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"Friendlys!" Edward, Bella, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett were all in the car, bored as heck.

Everyone was getting annoyed by Emmett's friendly's advertisement.

He had said those five words at least a million times.

All of sudden, Emmett squealed.

Bella hear a loud WHACK! from the fron seat.

She whipped around to see a pink punchbuggy had passed by.

Emmett punched Rosalie.

"Heh, you never said no punchbacks!" She punched him back, slamming him into Jasper and Alice.

Bella and Edward rolled their eyes as their family went back to arguing.

After ten minutes of fighting, it had a gotten silent.

And that lasted for about three seconds.

"Hey, Edward?" Emmett broke the silence.

Edward sighed.

"Yes, Emmett?"

"Why do we call you Edward? Wouldn't it be less of a mouthful to say, Eddie?"

Bella noticed that Edward was holding his breath.

She tugged gently on his shirt.

"I've been wondering that, also." she murmured.

Edward didn't answer, but kept his eyes on the road.

Alice, then burst into fits of giggles.

"Alice, shut up!" Edward growled.

"Edward, be nice!" Bella scolded.

Edward nodded and apologized.

"Now, Edward, there is me, a human, and two other vampires with no voodoo powers, and I'm pretty sure Jasper does not know the story about the Eddie Problem, so would you please tell us?"

Edward had cringed at the word Eddie.

He took a deep breath, and spoke.

"Alright, love, erm, well, have you ever played with one of those Edi Spaghetti dolls?"

Bella nodded.

She used to love those dolls.

"Okay, and Rose, Emmett, and Jazz, have heard of them also, am I correct?"

They nodded, too.

"Erm, well, once, on a very boring day in Alaska, Alice ran all the way to Mexico to buy one of those dolls...I didn't know then, but before I could protest, I was in a hairdresser's chair, and that evil Edi doll was staring at me.

"Seconds had passed, and Alice brought me a mirror. I was horrified to see what she had done to me."

He clenched his teeth.

"There, in the mirror, was a life sized Eddie Spaghetti doll. Not Edi, as in E-D-I, but as in, E-D-D-I-E. I was a male doll, hair in spaghettis, and a man skirt. It was terrible. I had many day dreams about it. I have always been afraid of the name Eddie from then on."

He unclenched his teeth.

It was silent for nine whole seconds, and everybody burst out into laughter.

Edward growled.

He screeched the car to a locked up friendly's.

"Out." He grumbled.

"Edward?" Bella asked sweetly.

"Out!" he repeated.

Nobody moved, so he moved them.

He dragged them into friendly's, locked them in there, and told them he would be back after they had their meal.

He drove away, laughing to himself, as Emmett sang the friendly's song as loud as possible, Rosalie was looking at her hair in a spatula, Alice was running around franticly looking for a piece of fabric to make into clothing, Jasper was rocking in the corner, sucking his thumb from all of the emotions, and Bella, she was just sitting at a table, eating a chicken sandwich, as if nothing had happened.

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