ch 1

Ch 1

Bardock wouldn't accept the fact that he had come so far only to be killed by freeza. Bardock had risen from a third class saiyan to one of planet vegeta's elite warriors, even though he had never officially changed titles.

Freeza's attack was about 50 feet away from hitting him; it was really slow but packed an incredible amount of power. He knew that he would die if it hit and that planet vegeta would be destroyed as well.

'Come on bardock think of something, anything. I will survive this, there has to be a way.'

The attack was now about fifteen feet away and bardock was getting nervous. Then he thought of something. When he was on this planet a few months ago this weird alien had used this teleportation technique, if he could figure out a way to use it he might be able to survive.

Thinking back to the time of the fight he remembered the alien put two fingers to his head and concentrated and then was gone. 'If this works I live, and if it doesn't I die and live with my race in the afterlife, I can live with either choice'.

Putting two fingers to his head bardock concentrated as hard as he could. After a second or two he felt a pull, he was pulling it off. But now where to go. He had to think quickly. He chose a planet at the end of universe, one where he could recover and train till he was ready to go to earth and meet his son; he had had a vision about him and how he was going to be the one to beat freeza. Bardock concentrated as hard as he could to find a planet on the edge and then he was gone.

Freeza never knew that bardock had barely escaped, he couldn't sense energy like some people could so he just assumed that the attack had hit bardock and then continued on to destroy planet Vegeta.

Bardock landed roughly on a very weird planet. The grass was red and the sky was grey. When he tried to pick himself up he felt his body shudder and then he collapsed. The teleportation move he used worked but it messed up as well. Bardock wasn't trained to use the technique and although it did save him from destruction the backfire from not being trained to use it drained up all of his energy and knocked him out and into a coma.

A few miles away a tall grey alien was walking down a path and thinking about how his race should be out in the universe helping to get rid of freeza and the cold rule. His people were strong, and they had several techniques that could make one stronger as well.

He continued to walk for another fifteen minutes deep in thought when he tripped over bardock's unconscious form.

"Who and what is this" the alien asked himself. Not being used to seeing other aliens because the elders forbid anyone to leave the planet the grey alien didn't know that the person he stumbled upon was the only person to have ever gone toe to toe with freeza and live.

"I should take him back to the city; the elders will know what to do with him."

The grey alien picked bardock up and then threw him over his shoulder. Once he was sure his cargo wasn't going to fall off, he jumped into the air and took off back the way he came, towards the city.

It took him about five minutes to get back and when he did he couldn't help but marvel at how beautiful and wondrous the city was, it was truly a site to see.

The city was the size of about ten regular cities. Buildings that defied all logic reached to the height of almost a mile. Some of them were almost the same size around. There were concrete buildings, steel building and even diamond and other precious jewel buildings; the city was truly a wonder to behold.

The alien few to the hospital that was located in the center of the city. It was about seven stories tall and built from steel and concrete. It was one of the few buildings that didn't try and look beautiful. After all hospitals are usually associated with pain and suffering and making a building all pretty isn't going to make that go away.

The alien headed to what would be the emergency building and rushed in and almost knocked over an elderly couple that was heading out of the building.

"Watch it you young whipper snapper" the old man yelled. Both adults shook there heads, and one thought went through both of there heads. 'Kids no respect these days'.

Rushing up to the counter where a very pretty female alien was sitting he quickly explained everything and alien sounded an emergency alarm that went out to all available doctors. After a few seconds three doctors rushed through a door that was about ten feet away from the counter.

The first alien to reach the counter asked what the problem was and the alien that found bardock told them the tale over again. The doctors quickly set to work; they put bardock on a stretcher and took him to the back where they began to work on his wounds.

The alien deciding that things were taken car of here headed to the elders building to talk to them and let them know what was going on, he was just out of the building when a jet black hover car pulled up in front of the building and out came the people he was going to see: the elders.

"Well young man it seems that you have something to tell us" said an elderly alien dressed in bright red robes and gold trim, a hood over his head.

"Yes sir, but how did you guys know what was going on" asked a very confused alien.

"We know everything that goes on the planet young one, they don't call us the watchers for no reason." the watchers a name that everyone gave the elders, but the alien never knew why, until now that is.

"That alien that you found is one of the mightiest warrior races in the universe, they are feared throughout the galaxy, you might have heard of them. They are called saiyans" said another voice from inside the car, it was the last of the elders, and boy was he huge, he stood at least 8 feet tall and even under his robes you could tell that he once had a warrior's body.

When the words saiyan left the elders mouth the alien gasped, he had heard of the saiyans, everyone had. Even though no one ever left the planet that didn't mean that no one ever came to the planet, from time to time a few aliens would stop by and give them news on what was happening in the universe.

The saiyans he knew were a bloodthirsty race; they wiped out planets for the fun of it and a nice hefty sum and sold them to the highest bidder. The planet was always one the lookout for any saiyan space pods.

"What do you want to do with him elder sir" asked the alien. He didn't want some saiyan on his planet, what if he woke up and started killing innocent people.

"For now we will treat his injuries and nurse him back to health. When he is better we will make sure he his placed in a secure location and we will ask him questions, the one I most want answered is who and what did this to him."

The young alien didn't say anything after that, he simply said his goodbyes and took off back the way he had come, the saiyan was now there problem.

Ten years have passed since bardock transported himself to some strange alien planet and in that time a lot has happened.

First prince vegeta began his hellish servitude under freeza, he was beaten regularly and sometimes the beating were so bad that he would be in regen tank for days, once he was even in there for over a month. Vegeta never once let on that it was getting to him; instead he kept it in, always thinking about when he would finally be strong enough to kill freeza and all of his goons.

Goku was found by Gohan and taken in. one day when Goku was out of the house he fell and hit his head and lost all of the programming that he had been installed with. Gohan was actually relieved, it was very hard to handle goku before he hit his head, Gohan swore that he once woke up in the middle of the night and saw baby Goku standing in his doorway looking at him with nothing but bad intentions. Gohan trained goku in the ways of martial arts and then goku went on a few adventures of his own.

While all of this was happening bardock was still on the alien planet that he had transported himself to ten years before, and in those ten years he had yet to wake up. It had been diagnosed that he was in a very serious coma, one that he had a very slim chance of waking up from.

The alien that found him visited the bardock often to see if there was any change but always left disappointed, he really wanted to know how he had arrived on his planet, after all a investigation was started about a month after he arrived to see if it was some sort of ship and if so if there was more saiyans around they didn't know about. After it was determined that there was no ship they tried to figure out how he had arrived but with bardock in a coma they had no way to figure it out.

'I hope he wakes up soon" the alien thought. 'All this waiting is killing me, I want to know how he got here, and if possible if he could take me with him. I'm so tired of being on this planet, away from all the action in the universe. Something tells me that if I were to befriend this warrior and leave with him I would have my all the action I could handle'.

Fifteen years later

Bardock never felt so relaxed in all his life, it felt like he had slept for a month. As his eyes started to open machines started beeping and sending signals to the people in charge that the saiyan they had in there care was finally waking up.

About three years ago the hospital staff decided it would be a good idea to add monitors that sent them a signal in the event that he ever woke up. They didn't want to come checking on him one day only to find he wasn't in his bed anymore but outside doing god knows what. The leaders of the planet thought it was a good idea and gave them the go ahead.
The nurse that was stationed got the shock of her life as the computer that she had in front of her started beeping very loudly, she had been in the middle of a phone call with her boyfriend when it went off and she almost fell or her chair she was so startled.

Quickly hanging up the phone she called her superiors and then rushed into bardocks room only to be met with an energy ball staring her right in the face.

side note: i have alot of ideas for this story and where i want it to go, but i would love it if people gave me some ideas as well, hell i would love it even more if someone wanted to help me with it. i have a bad habit of starting stories and then leaving them.