Ch 5

Ch 5

Planet Freeza # 124

The planet was one of the worse planets that either of the trio had ever been on, it was always around one hundred to one hundred and twenty degrees and the gravity was around forty g's, although they had to admit that it made great conditions to train in. when Vegeta had first arrived on this planet he had been around 15'000 maybe 16'000, now after a two years of training on this stupid rock he was at 53'450, and boy was he proud of it, such increases had never before been attained, it seemed he had found the perfect way to train.

Raditz was around 1100, a very small number for a saiyan. When the planet was around most saiyan's his age had been around 3000-10'000. raditz had been picked on by Nappa since he had first joined up with them, but he had been determined to show him up and so he trained until he reached his limits and then train some more. The results were exactly what he had been going for. He now stood at 35'478, If the planet was still around he would be considered an elite.

Nappa had improved but not as much as the other two, it seemed that even though he looked stronger then the other two in his case looks were very deceiving. That's not to say that he hadn't gained power, in fact he had went from 4000 to 25'730. a very good increase but not enough to keep up with the other two.

Back to the planet. The planet was very barren, sand stretched as far as the eye could see and huge black beast roamed the planet at night, coming from under the ground. In the distance there were old crumbling buildings, building that's looked like they hadn't been used in hundreds of years.

Vegeta was seriously going to kill these two morons if they didn't stop fighting. Nappa had been arguing with Raditz for the past two hours after raditz had finally managed to defeat him in combat. Nappa had challenged him soon after his defeat claiming that it was a fluke, that Raditz could never beat him again. After another round and another humiliating defeat Nappa had started arguing again.

Finally Vegeta could take no more of the two bickering like children.

" SHUT UP!," Vegeta yelled. " Nappa you lost both time fair and square. Raditz beat you both time and there was no tricks involved and he did not get lucky, you know it so just shut up sit down and take your defeat like a true saiyan. Raditz you know better then to start arguing with Nappa you know as well as I do that he wont stop till he gets what he wants."

With that said Vegeta turned around and marched off, muttering something along the lines of ' I'm working with complete idiots', or something to that effect.

Ten minutes later Vegeta came back calmer then he had been when he left. While Vegeta had been walking he had started thinking about what they would do next, they all knew that they couldn't stay on this planet forever, sooner or later one of freeza's lackeys would come here and when they did one of two things would happen: one there would be a fight and either freeza's lackey would die, or two they would die. Some how freeza's men had always found them, he didn't know how but they did, and he would not be caught like they were the last time, the last time they had all been lucky to escape.

Saiyans didn't really fear death. But that didn't mean they wanted to die either, most saiyans when asked would probably say they would rather live then die because in life there were still battles to be fought, but in death there was nothing but pain waiting for them. Saiyans weren't dumb enough to think they would get into heaven, they had all done bad things, and while the things they did was for the pleasure of the person the worked for they still had committed them.

" alright this is what were going to do," said Vegeta after another minute of thinking. " were going to get in our pods and where going to head to this earth that Raditz brother should be on, one more saiyan could really go along way in helping our cause. We will leave in an hour so be ready to go." When he was done Vegeta walked off to pack up his belongings and start putting everything in his pod, which wasn't much. All any of them had were a couple of spare clothes, blankets, pillows and food.

Raditz took one more look at Nappa before smirking and walking over to where he slept and stared packing up his things, life it seemed was finally starting to look up for him.

Nappa growled when raditz smirked at him, he would show him that he wasn't to be messed with, him and the prince. Vegeta and raditz thought that he was stupid, and while he was no genius he certainly wasn't stupid. Nappa knew that no matter how strong they got they would be able to beat freeza, after all freeza's power was around five hundred thousand, and that was just his resting power. So Nappa had struck a deal with the devil, he had told Freeza that he would spy on the two and let him know there every move. Freeza in return would make him a very rich man, it seemed that even though he had pride in his race he didn't want to die like the rest of them, his pride was easily worth what freeza was paying him.

" I'm going to go cool my head for about half an hour, I'll see you when I get back." Without anymore of an explanation than that Nappa jumped into the air and flew off towards the buildings in the east.

Vegeta shared a look with the Raditz and the two of them lowered there powers and low as they could go and jumped up and flew after Nappa, they both had suspicions that Nappa was the reason that freeza always found him, and so they had made a silent agreement that the next time Nappa went off by himself they would follow him.

Nappa had flown for about fifteen minutes before the buildings started coming into view, he would land on one of them and then he would contact the spaceship that sat on the other side of the planet. Freeza had thought it would be a good idea if a spaceship followed them everywhere they went, so he had sent a ship that had the best cloaking tech after them, and inside the ship a hundred of his best warriors would sit and wait for orders from freeza. Sometimes when he was bored Freeza would have a couple of the warriors leave the ship and search the planet the saiyans would be on and engage them, they always came out on top but never with out damages down, the last time Vegeta and raditz limped out of the fight with there tails off. After that fight they had fled the planet and searched for the most remote planet they could find: planet Freeza # 124, a planet that had used up all of its usefulness years ago.

Nappa landed on the first building he came across and immediately he activated his scouter to make sure he wasn't followed, when he was satisfied that he wasn't he turned the transmitter on his scouter to the channel that he used to talk to the ship.

" this is Nappa can you hear me. Vegeta has decided that we are going to leave the planet and go to a planet called earth, this earth is supposed to have raditz little brother on it, the last of the saiyans besides us. We will be leaving in about fifty minutes. Again I say can you hear me."

There was a long pause. Then finally someone answered, but it hadn't come from his scouter it came from above him.

" we can hear you alright Nappa, and it's a shame we will have to kill one of out own. How could you do this to us, how could you sell us out."

Nappa looked up and was startled to find both Vegeta and Raditz above him, but how had they done it his scouter hadn't sensed them following him hell it couldn't sense them now and they were right above him.

Nappa didn't know what to say, he know there was no way he could defeat them, his defeat at the hands of Radtiz, twice, had shown him out over powered he was, and he knew Vegeta was even more powerful. Nappa put one hand behind his back and began charging up an attack, but had to do it slowly, he guessed that some how these two had found a way to conceal there energy from a person and could probably find them as well.

" Why do you think I did this Vegeta. Freeza is unstoppable, if you would get your head out of your ass you would see that. We all know that none of us are strong enough to fight him, you know how strong he is. You know as well as I do that the 500'000 power level that the scouters pick up from him is just a mask, that he's hiding his true strength."

' just a couple of secons, just have to stall them for a couple more seconds.' He thought.

" you are a traitor to your people Nappa, you are a coward. Do you honestly think that Freeza is going to let you live once were dead, no, he's going to get rid of you as well. Freeza hates saiyans, and if you really thought he was going to let you live then you are a bigger fool then I thought." Raditz sneered. Raditz had never really like nappa to begin with. He was always abusing his power and making people do things that pleased his sick mind.

As Raditz neared the end of his speech Nappa suddenly grinned, his attack was fully charged now. Raising two fingers in the air as fast as he could Nappa activated his attack and suddenly for almost a mile wide in all directions a massive energy attack lit up the sky.

Vegeta and Raditz had seen what nappa was doing a little to late, they had managed to raise there power levels as fast as they could, and while they wouldn't be killed by the blast they would be severly hurt.

As soon as his attack had begun Nappa took off towards the north where the ship was located, it would take him half the day to get there but he was in no hurry, Vegeta and Raditz would be feeling that attack and would surely head to there pods and leave instead of following him.

When the attack died down Vegeta and Raditz were lying in a pool of there own blood, that attack had really done some damage. Both of them were bleeding all over, Raditz could tell he had a few broken ribs and his right arm ws broken. Vegeta could feel a few broken ribs as well and his right leg was shattered, his left ankle was broken as well.

Vegeta had taken more of a serious hit because he couldn't get his arms crossed over his chest to protect himself and hit been sent flying towards one of the buildings and went through it and out the other side.

Raditz sat up and coughed up blood and took a second to compose himself before taking flight and flying over to where vegeta was and picking him up with his one good arm and throwing him over his shoulder. Raditz jumped up into the air and flew back towards there camp site, they had to get off of this planet before whoever it was that Nappa had contacted showed up and killed them.

It took Raditz almost an hour to get back and once he did he tossed Vegeta into his pod as well as the rest of his belongings before doing the same to his pod and in minutes they where headed to earth.

Inside the pods Vegeta and Raditz hooked themselves up the there emergency healing systems and in minutes they were both knocked out and heading to earth.

The trip around the planet had indeed taken him half the day, but he could deal with that, he had made it out alive and would now get the payment freeza had promised him. He knew that they had gotten the transmission and he also knew that they wouldn't need him anymore so he would be free to collect his payment and be on his way.

When Nappa got to the ship he took a second to stare at the size of it. The ship had to be at least a thousand yards across and half again as tall. It had purple oval windows lined up all around the ship on the top of it was a black dome that was about fifteen feet around.

Nappa couldn't find the door, he had walked all around the ship and he didn't see a thing. ' how the hell do you get in and out of this thing' he thought, this was very frustrating.

As Nappa came back around the ship he was met by none other then Zarbon one of freeza's elite warriors. Nappa saw that the door was apart of the ship, one wouldn't have been able to find the door unless he knew where to look.

Nappa looked back at Zarbon and was very unnerved by the look he was giving him, Zarbon was looking at him with a look of pure hatred on his pretty boy face. Before he could ask what as wrong Zarbon zipped forward and punched him in the chest, his hand going into his chest and out the back.

" you didn't think Freeza would let you live did you monkey," Zarbon sneered, " Freeza wanted me to kill you as soon as he knew where Vegeta was going to go, he wants to rid the universe of you saiyan scum. It seemes that you are as dumb as everyone says you are."

With all the strength he had left Nappa raised his right hand and gathered as much energy as he had left and then used t he same attack he used to escape earlier, catching Zarbon off guard.

The explosion blew the ship apart and left a massive hole in the ground. When the smoked cleared Zarbon was still in the same place where he had been when Nappa used the attack, he had a few cuts on him and a bruise or two but he was relatively ok. Nappa was no were to be seen, it seemed Nappa had pulled off a suicide move but it didn't get him anywhere, zarbon still lived.

Reaching up and activating his scouter Zarbon sent out a distress signal, he knew it would only be a week two tops before he was picked up.

" run little prince, you to raditz, run as far away as you can. When I find you I will kill you both, and whoever it was you went to go get." Zarbon started cackling madly out loud, his voice traveling for miles scaring the anything that might try something.