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Hiei was growling and baring his sharp pearl white teeth. His muscles were thick and tense with anticipation. Botan found it difficult to even twitch under his solid form. When she made a move to get up he threw a hand on her chest pinning her to the bed. He looked enraged. He turned to see who was at the door to administer his fury on to them.

He finally looked like the demon everyone predicted he would be.

Saliva dripped down his fangs making them shimmer in the florescent light, with his soft toned tongue shoved in the back of his mouth. He was crossing the line between bad and evil …and yet she still felt no fear.

She thought herself insane. How could anyone with any form of self preservation not feel fear towards this situation? This could go from bad to horrible in a matter of seconds.

Insanity was the logically answer…probably the only answer.

She looked passed Hiei to see the Rekai Tentei standing at the doorway.

The group stood there, in bewildered astonishment. Not a word was said between anyone. She could only guess how bad the situation looked from their perspective; she looked terrible from her own. Hiei's firm growls and intense aura were the only things that brought them back to reality. He looked like a wolf protecting a carcass, one that was ready to die for it. The term 'if looks could kill' crossed Botan's mind, but was rebuked as she soon reminded herself that he was blind.

'Because of me.'

Kurama's tranquil voice spoke before all others in an urgent, quick, and calculating manner. "Botan, I want you to distract Hiei's attention away from us to you. We are going to sneak up from behind and seize him."

The tone he was using sounded unusually harsh and cold to Botan. She didn't want her savior to be talk to this way, but she reluctantly nodded, earning her a growl from Hiei. Whether from the slight movement she made or from agreeing to his terms. Hiei's supposedly unstable mind couldn't comprehend the latter so she guessed movement was the reason.

Emerald eyes landed on Koenma. His ridged stance spoke of his emotions, how unsure he was of the situation. Its looked as if he was ready to save Botan, but with the toddler in teenage form, it was possible that he was planning an escape. Kurama checked his back…no jet pack this time. "Koenma, get a doctor to bring twice his normal sedatives as soon as possible. Please back away slowly as to not startle him."

Koenma stiffly backed up towards the door, accidentally stumbling over a few things fallen objects, earning harsh glares from Kurama, and angry growls from Hiei. Soon he was out of sight. Though it was preferred that they wait for Koenma to arrive with the sedatives, Kurama was not willing to take a chance with Botan's safety in jeopardy.

"Are you ready Botan?" Kurama asked. He wanted to get Botan out and fast. The longer she stayed the grasp of the powerful youkai, the higher the chances of something happening. A not so good something.

"…Yes." She whispered. Keeping her gaze solely on Hiei.

"Yusuke, we are going to apprehend Hiei. Kuwabara you are going to block the door if he breaks through the remaining cuff and tries to make an exit." Both boys silently agreed to his arrangements. He knew more about demons then the two of them combine, so his plan was better than any other.

Botan took that as her cue. "Hiei…" She whispered. He didn't turn to face her but moved slightly closer to her laying form, acknowledging that she spoke.

Botan was slightly startled and a bit unsettled. That slight movement to her is seemed like some form of intelligence.

Koenma came sprinting back with three doctors. They stayed hidden from Hiei's view with some direction from Kurama.

"Hiei…" She tried once more. Carefully placing one of her soft hands onto his face. Noticing the sharp contrast between their skin tones. From the corner of her eyes she could see Kurama visibly stiffen with disapproval, clearly not approving with what she was doing, he didn't believe it was best touch Hiei in this state. She didn't care. There was reasonable doubt that everyone is wrong with their belief that Hiei was a monster. She was going to prove them wrong. To hell with what everyone else's thoughts. She wasn't about to follow their logic! She had her own ideas and she was going to go after them!

And it was that she believed that Hiei isn't a threat!

He is a friend!

A valuable member of this group!

They should all be ashamed that they were doing such a thing to him!

She lifted herself, ever so slowly placing her lips so that they were practically touching his ear. "Prove it to them…prove that you aren't that beast. I know your still with us, you can fight this." She was sure that the others couldn't hear her, even if they could, it didn't matter. At this moment, it was just about Hiei and herself.

Time seems to have stopped at together. Voices had been drowned out, machines had been turned off, everything shut down except for the two who laid in the bed. It was as if time had been altered for this moment, seemingly put on hold. She was feeling a strong sense of déjà vu.

Despite the fact he could no longer see her she saw him perfectly. She let her lips gently fall on to his cheek.

Hiei seemed to have lost focus on his original task of mauling the intruders and turned his attention to Botan.

The ferocious look he was carrying seconds ago gradually faded into its usual emotionless mask. She looked onto his rough facial features and saw something twitch. If his eyes were visible she was sure they would have the real Hiei in them.

She knew now without a doubt that he was still in there. Hiei was inside struggling to be free.

She had complete faith in him.

With that revelation in mind now, everything came back to life. Noises that were deft to her mere seconds ago were now sound once again.

Hiei was at that moment dragged off her sooner then she would have liked. He was fighting and growling at his captures, but not a viciously as he would fight a true enemy. Kurama put him into a struggled headlock while Yusuke tried to block all the punches and kick aimed at his body. All in all Hiei seemed to be the same. Nothing seemed to have changed, much to Botan disappointment.

She supposed she was hoping for a miracle. Something to prove Hiei was himself once more.

Right after Hiei's capture she found herself being dragged off of the bed and pushed out towards the entrance.

She turned to see Koenma pushing her from behind, but never taking his eyes off of Hiei. Who was now being injected with the syringe. Before she was promptly shoved out of the door she saw him, somehow even with Kurama attached to him, take an unsteady step forward.

One outside, Koenma yanked her arm so that she collided into him, then wrapped his arms tightly around her much smaller form. They stood like that for sometime staring into each others eyes. He was analyzing her critically.

All that she could be sure of from her point of view was that there were bruises and cuts scattered all over her face, along with a distinct soreness on her lips that brought a blush to her face.

"I'm so glad you are okay, Botan," The suffocating hug fallowed after the sigh of relief, he let her go after his assessment. "I was so scared that he was going to kill you."

"...Thank you, sir, but I doubt he would have killed me." Despite her hoarse and tired voice she sounded fairly confident.

"Botan, I was afraid I was going to loose you, don't make the situation seem lighter than it really was," His tone was becoming distinctly high and harsh, "he has turned out to be far more unpredictable than we had anticipated. For you safety I am going to ask you, not as your superior, but as a friend…please stay away."

"Sir, despite what you saw in there, he saved me! Twice!"


"Lord Koenma, he saved Yukina and myself at the temple and once more with the assassinator who by the way was posing as a fake nurse! If I hadn't have released one of his cuffs I would have been killed!"

"You let him loose?"

Ignoring his question she continued her rant. "He saved me from her. I can't explain what happened, he seemed to understand I was in danger and acted. "

Koenma looked skeptical "Botan-" She interrupted once more.

"I don't care what you say, I know what I saw and what I saw was Hiei thinking before acting!"

"That is impossible, he is not himself."

"He was trying to get loose to attack that impostor!"

"Botan…I'm doing this for your safety."

"Please…don't do this. I owe him so much for what he has done."

He was taking her away from him and there was nothing she could do, her plans to help him were going down the drain. He deemed Hiei "too dangerous" and now he was deny her the privilege of visiting him

But he showed restraint. She saw it. Koenma wasn't there to see him use the logic they claimed he didn't have. And he protected her!

Koenma saw he resolve break and took her moment of weakness to push his point.

"I'm doing this to keep you safe. What you thought you saw in him almost got you killed today. Hiei may have saved you twice, but those 'acts of kindness' wasn't Hiei. He's unstable and is far to dangerous to handle right now, even by the staff. Now I want you to promise me that you will stay away until I say its safe to do so." Stern eyes gazed at the top of Botan's head. Her head and eyes were low, while her shoulders hunched in surrender. She gave a weak nod. Koenma broke into a smile

"I'm glad you saw it my way." His face turned serious, "We are going to investigate the attack with the imposter and we will inform you of the progress when we have word."

"…Yes sir." She said with hardly any enthusiasm.

Sensing that Botan was a little down from being denied her visits with Hiei, he decided to cheer her up. "Don't feel so bad Botan, it's not like Hiei will be like this forever. I mean look on the bright side! He's awake! Some how…He really shouldn't be. What I don't understand was how he had burned off the sedatives that were keeping him in his induced coma, something must have pulled him out." Koenma mumbles that last couple of sentences to himself.

"Sir, I will be heading to my room now…"

Koenma snapped himself out of his musing.

"Oh, yes of course! Get some rest."

"Yes sir…"

Fatigue made itself apparent after the first couple of steps. She dragged her feet the rest of the way to her room. The bedroom door closed behind her quietly as she practically crawled to her bed. Her head hit the soft pillow and all thoughts that clouded her mind was swept away in a dreamless sleep.

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