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Chapter 1

His eyes were caked in blood.

They had been for many hours. Screaming in pain while he did not. It was beneath him. His attempts to open them were unsuccessful, they had been cut the very socket.

A stab wound in his stomach was bleeding profusely, bile burned the wound as it seeped from the tear. With every minute that passed by, he felt his digestive system push up bodily fluids into the back of his throat. He did not dare release the pressure. His already severe wound would rip even farther. Some of the juices managed to drip down his mouth, but for the most part it was kept down.

His fingers swam in a liquid pool of something warm, as they twitched at his side. He was covered in a mass amount of his own blood. He reeked of it. He was resting his back against the closest thing he could come in contact with, a wreaked couch.

He realized that even in his state of torture, his thoughts wandered elsewhere.

There had been two girls here, hours before. They were frightened, but he knew what he had to do and took control of the situation.

They were safe now, at least from the dangers that resided here. Going after them would have been an option, if not for the fact that he laid at deaths door.

The blue haired sorceress; a bubbly, disruptive, and annoying woman, the sole reason he wished death upon Rekai...along with the the simple reason of its existence as an inefficient world. The other…a pure angel. The one he found a pest was a ferry girl of Rekai. Pink, bubbly, loud…the list didn't end. The other…his twin sister…Yukina…the one he would trade his life for. Pure, kind, gently…everything he wasn't.


"Hiei-sama?" Yukina called out. Looking for the demon wouldn't be so hard sine he almost always found sitting to a particular tree near the temple she just emerged from.

Birds and small critters swarmed her, believing the plate of glorious dish was for them. Apologizing, she told them it was for a dear friend and that their food was being prepared. None left her side, still awaiting for the arrival of their meal.

"Hiei-sama?" She ignored the animals and continued her search. She never noticed how many tree took residence in the forest until she had to carry a large pile through it. She almost slipped on a root that curved out of the ground, but quickly caught herself. The food slid forward slightly, bit and pieces fell the ground and where quickly eaten by the small birds. Giggling to herself, she continued on her search. She finally reach a large old oak tree, she sensed a familiar energy. "Hiei-sama?"

A dark figure dwelled high in the tree. After hearing a tranquil voice, he awoke from his sleepy trance. The mysterious figure directed his attention towards the angelic voice.

"Hiei- sama, I have brought you food!" the beautiful voice stated.

He jumped down, landing directly in front of the petite girl. His cloak flowed around giving his an eerie appearance, but the girl was far from apprehensive. "You should not be wandering the forest alone, demons roam these parts."

Yukina just smiled at him "I appreciate your concern, I will be more careful next time." She held the plate of food out for him to grab "I have brought you food." Staring directly into her crimson eyes, he took the plate. "Let us get you home" was all he verbalized. Placing the dish down at the base of the tree, making sure it await his return.

Walking with Yukina had been quiet, mostly on his part. Yukina couldn't help but talk non-stop. She was excited that she could finally talk to someone, Kuwabara was try to pass his finals so he wasn't around as much.

Hiei found that listening her talk was nowhere near as annoying as the ferry girl's conversations. He loathed that onna. Her bight cerulean hair, that high pitch screeching she calls a voice, her cheerful demeanor, he despised her.

"Hiei?" he head his name being called by a sweet voice, he looked down to see Yukina looking at him. He looked away, he was caught off guard. Stupid ferry girl.

They reached the temple and walked the endless steps. He was going to make sure she made it safely. He searched the surrounding area for any form of a possible threat to Yukina, looking inside the temple as well. He noticed something.

"Where is she?"

Yukina looked confused, wondering who he meant, a bright smile then graced her face "You mean Master Genkia" She looked at the temple "She was invited to an old friends house for a few days-."

"And left you here by yourself?" He was displeases that she would leave his defenseless sister to tend for herself.

"I thought it was a wonderful idea, she needed it" Yukina said "I am capable caring for myself, Master Genkia has taught me how to fight and use my ice abilities."

Hiei was surprised to find out that his sister was learning how to be a fighter. He was proud, but he also knew that she wasn't a very strong fighter, his sister was alone and he was the only one who could protect her if something attacked. He needed to stay closer to her.

At the top of the temple He noticed a weak energy float from the sky. Turning his body to face the direction it was in. He saw pink and blue float down near the tree he once resided in.

Yukina noticed he was looking at the tree that he was in no more than thirty minutes ago and saw something glide down.

"Botan-sama!" Yukina cheered "May we go and greet her?"

"Stay inside, if you want her to come, I will go and bring her."

"But Hiei-sama, you told me not you wander the forest grounds by myself and if I am with you I would not be."

Hiei would have said no it wasn't for the sudden thought that passed through his mind 'I would have to talk to her or worse…she will want to talk to me.'

He nodded his head in the direction he was heading in, giving Yukina permission to follow him.

She giggled and raced down the steps like a child, so innocent and pure.

Hiei couldn't help, but be amazed…they were complete opposite.

Yin and Yang.

Day and night.

He looked at his sister who, at last, reached the last step, twisting around to face her brother, unknown to her. The light shone on her gracing her ever feature, her pure crimson eyes, her light creamy skin, her smooth emerald hair. They are complete opposites.

A Saint and…Sinner.

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