Well, here is the last chapter… and this is the happy ending!

Silver feels like a fool person because of his relation with Shade, he couldn't believe he was used, was he that stupid to not being able to see it? Then Blaze entered the room, she sees her old friend that is sad sitting in a sofa… his head against his hands and his intentions are clear: To stay there

-Silver… are you okay? –

Silver answers without seeing Blaze's eyes

-I can't believe I was such a fool, I…I think I… never mind –

Blaze sees at Silver, she is rarely lead by feeling, but Silver was a close friend…

-I… I have to confess Silver… -

-What Blaze? –

Asked Silver now looking Blaze's eyes

-I… I knew you long before we knew…-

Silver was a little confused

-What? –

-In alternate time line, this world was devastated by the flames of disaster, better known as Iblis, we fought him every time but it was immortal… that is how I had to seal him… and how I was separated of you… I returned here thanks to Sonic, but… I found you didn't remember me… you didn't remember us being…. well you didn't remember and I hope one day you do because… -

It seemed Blaze words weren't working… she let a little laugh to escape from her lips, then is that she said

-You are so naïve… but some how, that is… -

Then, Silver remembered everything, like if it was a forgotten and beautiful dream of the childhood, he remembered Iblis and most important of all, words that filled him of great happiness…"You're so naive… but that was what I always liked about you". Silver froze for a minute with a low head, Blaze was starting to worry

-Silver? –

Silver then hugged Blaze, it was a happy moment for both of them, and Silver felt even better when Blaze hugged him, Silver couldn't be more happy and in a way he thanked Shade… after all… he wouldn't be there with Blaze if it wasn't with her… he wondered where she was…

Shade woke in a strange place… a place full of… white. She just knew what had happened… as well as Mephiles there…

-We are stuck in a time stitch! You idiots!-

Mephiles then stared at her… and with a great calm walked to her with Metal Sonic at a side…

-Do not worry Shade… you shall have your encounter again… we will all have our encounter again…-

Said Mephiles as a glisten escaped from their eyes… they knew the stitch would break to let them escape… just they had to wait…

Shadow is walking to breathe fresh air. He is only taking a break and tries to remember all of the things that had happened… Sonic had lived happy to be married with Amy having a daughter and a boy… they still lived helping some of his friends… like Tails and Cream daughter… she was just a genius as his father and was very much alike Cream… Tails had married Cream the rabbit and opened a factory that for the future are now indispensable. Knuckles married Tikal and kept taking care of the master emerald, even their grandchildren keep guarding the master emerald now… Big lived like he always wanted, undisturbed and with Froggy at his sides in that green forest. Jet and his team won a contest for their speed after Sonic had an accident… but Shadow knew he just wanted to let Jet have his moment of glory. Team Chaotix became famous enough after solving who had invaded the military base… it had been Metal Sonic for our fight… it had been a step back for Metal but Shadow knew his wish to surpass Sonic was too big… and finally, Omega was still with him, he really was a friend that would be forever, an important matter for Shadow… and most important of all…

"Rouge…she worked to be the best of the spies, but we had… never mind"

-Are you Shadow the hedgehog? –

A letterman said to Shadow, the black hedgehog agrees

-Here's a letter –

As the man walks away, he notice the letter is from the government and open it quickly, he start to read the words:

"Dear Shadow,

This is Rouge, it has been a long time that I haven't written, and less to you, but most important of all…I …I…I had our son"

Shadow has stopped reading, were those words real? He had a son, a son that had probably died? A son that he haven't known before he died? It was painful to think in that, and in Rouge keeping him away from the secret, he didn't wanted to keep reading, but he had to know all…

"Our son is a beautiful white hedgehog, I don't know if I should tell you, but the reason I couldn't tell you is…this pain inside him… our son… he was very sick, and I… I couldn't see him like that, so I sent him to the future. I did that because I was sure he would be right if I sent him… I would miss him and I truly didn't want to… but I wished more for him to live… I wrote him a letter saying him we both loved him… and I wrote what I think you would had said… for him to keep in his path… walking only forward,… choose the right path and walk it without caring how is the path… Shadow… I just wanted to sent this letter before I died… I'm sorry I hadn't been with you long enough… but you should look for our son… take care of him.


Shadow then remembered the adventure that he had so long ago, when Mephiles had made the ultimate warrior he had used only hedgehog DNA, why would the project have wings? Now is that he understood it… if he was thinking right, and is the white hedgehog who he think it was, he would have some of Rouge's DNA, he just couldn't wait… he ran across the city… some could have mistaken him for a strong wind… and he stopped opening the door where Omega was waiting him… he still was the robot that he knew too many time ago, Omega scanned Shadow and said

-30% of increase in adrenaline, confirmed… why such state of excitement? –

-Omega, now we are going to look for my son… -

Said Shadow with a smile.


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