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Title: You'll Like Me When I'm Dead

Author: JadeMax

Characters: Darth Vader, Padmé Skywalker, Asajj Ventress

Genre: Dark Drama, Angst, Dark Romance

Era: Post RotS

Summary: Suit-less Vader has learned that Padmé has survived and is determined to install her in her rightful place by side...

Notes: This plot bunny was given to me by Daenarrah, and I can't thank her enough for the ideas; she has been and continues to be a major influence in the development of this story to ensure that she gets what she wants as the plot bunny is something of a monster and quite a rabid one at that!

Note 2: This is not a Vader redemption fic. If you're looking for one, this is not the place for you.

You'll Like Me When I'm Dead


It's been twenty months since the creation of the Empire and the revelation of Palpatine's new apprentice - the once charismatic Hero With No Fear. Fallen from light, Anakin Skywalker has embraced the very darkness he fought to destroy. In full command of his formidable abilities, and a face once known as a sign of hope, he has become a harbinger of death.

Padmé Naberrie Skywalker, having survived the birth of her twins but, having fallen into a coma immediately thereafter, has spent the months since her awakening searching for them. Disillusioned and embittered by the league of 2000's lack of action and their reluctance to assist her in her search for her children, she's turned her back on people she once considered her friends. On her own, and teamed up with unlikely allies, Padmé has taken up a campaign of her own against the Empire.

Her husband, once Anakin Skywalker and now known only as Darth Vader, continues his quest against the Jedi and brings her wrath down upon himself. Taking it upon herself to make his life difficult, Padmé has made it her life's purpose to make him pay for the suffering and death he's visited upon the galaxy.

Vader, while unknowingly being hunted by his wife, has been given orders by the Emperor that Asajj Ventress, the Force adept once apprenticed to Count Dooku, has been captured. Vader has been dispatched to eliminate her once and for all. But he has plans of his own with regards to the Force adept, for rumors of his wife's survival have filtered to the Dark Lord and he's shifted his focus and vowed to bring Padmé back to his side to take her rightful place as his consort...