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Ready, set, EDWARD!

Chapter 3 - Beautiful, More So


I felt myself sigh and smile as I watched her walk through the door of Starbucks. I watch countless people walk through this door everyday but she makes it seem like a vision from a dream. Even with Emmett draped over her small frame she is the loveliest creature I have ever laid eyes on.

I watched her search the small crowded room and my heart seemed to skip a beat at the thought of her looking for me and no one else.

What did I do to deserve this? I'll never know. As long as she's with me I suppose I'll never really care.

The most tempting chocolate brown eyes finally found me and I smiled, releasing all of my joy towards my love.

"Eddie!" Emmett yelled over the heads of everyone in the room, breaking yet another moment between Bella and I.

I ran a hand through my hair and nodded towards my brother. If I wasn't so happy to see him I'd be entirely annoyed he was around.

"You know I hate that," I said with a smile as they approached me.

Bella and Emmett shared a small laugh and he just shrugged his massive shoulders at me.

"How are you?" I asked Bella, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her close to me. Her warmth ran up and down the side of my body that she was pressed against and I had to control myself from pulling her into me too far and crossing the appropriate social lines.

"Better now," she replied with a beautiful smile then tilted her head up, waiting for me to lean in and give her a kiss.

I eagerly complied to her wish and in classic Emmett fashion he "awed" us loudly and then made a gagging face.

"Don't mind him," Bella sneered playfully at Emmett, "he's just upset because he hasn't gotten any in a while."

I rolled my eyes as Emmett pouted and Bella chuckled.

Hasn't gotten any in a while, sure. For my dear brother "a while" is probably the one week Rosalie has been away on her latest job assignment.

Try 22 years, brother, then come pout at me. Emmett Cullen may be the strongest man I know when it comes to matters of muscle, but there are a few other areas where I know my strength out weighs him greatly. The strength to withhold for one...

"I'm terribly sorry Emmett," I said sarcastically, turning my gaze from Bella's face to his. "But if you are in need of 'some' then wouldn't it seem more fruitful for you to stay in the same apartment, town, or at least state, as the one who is willing to give you any?"

My Bella laughed her sweet laugh and Emmett rolled his eyes, a smirk playing on his face. I smirked back and raised my eyebrows in question at him.

"Oh no Edward, you haven't heard!" Bella rested a hand on my chest to get my attention. It actually did a bit more to distract me from her words than anything.

"Emmett is sexless for the time being!"

She seemed to want to celebrate that news and her beautiful eyes were dancing with humor as she gazed up at me.

"Sexless?" I asked, fully amused by the concept.

"I don't want to talk about," Emmett groaned as he crossed his arms across his chest.

I looked at Bella and she was still smiling happily.

"From now until the wedding we have to call him Sexless Emmett," she laughed and I smiled. "No matter what he says."

"I like it." I nodded my head in approval and turned towards my brother.

"Don't even think about it!" Emmett warned me. "It's not even true, the whole sexless thing is only temporary. I don't call you sexless Eddie, do I? Don't go spreading lies about me!"

Now he was pointing back and forth at the 2 of us and we were laughing at his concerned face.

"We can work this out Emmett. Now I simply have a weapon of my own," I smirked at him and he looked at me in question. "For every Eddie you throw out I'll have a Sexless Emmett waiting," I explained with a simple shrug and smile.

Bella clapped her hands in approval and Emmett just nodded once, showing he understood, but he didn't look happy about it. I assume he was willing to agree on anything the kept the words "Sexless Emmett" away for as long as possible.

"Emmett!" Garret and Kate greeted him as they walked up. They both embraced him and then Bella.

After that Emmett was swallowed by a huge crowd that wanted to hear all about his life in Los Angeles and Bella was taken away by Kate to get some coffee and catch up.

I sighed and ran a hand through my hair again, leaning my head back against the wall. I just people watched for a few minutes, enjoying how popular the open mic night has gotten. It's nice to play for people again. My gaze lingered on my Bella when it reached her and Kate standing in line by the counter.

Bella has changed a lot in appearance since living in Forks. I was perfectly pleased with her before, the very first day I laid eyes on her mahogany hair and pale features I was captured by her, but now she is evolving into her own. Even Alice would be pleased. Of course she still hates shopping in excess and over doing hair and makeup preparation. I still love that about her, too.

Having more music in her life is definitely influencing her, I have to admit, even to the way she dresses now. She has slip on Vans and the same Converse she has always worn, along with some girly flat shoes that many of the females seem to be wearing these days. She wears more form fitting jeans, often times of different colors, and she now wears just a simple but prominent line of black eyeliner around each eye, and a bit of mascara to emphasize her already beautiful lashes.

Growing up in the music scene around Oregon and Washington, I admit I've grown accustom to a certain style of girl. Bella never really fit that mold completely, nor did she ever have to, but now that she had found it on her own... I have no chance. She was entirely beautiful before and I had no idea she could become even more so.

She's even more perfect for me than before. Again, what did I ever do?

The most beautiful thing about her evolution in style, perhaps, is that she still throws on one of my shirts or, or Hoodie 2, or the maroon zip up and some sweatpants at night without a care, and looks equally as stunning to me.

My phone buzzing in my pocket brought me out of my silent worshiping of my Bella.

I checked the name and glanced up to find where my love moved to. I found her sitting at a table across the room with Kate, not paying attention to me. Good.

I'm not sure how she would react to knowing I still kept in contact with this particular person. If she ever asks me, of course I will tell her the truth right away, not that there is any real truth to tell. I'm just not sure how Bella would take knowing that I spoke to her about once a week in the recent past. I'm fairly sure it would upset my love. She didn't want Bella knowing, however, and I can't really blame her. I also can't disobey her for some strange reason.

I sighed again. It will be better this way.

I opened my phone and pressed it against my ear, preparing myself for this particular voice that was now both familiar and distant to me.

"Hello?!" came from the other end before I even had a chance to answer properly.

She's always one step ahead of everyone else.

"Hello," I said calmly, smiling at her impatience.

"Are you at the Starbucks free mic thingy like usual?" she asked, probably due to the noise she could hear coming from my end.

"Yes. And it's open mic, not free mic. But you were close this time," I laughed and she scoffed.

"Whatever Edward, you know what I mean so why do you always have to correct me?"

"Because it's nice to inform you of the very few times you aren't always right," I replied.

"Alright, I'll give you that," she laughed as she agreed with me. "Is Bella there yet?"

Her voice turned careful as it usually did, and I still appreciated the concern she always had when she asked about Bella.

"Yes, but she's with Kate right now so I have a few minutes," I replied, glancing at Bella and smiling when her eyes met mine. Stay calm Edward. Act like it's your mother or father on the phone...

"Actually I only have a minute or 2 myself. I'm almost home and then I'll have to let you go-"

"You wouldn't happen to have a man at home, would you? That would be awfully inappropriate and scandalous to tell me, you know," I teased. One thing I love about this girl is that I can tease her comfortably, just like I can with Bella.

"Oh hush. Do you really want to get into details? I can give you details all about what I plan to do to that 'man' that is indeed waiting for me in my apartment. If you really want to know -"

"No, no, of course not!" I laughed nervously and her high pitched giggles followed. "I'm sorry I even brought it up, don't take my joke too far. What I don't know can't hurt me. Now what's the update?"

"Well… I am coming to town for Thanksgiving for sure! It won't have to be for only one day like I thought, I can do the whole weekend!"

I pulled the phone away from my ear and looked around, hoping the squealing didn't attract too much attention. I couldn't help the smile that seeped onto my face though.

"I can't believe I actually get to see you in a few weeks, it feels like it's been an eternity," I admitted when it was finally safe to rest the phone against my ear again.

"I know, believe me Edward, I know." She had turned serious and I heard her fumbling with keys so I knew our small chat was coming to a close. "I'd love to stay on the line and celebrate but I'm home and I have a man to tend to," she giggled and I frowned to myself. Even that feels like too much information.

"Have fun, don't do anything I wouldn't do," I said with a smile.

"Oh please, I'm not being restricted to the rules you put on The Pretzel, thank you very much!" I laughed again and rolled my eyes at the nickname that still haunted me. "Oh, and Jazz told me Emmett showed up last night! How fun! I'm totally jealous of all of you getting a few weeks together. Do me a favor and don't tell him of the plan either, ok? I actually love that I get to surprise more people that I love!"

I could hear how pleased she was through the phone and it made me smile again. I miss Alice a lot, especially since we have started speaking regularly to plan the surprise. We just understand each other, even if we are quite different. She's like the little sister I never had. I love her big heart and her spontaneous nature. She's definitely the bedazzled puzzle piece in our disjointed, separated little family.

"Sounds good, the secret is still safe with me," I confirmed with her.

"Thank you! Goodnight Edward," she finally said.

"Goodnight Alice," I replied. "Good night Jasper," I said loudly. I heard his faint voice bid me goodnight as well right before the other line cut off. I glanced up to make sure Bella was still in place before shutting my phone, checking the time, and putting it back into my pocket.

"Who was that?" a big voice to my right caught me off guard and I jumped a bit.

"For being so large you are quite stealthy at times," I chuckled as Emmett leaned against the wall next to me.

"Sorry bro, I didn't mean to sneak up. You look a little wound up, who was that?" he asked again.

I looked at his face only to catch him taking a huge bite out of a chocolate cupcake, which is impressive because we haven't put any out yet, they are sitting in the storage room waiting for tomorrow's display. The things Emmett gets away with.

"Oh, that was just mom," I said casually, holding his gaze to make it more believable.

"Are you sure it was mom?" Emmett asked skeptically, raising one brow at me.

"What do you mean, 'am I sure it was mom'?" I threw him a slightly appalled look and turned away. "Why would I lie to you about who I was speaking to?"

I felt Emmett shrug next to me. He hummed an "I don't know" sound at me while he finished chewing another giant chocolate bite.

"You just looked a bit on edge the whole time. You're eyes were darting around a lot."

I shook my head slightly at how observant Emmett could be about small details. My eyes being shifty during a phone call he noticed, stepping on my hand and breaking 3 of my fingers in middle school he was totally oblivious to until I started wailing in pain.

"Well she doesn't know you are here yet, does she?" I took a risk and asked with confidence. I wasn't actually sure if he had told our parents of his reappearance back in Forks yet or not. He shook his head and I smiled in victory. "You know I hate lying to them, Emmett. I'm not going to spill your beans but it doesn't mean I have to be comfortable knowing I'm withholding information."

I was a little impressed by how smoothly my lying was going. Alice wants Thanksgiving to be a total surprise though.

"Oh. Well thanks Eddi - uh - ward," he snapped his head towards me and gave me a worried look.

"Don't worry, that one doesn't count, I know you have to break the habit," I sighed. We both chuckled and he finished off his cupcake. He walked to the trash can to throw away the small paper wrapper and I took the free moment to steal a look at my love.

"She's even hotter now," Emmett commented as he returned to my side.

I scowled at him. I resent the fact that other men can look at my Bella sometimes. Even when it's my harmless big brother. I had to shut Jasper up one afternoon not too long ago as well.

"What?! Dude, I'm a man with eyes too!" Emmett didn't flinch under my death glare, he just smiled even wider.

"I don't question your gender or what visionary organs you are or are not missing," I explained calmly but firmly to the big oaf. Suddenly I wasn't so excited about Emmett's voice, or thoughts, or face, or anything.

I may have jealousy issues.

"Well I've been questioning your gender!" He laughed at me.


"What?" I spat at him, crossing my arms.

"Maybe not yours, but The Pretzel's."

He laughed some more and I felt my mouth twitch at the mention of the nickname. Damn Bella and Alice for stumbling across something so ridiculous and humorous. I suppose it may not be entirely their fault. Damn Alice's grandmother.

I just stared at him, expecting him to explain. Eventually, after the loud laughter faded, he did.

"Edward - wow that's a mouthful!... which is apparently NOT what she has ever said!"

He doubled over in laughter at the multitude of his own jokes that were wrapped up in the one moment that just passed. I even shook my head and silently chuckled at how his mind took him from one fleeting, inappropriate thought to the next.

"Emmett..." I attempted to remind him to breath through his breathless laughter.

"Sorry, that was just... whoo!" He stood up straight and took a few breaths, looking down at me to share a smile. "I wasn't even prepared for that," he explained. I nodded and he composed himself completely, starting over again but skipping my name this time.

"Alright. It's just that, you and my hot little sister over there," I threw him another glare and he just waved his hand between us, brushing off my annoyance, "you two have been together for a while now. And not only in a any regular relationship, you're in freaking love! The funny thing is you crazy kids were in love before you were even in the relationship - so it's even more questioning than usual!"

He was going off on a bit of a tangent so I let him go and tried to pick up on where this was headed.

"Yes, we fell in love rather quickly, but that's not very different for Alice and Jasper, or Rosalie and yourself. Bella and I just had a more difficult time coming to terms with it," I shrugged and he laughed.

"No, bro, you had a more difficult time. That's beside the point anyway," he moved so he was standing directly in front of me now. "The thing I question, is how have you not done the deed yet?"

Thankfully he spoke rather softly, even for a regular human, and I felt my eyes widen a bit as he spoke.

I had no idea that is what he had been getting at! How could I? It's not his business, or anyone else's for that matter.

I almost let the anger take over but then a thought occurred to me.

Bella spent the whole day with Emmett. She trusts him. She loves him. She talks to him.

Has she voiced some sort of upset to Emmett about our sex life, or rather lack-thereof?

I turned away from his gaze as I assessed my thoughts.

Going into the relationship we both had the same beliefs on intimacy. None until marriage. Myself, I still hold to that. I love Bella deeply, and God knows she tempts me day in and day out by simply walking into a room! But I still believe strongly in waiting. Call me old fashioned if you wish, it's simply how I am.

If Bella has changed her mind about waiting, can I deny her?

I felt my hand run through my hair and I closed my eyes.

Can I deny her anything? Especially since we've decided on a long engagement?

Before I could delve even deeper into my thoughts Emmett interceded.

"You ok in there, little bro?" He asked with a laugh and lightly knocked on the side of my head.

I sighed heavily and nodded.

"I'm fine. Bella and I both had beliefs about waiting when we entered the relationship, Emmett. That's the reason for the lack of 'deed doing'." I smiled bitterly, hoping this would satisfy his need to know.

"Oh, that makes sense I guess," he replied. The look on his face, however, did not suggest he though it made sense at all. "Isn't it the hardest thing ever, though? I mean, I've only been holding off on the deed for 4 months now, and every time I see Rose I feel like I have to sit in a pool of ice in order to resist the urge."

It was his turn to laugh bitterly and I joined in, appreciating the fact that Emmett was respecting Rosalie's wishes no matter what unfulfilled urges he had to suffer through.

"Yes, it's incredibly difficult," I agreed, turning both of us a bit more serious.

I looked back over at Bella and her smile melted my heart instantly. It wasn't even shining towards me. She laughed wildly at something Kate said then, causing her to throw her head back and expose the soft, light, wonderful skin of her neck and collarbone. I know that skin rather well. Kissing it always reminds me about all of the other areas I alone will have the privilege of knowing.

I sighed and turned back to Emmett. This line of conversation and thought is dangerous.

"More and more difficult every day, actually."

He smiled warmly and patted me on the back in a very brotherly fashion. It's a rare occurrence when Emmett and I are on the same page, but this is definitely one of those moments. Leave it to beautiful women to bring total opposites to an understanding.

I walked over to the girls and ran a hand through my Bella's hair, smiling down at her as she looked up at me. I couldn't resist being close to her for a second longer after my discussion. I decided to put off worrying about what deeds Bella does or does not want me to perform at this point in time. Either way I suppose I will give her what she wants, because that is my most important duty in life. That's my greatest belief now, anyway.

"It's going to start soon, it's almost nine," I said to her and Kate.

Bella stood up and kissed me lovingly, leaving some of the vanilla coffee taste from her mouth on my own. I ran my tongue out and to taste more of her and of it and smiled at her, thanking her for the gift of the kiss and her love.

"I love you," I said quietly as I took her hand in mine.

"Well I just so happen to love you too," she giggled under my stare.

We walked hand in hand over to our usual spot next to Garrett and Kate on the small forest green couch against the wall. Emmett sat on the floor next to us and Bella ran a hand through his thick curls before the first duo started. I smiled at the familiarity of his presence.

I sighed contently and couldn't contain my thoughts any longer.

Two down, one to go.

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