Star Trek-Halo crossover

Prologue: Setting

This story takes place in the Halo galaxy just before Halo 2 and right after the events of Star Trek: Elite Force 2.


After taking a pounding from the Idryll ship the Enterprise had undergone repairs at Starbase 86. It is now on a trial run. In the Halo galaxy the Gettysburg is on its way back to earth with the Chief, Sergeant Johnson, and the Artificial Intelligence Cortana onboard. When they came out of slipspace near Earth they ran right into some sort of quantum rift that had formed. When they passed through they didn't find the UNSC instead they found the UFP (United Federation of Planets), but they didn't know that either.

"Cortana, where are all the MAC platforms, the ships?" the Chief asked.

"I don't know, but according to navigational sensors we are at Earth, but not the Earth we know" answered Cortana.

"Could it be residual effect from the crystal?" said the Chief

"Possibly, but if it is I can't explain it. Chief, we're being hailed by a ship. Sensors can't identify it."

"Open a channel Cortana."

On the communications channel appeared a slightly bald, French looking man, with several humans and aliens at various stations around what the Chief assumed to be the bridge.

"This is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise please identify yourself."

"I am Master Chief Spartan 117."

The Captain looked puzzled "Master Chief? Data?"

The android turned around in his chair and said "An old enlisted naval rank used by several naval services, sir."

"Captain, can you explain to us where we are, we thought we were at earth. But this isn't the earth we know." asked the Chief

"Master Chief you may want to come over to the Enterprise, we have a lot to discuss."

"Fine we'll come over in a dropship."

"We'll make preparations for your arrival Chief."

"Thank you Captain."

"Alright, Sergeant Johnson get that Covenant dropship ready, Cortana, bring us along side them."

"Right Chief I'm on it" said Johnson

Once the ship was in orbit alongside the Enterprise the Chief put Cortana's chip back into its slot in his armor, the cool mercury feeling came back instantly. He then walked down to the shuttlebay where Johnson was readying the dropship for launch; the Chief told him to get on board. He inserted Cortana into the dropship and it lifted off and out of the bay and a course was set for the Enterprise. As they neared the ship and passed over it he noticed the detail and the identification number on its hull "NCC 1701-E U.S.S. Enterprise. Hmmm." The dropship wheeled around and went into the open doors of the ship's shuttlebay. The hatch opened and the Chief and Johnson, with Cortana back in his head of course jumped to the deck. Captain Picard was there to meet him.

"Master Chief these are my officers; Commander William Riker my first officer Lieutenant Commander Worf my tactical and ship's security chief, Chief Medical Officer Beverly Crusher, ship's operations officer Commander Data, and Lieutenant Alexander Munro of the Hazard team."

The Chief introduced Johnson and Cortana, and then they all went to a turbolift and conference room. The Chief remained standing as the chair would not support the weight of his armor. They discuss the current situation, the Chief explained about the Human-Covenant war, the Flood and Halo. Data explained to everybody what had probably happen to the Gettysburg. Cortana was, to say the least amazed by the analysis. The Chief spoke up, "Captain it is imperative that we get to my earth and warn them of the Covenant invasion."

"Captain, may I suggest we wait and talk to Starfleet Command, my analysis shows that while time is passing in this galaxy, on the other side of the rift time is passing very slowly. By my calculations and the timeline the Chief has given us I estimate that we have a least two weeks. If we can gather sufficient forces we could help the UNSC hold off the Covenant" said Data.

"Very well, Worf inform Starfleet Command that I am beaming down with a guest."

"Aye sir" said Worf.

"Beam?" asked the Chief

"Yes, we have the technology to break down the molecules of an object or person and transport them to another place and reassemble them" said Picard

"Oh." said the Chief not really understanding

Cortana said "Must be similar to the teleportation grid I found on Halo."

"Yes, sort of."