(A/N: This is a prologue sort of thing. It's eventually going to be 11 chapters, I hope – all songfics to the track listing of "The Secret Life Of The Veronicas" (minus the last one as I don't like it. Song names are chapter titles; search for the songs to hear them. I think they're quite St Trinian's-y. Girl power etc. Anyways, enough waffle. Onto the (v short) chapter. Reviews appreciated, as always!

EDIT: Just noticed I haven't put any disclaimers in! Oops. St Trinian's does not belong to me, and nor do the songs. Now I am at least a little more legal.)

1. 4ever

Come on baby we are gonna live forever

Let me show you all the things that we could do

You know you wanna be together

And I wanna spend the night with you

As the music pulsed through the floor of the hall, two girls stared at each other over the heads of the rest. They'd been making eyes at each other for months now. Something had to come of it.

They started to make their way towards each other, circling slowly, like predator and prey. Eventually they met in the middle of the dancefloor, bodies pressed together by the masses of screaming pupils.

The taller girl smiled at the shorter. She knew they'd both wanted each other, right from the start. But only now would it happen.

"Come on," she whispered, taking her hand, and they began to dance. A space cleared around them as everyone moved back to watch the head girl and the hippy dancing together, as a little more than friends.

Kelly smiled, and leant down towards Celia.

"Let's get out of here."

They danced their way across the hall and out into the lobby, where the music was just as audible, up the stairs and – who knows where?

That was the beginning.