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Chatper 1 - This Town




As children we are told "forever" over and over again in fairy tales and other such stories that are bigger than our youthful minds. In those stories rainbows and love and happiness live on forever, hardly ever changing or growing or disappearing after the words "Happily ever after" are muttered and the story book is closed.

But as we grow up we learn the truth of forever. It is a reality, just one not as easily reached as we once thought. Rainbows fade, even with the sun and not solely darkness, love often lies to us and flees with time, and even happiness cannot spread itself evenly over the span of anyone's life. The truth of forever is that it is never going to lighten up or bend itself for something that wasn't meant to last it's length.

So then how do you know when you have something in your life that has the strength to last forever? How do you measure that bond? How do you believe in forever kind of things as you grow up and the world shows you how foolish your childhood stories really were?

For me, it's all become about feeling I suppose.

It's a very youthful thing, giving over to your feelings. A part of you has to stay young in order to surrender to them.

And it's all about passion. Passion is one of the strongest feelings we have.

"May you grow up to be righteous, may you grow up to be true. May you always know the truth and see the lights surrounding you. May you always be courageous, stand upright and be strong. May you stay forever young."

-Bob Dylan


"I can't do it Edward. I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't."

After he stopped cringing at the horrid sound I was creating by banging my hands against the keys he looked straight at me, looking as equally frustrated as I felt. His green stared into my brown and the beauty in them was quite strained. Probably because I was abusing the thing he loved second only to me.

"Bella. You can. I know you can. But can I kindly ask you not to take out your wrath on my piano?"

We stared at each other for a few moments as his hand stroked the top of the polished instrument lovingly. Then Carlisle rushed into the room.

"Don't go in there!" I heard Esme warn from the kitchen right as Carlisle appeared.

"What's going on in here? That was the loudest and worst sound I have ever heard that piano make," Carlisle smirked and then wiped the smile off of his face when both of our heads turned towards him.

"I still suck."

"She's doing better."

Edward and I answered at the same time, throwing our words forcefully at his father.

"How can you say that?" I asked just as forcefully, turning back to Edward. "I am most certainly not doing better! It still sounds like I'm trying to torture anyone who wasn't blessed enough to be deaf every time I try to play!"

"Bella, that's not true. Look -" he gestured towards the sheet music spread out before us. The sheet music that still looked like hieroglyphics to my eyes, "you got through two...ok one and a half... well, almost one full line this time without any mishaps."

"That's really lame, Edward. You can play the whole song perfectly while making a sandwich and teaching a monkey to play football, and I can't even get through one stupid line."

He rolled his eyes at my exaggeration.

"I can't play football, you know that. I would never be able to teach a monkey to do it, either. You're being even more absurd than usual." His voice was a bit softer than mine, but his own frustration still burned underneath.

"I bet you could teach the monkey how to play the piano, though! Right? The frickin' monkey would probably be playing at least 3 lines by now. But not me, oh no! I CAN'T!"

He caught my hands before I could bang them against the piano keys again and placed them in my lap.

"You could play flawlessly if you would stop focusing on the negative! And don't compare yourself to a monkey, love, you are much more beautiful than a monkey."

Now it's my turn to roll my eyes.

"Does that even count as a compliment?" I scoffed before any sort of smile could spread on his face. His eyes narrowed at my brush off of his sweet gesture. "The turkey your mom is making for dinner is more beautiful than a monkey, Edward. Emmett is more beautiful than a monkey. Garrett's big toe is more beautiful than a monkey! It's a monkey."

Again we were left staring at each other, borderline glaring at this point. The piano lessons always lead to needless arguments about things like the beauty of monkeys.

"O-K," Carlisle breathed and started backing up out of the room. Only then did I remember he was still watching us. "I will just leave you two to the rest of your lesson then..."

He left the room as quickly as he entered and in the silence of Edward and I's stare down I heard Esme laugh, "I told you," to her husband.

I have been taking piano lessons from Edward for about a month now.

They aren't very productive.

We have set aside two days a week for the lessons, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and so far only 4 of the 8 lessons have resulted in me actually touching the piano.

The first lesson Edward wanted to simply go over the basic symbols of sheet music. So we sat in his room and went over them. Oh yes, we went over them for about 5 minutes... then we made out on his bed until his mother got home from her shopping trip to Port Angeles about 2 hours later.

The second lesson was pretty much the same, so by the third lesson we decided to move to the piano to give ourselves something else to do...besides ourselves.

That backfired. The second he put his arms around me to help me "get the feel of how to hold myself at a piano" we were goners. He wouldn't stop whispering seductively into my ear and I wouldn't stop lacing my fingers in between his over the keys. We are still good kids in the virtue department, but when it comes to the physical lines we do cross... well lets just say our love for each other has only strengthened over the past few months. The 4th lesson was no better than the 3rd.

It's now November and we have been living in Forks for about 9 months now. The same amount of time we lived in LA. But I shouldn't be making comparisons like that.

The reason I started these piano lessons is because Edward's greatest pleasure in life, aside from his family, his piano, the Volvo, and myself, is pleasing my mother. And Renee just so happened to request one thing from me this Christmas. One simple little thing:

She wants me to play her a song on Christmas morning. On the piano. With Edward.


It sounds wonderful and Christmas memory-ish, and lovely, but it's not.

First of all, I have to learn to play the piano which is proving to be more difficult than I previously thought. I knew there was a reason I quit when I was younger - I simply don't get it. But now we have added in Edward's ability to distract me and the resulting product is, well, the first 4 lessons.

Second of all, I have to play with Edward. The God of the Ivory Keys himself. It's laughable! It's like putting a finger painting 5 year old next to Monet and expecting them to be on the same level.

Not possible.

So here we are now, fighting again due to my frustration at myself and Edward's frustration at my frustration at myself.

We started scheduling our lessons when we knew Esme would be home to solve the distraction problem. That's when the fighting started because it's also when I started really trying and then really, really failing. For 4 full lessons now I have been doing nothing but failing.

"Great, now your father thinks I'm crazy and a horrible pianist," I moaned and let my head fall onto his shoulder after Carlisle fled the room.

I felt him chuckle beneath me and wrap his arms around me. Our piano lesson fights are never serious and they usually end in me slumping into him for comfort and him comforting me.

"Oh, what just happened has no effect on my father's opinions of you, love. He knew you were a little bit crazy before this and you are a horrible pianist."

He chuckled some more and I sat up and punched him in the arm, causing no pain of course. I smiled to myself though.

"At least now you are admitting I'm horrible." I folded my arms and he leaned in and kissed me softly.

"Well, you know what they say about the truth setting you free..." I could see the humor in his eyes but I was still upset with myself at all the failing I was doing.

We both sighed and then he turned to the piano again, looking at me as his fingers delicately played a simple tune to his words. I envied how casually he could do that. I also marveled at the fact that someone with so many talents could look at me as lovingly as he was.

"You will not remain horrible, however, because I know that you can get this. You just aren't letting yourself feel it Bella. You have to enjoy it. You love music, and you love Christmas, so playing a Christmas song should come naturally to you. Just play. Feel. Enjoy."

This is new. We have only been discussing piano theory and symbols and proper posture up until this point. This is the first time he was taking an emotion approach.

The velvet coaxed me into a state of comfort and I turned back to the piano, silently apologizing to it for banging the keys so harshly earlier. I laid my fingers on the keys and focused back on the sheet music. Edward had other plans though.

"Close your eyes Bella."

I did.

"Let me play it for you while you just listen." The soft tune he played stopped briefly and then the first few notes of Carol of the Bells started. "Keep your hands on the keys and imagine how it would feel to make the sound you hear. Imagine the joy you will bring your mother and father when they listen to you play on Christmas morning. Imagine me next to you one the bench as we are now...so close..."

I smiled devilishly as I reregistered the closeness of his body to mine on the bench.

"Oh, maybe you shouldn't think about how close we are, you need to focus," he chuckled and I smiled sweetly at the sound. "Think of all of the best memories you have while you listen. Connect each note with a happy memory."

Carol of the Bells is my favorite Christmas song. I know the melody inside and out. To me it's the most passionate Christmas song I've ever heard. Something about the music just speaks to me. Every feeling it provokes in me is waiting beneath the surface and I tried to will it up into my fingers as they laid on the cold keys, imagining that sound being created by me. I listened to Edward play it next to me and he was helping me remember why I enjoyed this piece of music so very much.

I imagined his face as he played, the way it always looks so much more perfect consumed in music. That certainly is a good thought to connect to the song.

I thought of Christmas morning with my parents as I grew up, the 3 of us huddled around the tree for the past 20 years in a row. Then I thought of them huddled around a much larger tree in a much larger, white living room alongside Carlisle, Esme, Edward and my brothers as they would be in a few months.

Now the good emotions were building...

My thoughts drifted back further to a place I never let them go anymore, back to the best memories I had.

I thought of Jasper and I watching Lord of the Rings on the big gray couch. I remembered the sight of Emmett catching small frozen grapes in his mouth. Alice and Rose throwing me the shimmy across the living room. Edward longboarding around a concrete parking garage. Sing a longs in familiar living rooms. Bertha. Ruth. The Love Sac being over crowded but never too full. Singing in the streets of Hollywood and dancing at shows. That very first day when the elevator doors opened and two strangers that were just waiting to become family looked up. The small pool and abandoned spa on the roof. Tag. Awkward moments in Delaware. Mountain top concerts. The first time I saw Edward leaning against the wall in my living room. Bella Barbie in the bathroom. Cover songs and pina coladas and Christmas presents and birthday parties. Kissing Edward for the very first time on the Love Sac drenched in the glow of the party lights from Rose's birthday party...


I opened my eyes and turned towards Edward, his voice breaking me out of my montage of memories. He was smiling brilliantly now, the crookedness of it still stopping my heart.

"What?" I asked, not moving my gaze from him.

"You had it! The look on your face was perfect, Bella. That's how it should feel to play. Wherever you were in that lovely little head of yours...that's where you should go when you play music."

I nodded silently at him, understanding.

Music is about emotion. It traps it forever and that's the beauty of it. If you don't have emotion when you play then you will never play correctly. That's why Edward is so brilliant, he connects the 2 automatically. I was letting nerves and frustration get in the way.

He stopped playing, bringing the song to a close and turning to me.

"What were you thinking?" He smiled at me because he's used to me answering this question whenever he asks, and for some reason he always enjoys what my response is.

"Just about my family and stuff," I shrugged and smiled smally. It wasn't a total lie. All of them were, no are my family. I never tell Edward when I let my thoughts travel back to LA though. I think he would feel guilty on some level, and I can't have that.

He smiled at me and I'm not sure if he was content with my vague answer or not. Either way he let it go.

"That's enough for today I think. On Tuesday we'll do this exercise again and then I'll let you play with the thoughts fresh in your mind. Hopefully you won't go Ike Turner on my piano again."

He eyed me playfully at let his hand wander back to the slick black top of the piano lovingly. We laughed together at me and then he pulled me to him and kissed me lovingly before getting up and escorting me into the kitchen.

"What's for dinner mom?" I asked with a smile when Esme came into view.

"Well there's the turkey, as you already know, salad, and um..." her lovely smile faded a bit as she reached over and grabbed a box off the counter. She looked at us apologetically and read the box, "Uncle Ben's instant mashed potatoes."

Esme shook her head a bit and looked sad at having to make instant mashed potatoes. Of course I grew up on such things, Renee was all about instant anything, but the Cullens were just getting used to "bargain living" as Carlisle called it. I almost laughed at the way Carlisle, Esme, and Edward were eyeing the box in her hand now, as if it was going to bite them at any second.

I have my own apartment a few miles away from the Cullen house and that's where Edward and I spend most nights, both of us taking turns cooking. I have taught him how to cook in trade for the piano lessons. Of course he's picked everything up flawlessly, the boy can do now wrong. On piano lesson nights we eat at the Cullen house though. Esme love the company since Carlisle can't be around as often.

"Is it safe?" Jasper asked as he came into the kitchen.

"I don't know," Esme said in a lower voice than usual, still looking carefully at the box in her hand.

Jasper turned his attention to it and grabbed it out of his mother's hands.

"Instant mashed potatoes?" He studied it a little further and then shook his head, his honey hair falling into his eyes. "Do you usually use water to make mashed potatoes, mom?"

"Water?" Edward asked with a slight hint of alarm in his voice.

"Yes, all it says here is to 'add water'. That's the only step aside from, 'put in pot, stir, and serve." Jasper and Edward's foreheads scrunched up simultaneously.

"I suppose that's good. It's easier, right?" Edward asked Esme with a fake reassuring smile. It was weak though. Even I was barely effected by the sight of it.

Jasper glanced at her skeptically and she nodded her head sadly at her son. Carlisle came over and rubbed her back reassuringly with a solemn look on his face as well.

Wow. You would have thought their family pet had died or something. No. This was the reaction the Cullens had to eating instant mashed potatoes. I stifled a laugh.

"Alright, well I guess we'll determine if these 'potatoes' are safe when we eat," Jasper set the box down and leaned against the counter, throwing a untrusting glance into the pot of potatoes and then looking straight at me with a smirk. "I was originally inquiring as to the safety of coming downstairs though."

"Yes, the lesson is over," Edward smiled back, and it was real now, while I stuck my tongue out at Jasper.

"It gets brutal in there," Carlisle commented, causing Jasper to nod in an "I know" kind of way.

Carlisle has never been around for a lesson before, he's been picking up extra shifts at the hospital whenever possible due to the financial situation in the Cullen house. It's not in a very dangerous spot, yet, though the reaction to Uncle Ben's fine cuisine says otherwise. Carlisle is doing everything in his power to keep it comfortable for everyone, even over working. We haven't had dinner with him in weeks.

"Last week she threw her water bottle at me, and all I did was ask what my ear drums ever did to her," Jasper laughed and Carlisle laughed back shortly before looking at me apologetically.

"It really wasn't that bad, dear," my Forks father put his arm around me and I snorted.

"Please, I have ears too. You don't need to lie to me like this one," I nudged Edward and Carlisle chuckled.

"I just honestly didn't have any idea the real thing was as bad as the stories..." Carlisle commented, sounding astounded, and I dropped my head into my hands.

"I told you, it's like a heard of angry noise rampaging through the house. Elton John over here is music's worst nightmare," Jasper ducked as I threw another water bottle at him. His alluring smirk remained on his face and the rest of the family laughed at me.

"Why can't I get my mom a candle for Christmas like any normal year?" I groaned into my hands.

"Haven't you heard? There's nothing normal about this year," Jasper sighed. And it was too true.

Seriousness over took the room for a few moments after that. Nothing felt normal lately, even if things weren't bad.

The rest of dinner passed quickly and pleasantly and also without anymore discussions of my lacking piano skills, thank God.


"Pass me the chips, man," Jasper said to Edward a few hours later when we were hanging out at my apartment just listening to music and talking. "I can still taste those 'potatoes' and I really rather not".

I rolled my eyes as Jasper made a disgusted face. Uncle Ben's potatoes were fine, watching the Cullens pretend to like them was the only painful part.

Jasper was educating Edward and I in the loveliness of Spencer Bell, one of his favorite artists. Music Night Thursday is quite the tradition between the 3 of us now. Every Thursday night for the past 4 months we have gathered at my apartment to share music we can't get enough of, something I enjoy more and more thoroughly as I become more and more connected to music.

This is one of our few weekly routines, much like the piano lessons. It was all fairly easy to slip into, and all in all life in Forks is nice.

Edward leaned out of the Love Sac and handed the chips over to Jasper who stretched his legs out and sunk into the bowl chair.

"How're the Newtons, Bella?" Jasper asked casually as I closed my eyes to listen to Spencer Bell who was already a new favorite of mine.

"Fine. The same." I shrugged. There's really nothing to report about my job, ever.

I am working at the Newton's camping goods store. It's not exactly "up my alley" but they are nice people who treat me very well and it pays for my apartment so it all works out.

"How's the writing?" Edward started playing the acoustic guitar that he kept at my apartment as Jasper asked the second question.

"Good, I think," I shrugged again but smiled this time.

"She's excellent of course," I heard Edward's smile as he answered for me.

I have also been going to the small community college in town, studying creative writing and a bit of business. It was something Edward suggested after Valentine's Day. I gave him the journal I kept during the first 9 months I knew him, a sign of trust because I never, ever let anyone read things I have written, especially not when they are so deep like the passages I wrote about him during that time. He loved his present and we both cried, even though he tried to hide it, and then he told me I had a future in writing. Long-story-short, I enrolled in writing classes and now I love it.

"That's cool, good job Swan." I could hear Jasper's smile too. I know him pretty well after these past few months of it being just him, Edward and I a lot of the time. We have other friends of course, but we were the only 3 around that had a different kind of bond.

"And the coffee biz?" he turned his gaze to Edward now.

"It was a big day actually, we got a new flavor for the holidays," Edward answered with mock enthusiasm.

"And you haven't said anything until now?!" I sat up and he rolled his eyes at my enthusiasm in all things Starbucks. "What is it?" I asked too eagerly. Something to go along with the coffee cake I'm still insanely obsessed with? Who am I kidding, anything goes with that miracle food.

"Christmas tree?" Jasper suggested, to which I scrunched up my nose and Edward shook his head.


"Mmmmm!" I couldn't help but be excited. I let the yummy sound escape me and I rubbed my stomach enthusiastically. This was going to be a good season on the coffee front.

Edward works at the Starbucks in town. He works as much as possible to help pay bills with his parents. Jasper is much the same, but he's around less due to his frequent Seattle trips to visit Alice. The good news is that the Starbucks Edward works at has an open mic kind of night almost every Friday and Edward plays there regularly, Jasper or Garrett joining him whenever possible. It's fun because it keeps live music in our lives and has allowed me to make more friends while in Forks. It's been pretty nice.

"Are you visiting Alice this weekend?" I asked Jazz, turning the questioning on to him.

"Yeah. She has a workshop that will take up most of Saturday and Sunday though, so I'm not sure how event full it will be," Jasper replied with a small pout.

Jasper visits Alice almost every weekend, only 2 times has she been able to come to Forks to visit, and it's been months since the second time. Alice is excelling at the fashion academy is Seattle, of course. She is having a blast and learning a lot. I don't get a chance to speak to her often because she has become extremely busy, and Edward and I have only been able to visit Seattle once, but I'm happy for her. I hear a lot about her through Jasper. Her life there is much more than nice.

"She seems extremely busy with school and the wedding," Edward commented.

"She told me about the balloon fiasco," I said with a laugh.

"That's nothing," Jasper replied as he finished chewing his latest mouthful of chips. "Have you heard the latest?"

I shook my head and he snorted. I haven't spoken to Alice in... wow, over a month.

"Get this," he chuckled a bit to himself and then continued, "she called me a few days ago in a fit because apparently it's not legal to rent swans and then dye them red to match the wedding decorations."

Edward and I both laughed and Jasper just shook his head.

"She wants to dye living swans red for Rose and Emmett's wedding?" I asked in disbelief.

"Oh yeah," Jasper said nonchalantly.

"She is rather creative," Edward sighed.

"Is that what Rose wants?" I asked Jasper. Then I felt a little pang of guilt inside for not knowing the answer. If I haven't talked to Alice in over a month then I probably haven't talked to Rosalie in over two.

"Rose is so much more carefree about the wedding than Alice, I think. At least when it comes to the decorations and food and all of those aspects. Alice comes up with these things on her own." He sounded a tiny bit an awe of her when he spoke.

"She seems to be taking this over the top. I mean, do we really want live animals Emmett can chase at the wedding?" I asked, laughing slightly at the mental image.

"You have to reel her in," Edward said to Jasper.

Jasper sighed heavily, "Yeah, I know. She's really out doing herself with this wedding planning, and it's only for a friend. I can't even imagine what insane things she's keeping bottled up for the day she gets... well we get... you know." Jasper smiled smally. For some reason he can't discuss he and Alice getting married, even though it's very clear they are it for each other. It's kind of cute how he can't say it, because it's not a look of fear or uncertainty that flashes across his face. It's just... cute.

He scratched his head and then glanced at Edward and I. "Thank you both for waiting, by the way. There's no way her little body would be able to handle her trying to plan 2 weddings at once. She's running on low as it is."

He nodded at us gratefully because we still haven't set a date for our wedding, despite the beautiful golden ring that still sat on my left ring finger. Edward and I discussed it and we are both in no rush to have our actual wedding. Part of it is because I don't want to take away from Rosalie's day, and part of it is because we are still in Forks, Washington. I love Edward to death, but neither of us feel like this is where we want to start our official life together. We both believe we have more to do and see after his parents get things straightened out, and we basically don't want to get stuck here, no matter how nice it is.

"No problem!" I said more easily than I should have. "I'm in no rush."

Edward frowned and looked up at me. "Good to know you are in no rush to become my wife," he pouted. Most guys are afraid of commitment, but not mine. Oh no, Edward pouts about not being able to wear a ring himself. I love him.

"I knew this was coming," Jasper jokingly looked at Edward with pity. "She's still hung up on what she felt when she kissed Emmett in Delaware."

We all scoffed a laugh but then an uncomfortable silence took over the room.

I know it just slipped out of Jasper because sometimes that happened. The truth is the 3 of us never really talk about the group, or rather what it was like when we were together. We don't really vocally take any trips down memory lane. Life is just different now, and sharing those memories seems odd in a way. Once in a while one thing or another would slip out of one of our mouths, and we'll laugh and enjoy it, but we'll also immediately move on afterward. It's like an unspoken rule that we don't talk about that life while we are still missing it and getting through this one.

"Hardly," I mumbled, not quite sure how else to answer.

"Poor Rose," Edward said sternly, making it ok to keep talking about the others.

"Poor Rose?" Jasper and I both asked, for different reasons.

"Not poor Edward?" I raised a brow at his sudden nonchalance at my leaving him for his brother. "You have to live without me, remember? I think that constitutes a poor Edward, too."

"If Emmett is going to steal you from me then I'm just going to have to steal Alice from Jasper. It's only fair." He looked so confident in his theory and I gave him a doubtful look. Boys.

"You're just scared of being with Rose, aren't you?" I looked at Edward knowingly and folded my arms.

"Maybe," he looked straight at me and I laughed, knowing full well what that answer meant from him.

"It's the sex, isn't it?" Jasper asked with a concerned look, popping more chips into his mouth.

"Well yes," Edward shifted uncomfortably in his spot on the floor, making me giggle. We all know that Rose and Emmett are active in ways that Edward never has been. "But it's also the yelling, and her knowledge of cars that always puts me to shame, and the yelling."

"Eh, if I can take the shopping binges and the screeching and the lack of concern for animal rights, I can take the yelling. I'll take Rosalie," Jasper said with a wave of his hand.

"Well I'm glad you won't be left alone, Jazz," I smiled sweetly at him. "Oh man, Emmett and I are going to have so much fun living in Delaware and... doing Delaware things," I laughed a bit and the boys joined in. We seemed to be actually enjoying letting some memories flow, even though it all still seemed cautious.

"Not nearly as much fun as Rosalie and I," Jasper contended with more chips in his mouth. "We can, um... what does Rosalie do?" Jasper asked with a laugh and we shrugged.

"Yell," Edward suggested.

"Go to car shows," I said, to which Edward chuckled.

"Travel for her job," we all nodded at Edward's good input.

"Work out," was my next answer.

"Yell," Edward said again.

"Emmett?" I pretty much asked.

Both of the boys cracked up at that and Jasper mumbled, "ok, great," under his breath at his new life.

"I'll probably end up becoming Alice's assistant and hunt down different animals for her to spruce up for parties," Edward said.

"She'll probably rent you out as entertainment for parties as well," I smiled at Edward.

"Probably," Jasper agreed. "People will call Miss Alice from far and wide to book her Piano Man."

"So I'm not really getting a relationship out of this whole arrangement, I'm getting a pimpstress?" Edward asked Jasper and I.

"Seems so," Jasper nodded. "A piano pimpstress. But I'm getting someone who quite frankly frightens me from time to time, so you gotta deal."

"And I'm getting my brother," I said matter-of-factly. "In Delaware."

We all stared at each other and cracked smiles.

"So it seems our little game of Musical Lovers has turned against us," Jasper mused.

"Ok, fine, I'll be your wife Edward," I moaned, as if it was a strain to do so.

"Gee thanks," he replied sarcastically, putting the guitar down and sitting next to me in The Sac. He turned his smile to me and I melted, reaching up to him for a kiss that wasn't a strain to do at all.

"You know what would be fun?" Jasper asked suddenly, not paying attention to our love filled moment.

I shook my head and Edward asked, "What?"

"Getting Emmett drunk right before the wedding." An evil grin spread on Jasper's face and I laughed.

"Bad idea," Edward replied right away, putting his arm around me.

"Yeah, bad idea if you want a boring ceremony!" Jasper the Enabler laughed. "Think about the wonderful things he would say if he was inebriated during his vows."

I was about to give my input but a knock at the door cut me off.

"We aren't expecting Garrett and Kate are we?" Edward asked as he got up to get the door.

We spend a lot of time with Garrett and Kate these days. It turns out she and I really do get along well, so it is often the four of us when Jasper is away on weekends.

"Nope, Kate said they were both working tonight," I replied.

I heard the door open behind me and watched as Jasper's chip filled hand froze before it reached his mouth.

"Well speak of the devil," he muttered before smiling widely.

"Hey kids!" A booming voice filled my apartment and I instantly jumped out of The Sac, turning towards the door.

"Emmett!" I cheered and lunged for my big brother. It was a knee jerk reaction, I didn't even question why he was here.

"Bellarina!" His big grin over took his face and I took a quick glance at Edward's shocked expression before I was swept into Emmett's big hug.

"What are you doing here?!" Jasper asked as I was released back onto my own two feet.

Edward's arms automatically went around my waist in anticipation of my balance being off after one of Emmett's forceful hugs, even though it's been months since I've gotten one.

"Hey, chips!" Emmett ignored Jasper's question and bounded into the living room. "Bellarina, do you have anything to drink? I'm freaking thirsty." He grabbed the bowl of chips from Jasper's lap and plopped into the Love Sac.

"Um...I think I have some green tea..." I said through my now building confusion and sheer joy at Emmett Cullen being in my living room.

"Emmett, what are you doing here?" Edward tried the question again.

"Green tea? I don't think so sister, what is this? The Geisha house? Got any real beverages?" He laughed loudly, ignoring Edward completely.

"I have water..." I started listing off what I did have to offer my big brother.


"Pink lemonade..."

"Blegh. That's Edward's, no doubt."

I looked at Edward and lifted an eyebrow since it was indeed his. He just smiled back at me, shaking his head, and ran a hand through his hair. I hate pink lemonade too, but Edward can't get enough. It wasn't something I'd known about him until we moved here and Esme always had a constant supply. Now I do too.

"Diet Dr. Pepper..."


I sighed. He hates all of my drink options it seems. Who knew Emmett could be picky about what he consumed?

"Ok. Last but not least, milk."

"Cookies?" He looked up hopefully and I shook my head.


"Well then definitely no to the milk," he said, as if it was the most obvious answer ever.

"Emmett, why are you here?" Jasper tried again while reaching for more chips. Emmett swatted his hand away without even glancing at him or acknowledging his question. I guess Jasper is done eating chips tonight.

"I have to say I'm disappointed. Mom always has better options than this. I may have to stay with them after all."

"You're staying here?" I asked as I closed the fridge and walked towards where he was lounging.

"Of course, where else am I going to stay?" Emmett asked with a scoff.

"Um. Our house?" Jasper replied.

"Can't. Mom and dad don't know I'm here."

The three of us shot looks at each other and Edward decided to try.

"And why exactly are you here?" Edward asked, folding his arms.

"Huh?" Emmett said, a hint of hesitation clouding his loud voice through the chips.

"Why are you here?" Edward repeated slowly.

"Here?" Emmett asked stupidly, stalling.

"Yes, here," I said forcefully.

"In Forks," Jasper clarified.

"At Bella's apartment," Edward finished so we had trapped him into a question he had to answer.

Emmett sighed and his head dropped a bit.

"She kicked me out."

All of our jaws dropped and I felt my heart sink.

Rose? Is he talking about Rosalie? No. No way! She loves him, every part of him, even the loud obnoxious parts. That's what she had always said kept her interested in him. They are getting married! Could that much really have changed in the 9 months we have all been apart? Could we really be so separated that we didn't even know that Rose and Emmett's love had faded?

Before my panic could set in too deeply he clarified.

"That Victoria is really getting on my nerves." Emmett's scowl was rather large and it was the first time I'd ever seen it so serious on his face.

I couldn't help but feel relief though. Ok. Victoria, who lived with Em and Rosalie, kicked out Emmett. Not Rose. Nothing else mattered, really.

"Ok, so Victoria kicked you out of the apartment?" I let a little laugh escape.

"She's such a wench sometimes," Emmett practically snarled.

"A wench?" I laughed. You don't hear that term very often.

"I watched a special on pirates the other day-" Emmett tried to explain but got cut off.

"What did you do?" Edward asked loudly with an amused grin.

"Nothing! I was just having a good time. She over reacted." Emmett defended himself but we all know him too well.

"You weren't naked were you?" Jasper asked seriously.

"No..." Emmett didn't look convincing.

"Almost naked?" Edward asked with a raised brow.

"No. Not really. This time there wasn't any nudity involved," Emmett waved his hand dismissively and Jasper took the opportunity to get some chips.

"This time there wasn't any nudity?" I pointed out.

"That's right."

Emmett was staying annoyingly tight lipped about the incident, or rather incidents, that led him to my front door.

"But there have been nude times?" Jasper asked.

"Well of course there have been nude times! How can you live life without the nude times?" When none of us answered he sighed and put down the now empty chip bowl. "I may have pissed her off a little too much by eating her food once in a while. And breaking her favorite cup. And stealing her clothes, and hiding her bras, and sleeping naked in her bed."

He sped through the last 3, not giving us time to react between them.

"Wait. You stole her clothes?" Jasper asked.

"And hid her bras?" As a woman I understood the trouble that would cause.

"And slept naked in her bed?" Edward finished. We were working as quite a team to question him this evening.

"Yes I stole her clothes, I needed an outfit for a... project... Mike needed help with. Yes I hid her bras, that was just funny. And, yes, I accidentally fell asleep in her bed naked, but she wasn't supposed to know about it."

"Amazing. His answers to our questions are only leading to a thousand more questions..." Jasper shook his head at Emmett.

"Look, Rose left for Japan, or Berlin, or Thailand, or Cuba... or something... and Vicky and I don't exactly get along all that well, so things went sour in the first week." He shrugged and picked up the chip bowl, only to remember he had already drained it's contents and set it back down with a frown.

We were all silently laughing now. Oh Emmett.

"So how did you expect her not to know you were sleeping naked in her bed?" I asked.

"I just wanted to take a nap and her bed always looked comfortable," Emmett shrugged it off and I jutted my chin out a bit, showing that it didn't explain everything. "Well I always nap naked!" He threw his hands up at looked at all of us seriously. "She was supposed to be working all night, and I set my alarm for an hour before she got home so I could make the bed and put some clothes on, but she got home early and... well... Goldilocks got caught."

He was laughing at himself now and Jasper was shaking his head in shame, not missing a beat in this familiar routine with his older brother.

"And the bras?" I asked, still interested in every detail of his banishment.

"The bras were just payback for her flushing the toilet on me while I was in the shower yesterday. Wench." He spat out the insult again and made a face.

"Alright," Edward sat down on the floor, leaning against the wall and tugging me with him. He pulled me into his chest and wrapped his arms around me. "So what's the story about needing Victoria's clothes? It was for something you and Mike were working on, I believe you said."

"Make it quick, man, I have to get going but I want to hear this," Jasper said quickly, glancing at his watch. "I'm leaving early for Seattle tomorrow."

"Well, it was actually for Halloween. Mike was invited to a party and wanted to play a prank on his crazy ex, so he asked me to help. I did." When all of our stares were still blank he sighed. "I went as his date."

He pulled out his wallet and handed Jasper a picture. Jasper's mouth fell open and he burst into laughter, falling back into the bowl chair.

"Make any joke you want, you know I look good," Emmett said confidentially as he leaned back into the Love Sac.

Edward leaned over and snatched the picture out of Jasper's hand, holding it up for both of us to look at.

It was ridiculous. Mike is a good foot shorter than Emmett, and he was dressed in a nice suite and tie with his hair slicked back, a look I have never seen on him before, obviously. The suite look isn't really in at shows. Right next to him was Emmett, in a short black skirt with a white button up dress shirt that was unbuttoned enough to show his... cleavage? Yes. Emmett was definitely sporting cleavage in this picture. A black scarf was tied around his neck and he wore huge black heels. A dark red flowing wig was on his head, and his make up was done rather well.

If I hadn't known it was Emmett, I might have thought is was a very tall, very broad, very masculine woman. I was almost ashamed at how impressed I was.

"Why?" Was the only thing Edward could get out between musical laughs.

"His ex is cocky and needed to be put in her place by his new, beautiful, large girlfriend." Emmett smiled and pointed at himself. "It didn't take much. She left the party in less than an hour. She can't handle Felicia." Emmett pretended to adjust his now invisible cleavage and smiled devilishly at us, sending all of us into an even greater fit of laughter.

"You used the name Felicia?!" I said, falling into Edward for more support.

"Well, Mike and I forgot to cover that base before we hit the party, so when I got there and had to introduce myself I panicked and Felicia was the first lady name that popped into my head." He looked a little disgusted now, but I was happy to hear that the name lived on and was put to good use.

"Oh man, I can't take anymore," Jasper said as he stood up and composed his laughter. "Emmett, I still don't fully understand how you managed to wind up here, but I'm glad you're around."

Emmett raised one fist up and Jasper bumped his against it, both of them with sincere smiles on their faces.

"See ya, bro. Tell Alice I said hey," Emmett waved as Jasper walked out.

"Don't forget your CD, Jazz," I called after him as I heard the door open. Spencer Bell was still playing in my living room.

"I'm not worried about it, keep it spinning for me, I'll be back on Monday," Jasper gave a wave over his shoulder and then he was gone.

"So what do you kids do for fun these days?" Emmett turned his big grin to Edward and I.

"Well right now we are going to sleep," Edward said with authority after checking his watch. He looked at me and winked and my heart sped up.

He stood up and offered his hand to me, helping me to spring up after him.

"And I suppose you 2 really do go to sleep when you say you're going to sleep, right?" Emmett asked seriously.

"Yes Emmett," I called over my shoulder as Edward drug me into my room, not making it look like sleep is what he was after at all.

"You aren't hungry Eddie?" Emmett called with a laugh, causing Edward to pause and stick his head out of the doorway.

"Hungry?" Edward asked in confusion, not letting me escape from my room as I tried to push past him to get in on the conversation.

"Yeah. You aren't hungry for the sex yet?" Emmett's goofy grin took over and Edward scoffed.

"Good night Emmett," He repeated sternly as he turned to shut the door. "I assume you will have no trouble making yourself at home."

The door shut and he turned to me, pushing me backwards to my bed and smiling. When the back of my knees hit the edge of the bed I fell backwards and Edward came tumbling on top of me, rolling us to the side.

"Well aren't you eager to be alone?" I asked with a giggle.

Yeah, being close to Edward still makes me giggle involuntarily.

"Can you blame me?" He asked softly, leaning in to kiss me.

"Why so suddenly?" I asked as he pulled away, only to move to my neck. "Not that I'm complaining..." I breathed and felt him smile.

"You know me Bella, I'm selfish," he said huskily, driving me crazy with that amazing voice of his, "With Emmett here I am going to get even less time alone with you than I do now."

My hands tangled in his hair, urging him back up to my lips and I sighed.

"It's not going to be that different," I said right before his lips connected with mine.

Just then Emmett yelled, "Bellarina!"

Edward stopped moving and looked right at me. "Oh yeah, my brother calling out your name as I kiss you passionately is entirely normal. I love it."

His face was serious and his eyes were mocking. I pulled my head back playfully, "Is that sarcasm I detect, Edward? From you?"

"What? Are you afraid I will take away your Queen of Sarcasm crown?" he asked, the crooked grin spreading.

"No way, I like it," I said with a laugh, pulling him into me again.

His smile broke and I got another kiss out of it, glad I distracted him from any sort of upset. I was very, very happy to have Emmett back. I was also trying very hard not to think of it as "1 down 2 to go", actually. That just isn't possible.

I entwined my legs with his and the kiss got passionate once again. His hands were wandering and I was loving every second of being with him.

Then again, "Hey Bellarina!"

Edward stopped moving altogether and made a sound that sounded extremely close to a growl, and pulled away from me.

I sighed and put my hand over my eyes, not wanting Edward to be right about Emmett's presence in my apartment.

"Yes Emmett?" I called back. Maybe we could at least make this quick. Maybe he only needed to know where the bathroom was. In this one bedroom one bath apartment... ugh.

"Are you awake?" he called back to me.

"Seriously?" I said softly, turning to Edward with a questioning look. I mean, I just answered him! I know I have sleep talking issues, but I clearly responded. Edward just laughed and ruffled my hair, letting his hand rest on my neck to rub small circles in it.

"Yeah, I'm up Emmett. What's up?" I yelled back.

Suddenly the door opened and Emmett was standing in the doorway in nothing but his boxers holding his phone in his hands, one of them over the hear piece.

"I have a surprise for you!" The sentence was happy enough, but I hate surprises and his eyes looked worried.

"What?" I asked blandly, narrowing my eyes at him.

"Rose is on the phone!" He threw it at me but of course my first instinct was to duck.

Edward caught the phone efforlessly and handed it to me as Emmett quickly retreated from the room.

I held the phone up to my ear and smiled. I haven't talked to Rosalie in far too long. Why Emmett decided to surprise me with it now wasn't very important, even though it did cross my mind.

"Hello?" I said.

"Bell?" Rose's voice sounded surprised and excited, but mostly surprised. Emmett hadn't told her it was me. This couldn't be good.

"Rose!" I couldn't hold back my happiness anymore, it is Rosalie!

She laughed a bit and the sound was mixed, just like her voice. This time it was a combonation of happiness and danger.

She started talking over her laugher, "Oh, Emmett Cullen is in so much trouble."

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