dallas and Sylvia," Rozamond stated. Her Charles Grey impression still wasn't going all that great.

"Unlike your neck!"

"Frankie, shut the bleedin' hell up! I have a neck! Errm- Anyway... It seemed as though they had found the assistance that their plight required..."

"Are you sure?!"

"...Or had they?"


Dally and Sylvia stood on the porch for about 15 minutes. They couldn't find the doorbell, and it didn't occur to them that knocking works, too.

"Umm... DING DONG," Dallas said loudly at the door.

Finally, the door creaked open. In the doorway stood none other than Sodapop Curtis.

Neither Dallas nor Sylvia knew how they'd landed themselves at the Curtis house when they drove past it when it was still light out. Dal claimed to have passed this house maybe 45 minutes before.

"Hello," Soda greeted, quite monotone. That was very unlike him.


"Hi. My name's Dallas Winston-"


"And this is my girlfriend, Sylvia, whom SE Hinton never gave a last name-"


"We were wondering if we could use your phone. See, our car broke down a few miles on up the road, and-"

"You're wet," Soda replied.

"Umm, no shit, Sherlock! It's raining!" Sylvia exclaimed.

"I think you both better... Come inside..."

There was quite a bit of loud music coming from down the house. At least that was one normal thing about the Curtis house tonight. It wasn't until Dallas and Sylvia got inside that they were really weirded out. Even the bleedin' layout of the house was different, resembling Frank N. Furter's castle, from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. "...This way..."

"Y'all havin' a party, or somethin', Soda?" Dally asked, confused. "Without me?"

"You've arrived on a very special night," Soda replied. "It's one of the Master's affairs."

"Oh," Sylvia muttered. "Lucky him."

Ponyboy, who had been lurking by the bannister, decided to make himself known.

"I'm lucky, you're lucky, he's lucky, we're aaaaaall lucky! Mwahahaha!"

Holy crap, Dallas thought, Who spiked Pony's Kool-Aid?

"It's astounding..." Sodapop randomly started. "Time is fleeting... Madness takes it's toll... But listen closely..."

"For how long?!"

"Not for very much longer!" Ponyboy replied.

"I've got to keep control... I remember doing the Time Warp!"

"Kick! Kick!"

"Oh my God, Frankie, just shut up, okay?! This is bugging all of us!"

"Drinking those moments when... The black mist would hit me, and the void would be calling..."

"LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!" He and Ponyboy both screamed.

Dallas now wondered who had spiked Soda's Kool-Aid, too. Still, he and Sylvia followed them into the... Ballroom whatever. This new layout was pretty freakin' confusing.

"It's just a jump to the left..."

"And then a step to the riiiiiight!"

"Frankie, they sing that part."

"Oh. MY BAD."

"With your hands on your hips-"

"You bring your knees in tiiiiight!" The supposed "Transylvanians" finished for her. In the crowd of them, you could pick out Tim Shephard, Buck Merrill, Angela Shephard, and some of the folks from That Was Then, This Is Now, like Brian and Cathy and M&M. "Then it's the pelvic thruuuuust! It really drives you ins-a-a-a-ane! LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!"

"It's so dreamy- Oh fantasy free me! So you can't see me, no not at all," Ponyboy started in a very Magentaesque stance. "In another dimension, with voyeuristic intentions, well-secluded- I see all."

"With a bit of a mind-flip..." Soda hissed.

"You're into the time slip!"

"And nothing can ever be the same..."

"You're spaced out on sensation!"

"Like you're under sedation!"


Dallas and Sylvia were trying to come up with a way to escape from the room. Watching as one's friends are suddenly characters from The Rocky Horror Picture Show is kind of a disturbing thing, and they didn't really want to watch it that much. Thumbing it to the reformatory would even be better than this.

"Well, I was walkin' down the street, just havin' a think, when a snake of a guy gave me an evil wink. He shook me up, he took me by surprise, he had a pickup truck and the Devil's eyes! He stared at me and I felt a change! Time meant nothin', never would again!"

"Johnnycake...?" Dallas stared, mostly in horror, at the Gang's Pet. Being Columbia. It was just too weird.

"LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!" All the "Transylvanians" exclaimed. "LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!"

"It's just a jump to the left!"

"Then a step to the riiiiiiight!"

"With your hands on your hips-"

"You bring your knees in tiiiiight! Then it's the pelvic thruuuuust! It really drives you insa-a-a-ane! LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN! LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!"

And with that, they all fell to the floor.

"Dallas," Sylvia whispered. "Say something, stupid!"

"Uhh... Anyone know how to Madison?"