Ending 2

As Chuck and his family got back to their apartment, he sat Lissy down on the couch. Blair walked over to them and started to remove Lissy's stained dress.

"Could you go and put Charlotte to bed?" Blair asked as still was trying to comfort her sick daughter. Chuck went to the stairs and as he ascend them quickly he lost his footing and fell down. "Chuck!"

"Charles," a deep voice said.

Chuck opened his eyes and a blurred face came into view. His father and Lilly stood over him. Taking a slow look around the room he noticed that Serena was there looking disinterested but he didn't see Dan. Eric was next to her and next to him was Nate. How dare he show his face here but he didn't se Blair. He figured that she was trying to comfort the kids.

"Mr. Bass, I need you to be still," a man asked, he figured it was the doctor. Chuck tried to flinch away from the doctor as he began to prod and poke at him but he felt too weak. "You're lucky after an accident that bad some people just don't make it."

"I…I fell down the…stairs," Chuck croaked out after the doctor left.

"You got into a car accident, idiot," Serena said earning her a glare from Lilly and Eric. "What?"

Accident? His eyes widened, he wanted Blair right now. Chuck struggled to sit up all the way. Wincing he felt pain shot up his arm, looking down he noticed that it was broken. No, he didn't want this; he didn't want to be back here. This was not the family that he wanted.

"Where's Blair?" He asked panicking now. "I need Blair right now."

"Son, you haven't seen Blair in years," Bart said trying to push him back down against the bed. "You need to stop struggling."

"No, I want her here now," Chuck, demanded.

"Why do you want her for?" Serena asked snottily.

"Chuck," Nate spoke up but Chick didn't want to look at him. "Jenny got a hold of her and told her what happened but I don't know if she'll come or not."

"Think again," Serena, muttered.

Everyone looked at the doorway and saw Blair standing there. She shifted around nervously as they all gazed at her. Lilly cleared her throat and headed out of the room holding Bart's hand. Everyone seemed to take the hint and followed them leaving Blair and Chuck alone in the room.

"Where are Lissy and Charlotte?" He asked looking right at her.

"I don't know who the hell Lissy and Charlotte are. I don't keep track of your girlfriends. I only came here because Jenny said that you were in bad shape but you seem fine to me so I'm leavening," Blair told him and turned to walk away.

"Blair wait," he practically shouted. "You can't walk away from me again."

"I never walked away," she told him with an angry expression. "If I remember correctly you were the one who told me to leave and never come back. What do you want from me?"

"I want you and our kids back," he told her leaning his head back.

"Kids? You are delirious I never gave birth to any of your spawns," Blair wrinkled her nose. "How do you know that I'm not married and have kids of my own?"

Chuck snapped his head up to look at her, which wasn't a good idea since it made the room spin. He took a quick glance at her finger and saw that there was no ring on it. Then he knew that she wasn't married she would be the type of person to show off her ring.

"You wouldn't have come to see me if you were. You wouldn't have anything to do with me if you were married," Chuck told her knowingly and he saw that he was right by the look on her face. "You came here…that means something."

Blair walked over to the bed and grabbed his hand. Neither one of them said anything but instead just took in the silence. Chuck pulled on her hand and painfully scooted over for her to lie down next to him. Blair removed her hand from his and backed up a step.

"I can't let you have this control over me," Blair told him.

"Get in, Blair" Chuck said.

Blair sighed in defeat as she lay down next to him the hospital bed. Chuck took his good hand and held on to hers tightly thinking maybe she would try to leave. Blair squeezed his hand back and laughed to herself while shaking her head.

"I don't know how you do this to me, Bass," Blair said smiling at him and Chuck smiled back and kissed her forehead. "Why do I give into you so easily?"

"What do we have here?" Serena asked coming back into the room along with everyone else.

"Sorry," Eric said. "It was a little too quiet in here and we were getting nervous."

"Charles, I don't think that you are thinking too clearly right now and…" Bart started only to be interrupted

"Father, it's late and I'm sure that you and Lilly are quite tired," Chuck said and Bart just stared at him.

"Miss Wladorf, if anything should happen please let us know," Bart asked her and Blair nodded her head in agreement because she was a little scared to actually say anything.

"Nate, could you de me favor and cancel my flight back to France?" Blair asked.

"Sure," Nate agreed and left the room quickly followed by Eric. However, Serena wasn't so quick to leave.

"You know that no good can come of this right?" She asked him. When he didn't answer her, she turned to leave.

"Serena," Blair said and the blond turned back to face them with a glare on her face. "Too bad you missed Dan's wedding it was quite beautiful. They are expecting their first child, did you know?"

Serena huffed and stomped out of the room. Chuck turned to her feeling relaxed and tired. He should have known that there was nothing going between Dan and Blair.

"Kids, huh? That must have been dream," she said closing her eyes and settling herself against him.

"It certainly was," he replied letting himself drift off to sleep.

6 years later.

Chuck stepped into the apartment and the sound of chaos greeted him. Sitting on a chair was Lissy and she was wailing away as Charlotte shook her E.T doll at her. Once, Charlotte saw him, laughed, and ran over to him.

"Are you teasing your sister?" He asked and lifted her up.

"No," she said with his identical smirk across her face. She was his exact replica; she was going to be more of a handful when she gets older.

"Where's mommy?" He asked her and she pointed up the stairs.

As she put her back on the ground, Chuck started up the stairs. Walking to his bedroom, he opened the door softly and saw Blair asleep on their bed. Taking his shoes off he slid into the bed next her and stroked her hair softly. Blair opened her eyes and smiled softly at him.

"I think your son wants to kill me," Blair told him and rubbed her very pregnant belly.

'No, he's just excited and wants to come out," Chuck replied and kissed her. Blair sighed and laid her head on his chest.

"WAAAA!" Charlotte yelled and shook her E.T doll at them from the end of the bed.

"Charlotte Misty Bass, I'm shipping you off to Grandpa Bart's," Blair said after being startled by the six year old.

"Yeah," Charlotte cheered and ran out of the room.

"I hope this one isn't like you. We would never survive the two of them together," Blair said to him.

"Maybe not but we love it." Chuck said and pulled her into another kiss.

The End