Hello, I am new in this writing thing ( I've waited this for a long time) and I really wished I owned Sonic and all of my stories were canon and all but

Hello, I am new in this writing thing ( I've waited this for a long time) and I really wished I owned Sonic and all of my stories were canon and all but... well that's why I am writing here so here's the disclaimer

I do not own the Sonic corporation characters, excluding some that I will introduce in the fanfic, so please enjoy it!


The animal I'll become

We only see a beautiful orange sky opposite to a golden cloud, painting the sky of a deep purple, it was really a magnificent day to be alive, it would be an image to remember for all life, but not for a black hedgehog.

Shadow stood at the edge of the cliff, he sees the sky... but he doesn't care of the image anyways, he still was thinking in other things, maybe it was the fact that after such a long time he hadn't made a thing, Eggman had quit the bussines, thing he knew wasn't true but still he knows something is bad enougth with the whole place, he then remembers, he tries to don't remember but still he asks himself, why is he was the onlyone to remember Mephiles and Solaris an all of that? Why was he still remembering something that haven't passed and kept that memory? He kept Maria's memories but it was because it was incredibly valuable for Shadow but the question still kept unanswered, Why did Shadow remembered all of those events that had not even happened? Why did he even could? ...

-Because you know that what I said you was true... –

Shadow at the beggining didn't understood who this voice was but it was serious and clearly it was deep creepy, Shadow then notice a change in the environment, the whole place start to get dark, a shadow is covering the sun, as Shadow see this and his shadow althought there was no ligth...

-Mephiles! –

Shadow sees his shadow starts to smoke as it stands up showing it was deffinitly Mephiles in his second form...

-It is good to see you haven't forgot me, or should I say... I haven't let you –

Said Mephiles with a mocker laught

-What do you want from me? –

-Shadow, you show me your aggressiveness? I was trying to help you, and you attacked me when I transformed into Solaris, I was helping you to venge on all that nasty humans, the ones that will hunt later... the ones that cause so much destruction in both present and future... the ones that killed Maria...-

-How do you know about Maria? –

-I know plenty of you Shadow, but you have to be patiente, we surely can destroy this humans now, I migth not be as powerful as Solaris but I'm stronger than before, now we can take on those pityful humans... –

Shadow smiled as he said to Mephiles looking at him with his red eyes

-...Still trying to fool me? –

-What?! –

-I still remember who you are... and what your porprose is! –

-Still I don't need you, I know the exactly place to go... –

Said Mephiles pointing to the sky, Shadow quickley knew what was Mephiles refering to, Shadow then answered

-I don't know why are you going there, but I know you are not quicker than this... CHAOS...CONTROL! –

Shadow teleported then as Mephiles laugthed and teleported to the ARK as well...

At the ARK, Shadow tried to find where did Mephiles, he couldn't find a thing, then he started to hear a noise, it is logical that it wasn't from outside the ARK cause the noise and sound couldn't move througth the empty space, it had to come from inside the ARK, Shadow quickley skated to the place where he heard the sound came from, he didn't saw a real thing, he was trying to see anything, he tries to turn back, only to find a Mephiles the dark standing just in front of him, Shadow tries to hit him, but Mephiles evade the hit and open a wall with a single move of his hand, Shadow deffinitley haven't seen the room in his entire life, he saw many boxes and a can with many warnings signs, Shadow starts to hit Mephiles but Mephiles easily evades each one of his attacks, Shadow then grabs a metal stick to try to hit Mephiles, but Mephiles starts to run as he bring down the pile of the can and the boxes, Shadow tries again until he finally hits Mephiles with a Chaos spear vanquishing him, Shadow then see Mephiles at the window of the ARK, he was weaving his hand as he laugthed and teleported away with a box in his hands, Shadow couldn't believe it, he couldn't erase the image of Mephiles with that face that if it had a mouth would be smiling, it was obvious Mephiles had cloned himself to distract Shadow, Shadow gets away angrily as we see that some of the thing kept in the can of the pile is down Shadow's tennis shoes...

Silver the hedgehog is at the top of the building, it is clearly he is meditating, how he got to the top of such a tall building is obvious he didn't have to touch it for get to it's top, he simply levitated to reach it, he still was a powerful psychic, but he still was naive too, Blaze get up the building with his propeller jump as she fall on the ceiling of the building without a single scratch, only Blaze could have done a formidable jump like that one, she of course don't celebrate it

-Why are you so silent Silver? –

-I... I don't really know... –

Blaze look at Silver obviously don't understand,

-Silver, what don't you understand? –

-It is only that I've always tried to know who or what I am, you know I don't know who my fathers were... –

-Silver, why are you still worrying about that?, you know, we both are in the search of your parents, but why do you keep the search? remember that your mother wouldn't have liked you to be living in the past... –

-You're rigth, besides Eggman Nega sure be planning something, let's go-

Blaze could see clearly that Silver was naive, still it was what she liked more of his friend, she then starts to run for giving Nega a surprise...

Well, it is only the introduction, so it isn't very long, but was it bad? Good? I would really like to know, heck, I even wouldn't mind some flames so I will update this story once a week, you can put some advices or what you want, see ya.