Made of Scars

Chapter o1: Incubus of Viral Darkness

(Jin's POV)

This fluid feels like pain
This stoic mood is all in vain
I reach into the dark
I tear the sun and me apart
How many years ago
How many deaths I can't let go
My flesh is temporary, my God extraordinary

Cardiff - Stone Sour

Screams tore at my ears, gnashing like infectious beasts of some forsaken evil. My veins burned with the molten liquid: my pain. As if fire fanned by the sweet breaths of night, ebbing and flowing, it grew. I ran, my legs pumping and my heart accelerating.

I wanted to get away, anywhere. Here was just too agonizing. Her face materialized through the breaking treetops and I stumbled, my hand reaching for her. She looked so sad. I bit back tears and forced my feet to go faster. Her almond-shaped eyes reflected my image, a hazy shadow amid the dazzling brown. Something warm trickled down my chin and I knew it to be blood, my blood, cursed blood. I dug my canines deeper into the tender flesh of my lip.

A sinister cackle assaulted my ears and I snarled. It was the creature, the effect of all this madness. It slithered through my plagued blood and exited out my nostrils in a dense, slate-colored smoke. Milky irises swathed around scorching red and black pupils beckoned my surrender. The depraved leer of the jagged mouth glimmered in the slivers of moonlight that filtered through the trees.

I kept running, not sparing another glance at the shadow. My mother's face frowned at me, her lower lip puckering somberly. I tried to extend my hand further, my fingertips tingling. She just seemed to slip farther away. A mournful shout ascended from my throat and I let the tears roam freely, now, seeping down my cheeks.

The creature screeched with insane laughter, taunting me, and I lashed out. My fists assailed the writhing smoke, but it did no harm.

"You're damned boy."

I growled. "Go back to Hell."

"I like it rather much, here." Its raspy voice hissed. "Besides, you know whose fault your mother's death was."

My heart twisted. "Toshin destroyed her."

"Did he now?"


The shadow swirled around me and I came to realize I'd stopped moving. "Maybe, you're right," it purred, "though I think the villain is somewhat closer to home."

At those last words, my breath hitched.

"Wouldn't you agree, boy?" It continued. "I mean- if you'd never been born, she wouldn't have tried to protect you and could've escaped."

My insides felt like mush and my skull throbbed. "No…"

"She would have lived… but you changed all that."

Icy talons sank into my back and summoned the gigantic ebony wings buried there. They burst through the skin, sending deep red liquid in all directions. The subsequent sting shivered across my nerves and I restrained a cry of pain.

"Running away, boy?"

Ignoring that scratchy tenor, I took to the sky.

"You can run, but you can't hide." It guffawed. "I'm forever your shadow, your incubus of viral darkness."


I awoke with a start, a sheen layer of cold sweat plastered to my skin. My bones ached and the inside of my mouth tasted of a sticky unpleasant tang. Rolling to my side, I gazed at the glowing red numbers of the alarm clock- 3:00A.M. To some cultures, this was known as the Witching Hour. I had to agree with them.

Stretching and rising from the damp sheets, I left the master bedroom and descended the extravagant staircase. The foyer was empty other than the few guards standing watch. I greeted them with a curt nod and continued on past the main entrance to a door on the far right. It led to a vibrant garden I'd had connected to the maze on the farthest edge of the estate.

The velvety night sky glimmered with the many shards of winking stars. The hue of bruised indigo and streaks of cloudy amethysts intensified the dying radiance of the maiden moon. She held a ghostly hint of pink, though it was fast turning blood red. I peered up at her with a faint scowl.

What if the fiend was right? What if I hadn't been conceived? Would she have survived?

My hand caressed the nightshade growing up the side of the mansion, its violet petals seeming to shy away from my touch. In the fountain adjacent to them, I saw my reflection. The muscles in my bare chest were taut and my complexion appeared sallow. I winced as I caught sight of the branded black skin on my left shoulder. It danced with unholy shadows.

Then, my ears perked as I heard the distant sound of a voice. It was singing softly. I took off, bounding down the path and leaping over the clusters of flowers. If my ears had not been mistaken, it was coming from the labyrinth.

Not caring if I got lost, I plunged into the emerald gloom. Pushing stray branches aside and racing past or through sharp corners, I came to an open area with another fountain, this one more excessive than the last. The water trickled over the four layers of beautifully designed limestone and pooled in a silvery base stocked with goldfish. At the crown was a tiny statue of a dove: my mother.

The singing faded and a hazy figure stepped out from behind the fountain. From what I could tell, her hair was the tint of mahogany and her creamy complexion seemed to glow. She possessed iridescent grey eyes; they were reminiscent of two alluring moons.

I tried to breathe, but my lungs were too paralyzed to function. With my lips parted slightly and my eyes as large as saucers, I'm sure I looked quite ridiculous.

She stood very still, her eyes trained on mine. Above her right eyebrow I thought I saw a birthmark shaped like a crescent moon, but quickly dismissed the notion when I looked again and saw nothing but perfect pale skin.

Who was this lovely phantom?

Then, she vanished. I blinked, finally able to gulp down a much needed gust of air. Was she real? I pinched the bridge of my nose between my index finger and thumb, trying to stem the sudden headache.

The faint scent of oranges and strawberries teased my nostrils. It was a strange combination, though it somehow worked. I inhaled the fragrance hungrily; delighted to smell something other than sulfur, smoke, and ash.





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