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Untitled Ranma Ah! My Goddess Crossover


A lone figure sat on the tiled roof of the home he was a live in guest. Staring at the stars, he reflects on his life, the many trials and tribulations he's been through and the things that got in the way. Out classing most martial artist who dedicated their lives to the art at such a young age however did not ease the burden that his journey has taken him. He knew his shortcomings; in fact most of what made him the best at what he does was due to some of those shortcomings. He listed them as he pointed at each star he saw. Academically he, he was no genius; but yet in battle, he rivals veterans. Socially he was inept, not by choice, yet he has the attention of his rivals and acquaintances. He has a cold-water based gender-swapping curse that denies him a normal life. He believes that in his current state that he is a disappointment to his mother. He let out a sigh and stopped that train of thought. Since he was being honest about himself in listing his shortcomings, he might as well admit to himself that he was lonely. Amidst all the attention both good and bad he gets from Nerima Wrecking Crew (NWC) he felt alone.

He turned his attention to the eldest Tendo daughter on her way to the dojo with cleaning supplies and guilt struck him. He convinced himself somehow that the chaos of what occurred earlier was his fault. Waking up in tuxedo to a shotgun wedding seems far from normal, but considering his life till then, he was surprised that it hasn't occurred sooner. However just like most things in his life, it never goes according to plan. When it comes to Ranma Saotome's life, they aught to rename "Murphy's Law" to "It'll Happen to Ranma Sooner than Later." Ranma hopped of the roof and intercepted Kasumi before she could get to the dojo. Kasumi gasped as Ranma landed in front of her.

"Oh, my! Ranma, you startled me," she said.

"Gomen Kasumi." Ranma said.

"Ranma-kun where have you been, all the guest have already left and you missed dinner. There are some leftovers I could heat up for you if like to wait for me in the kitchen while put these cleaning supplies in the dojo."

"Thanks Kasumi, but that's ok I'm not that hungry. Listen its getting late and I bet you're tired from today's fiasco, so why don't you turn in for the night and I'll take care of things in the dojo."

Kasumi was a bout to protest seeing that since he's still a guest in this house, it would be rude to ask him to clean the dojo.

"Listen Kasumi, I'm stressin' out and I need some thing to do and since I got a hand in what happened here today, it's only fit I help fix things up." Ranma said as relinquished the cleaning supplies from Kasumi.

It wasn't because she was tired, that she didn't argue with the young man, but he did have a point. So much was place upon his shoulders and it's a miracle the young man has not done anything that he might regret. There was sadness in the way he spoke, almost sounding like a man who knew that he was at the ends of his rope.

"Would you like to talk bout it?" she asked.

"Kasumi thank you," Ranma said. "But it's late, maybe some other time. Go ahead; I'll be in few minutes after I clean up a little in the dojo. I promise not to stay too late."

Kasumi saw the pain in his eyes, felt the strain on his voice, and recognized the need for him to vent, but Ranma wouldn't be who he was had he only thought about himself. Kasumi knew that Ranma was looking out for her; she knew that Ranma looks out for all he cared for even his rivals. She also knew that the young man in front of her needed some time alone.

"Very well Ranma-kun, but please don't strain yourself further." She said before saying "good night."

Ranma entered the dojo soon as Kasumi left. It was a complete mess, one section of the wall was blown open, holes all over the place, miscellaneous broken pieces of weaponry scattered about, some discarded explosives here and there, and the ruined remains of a three-tiered wedding cake. Even though toady was ruined, there was a part of him that was glad that the wedding did not go through. Mechanically Ranma started to clean up the mess, he was also so lost in thought that he didn't even realized that he wasn't alone in the dojo. He stopped in front ruined wedding cake lost in thought.

"Yen for your thoughts Saotome." came familiar voice from behind.

However Ranma did not jump or act surprised, he knew he had to answer to her sooner or later.

"Is that the going rate these days for 'em?"

It was statement rather than a question that came from Ranma's lips.

"Actually, that's with the discount. I really don't see you winning the "Nobel" unless it had something to do with fighting." Nabiki countered.

Ranma decided that the best thing to do was to ignore the mercenary girl and went about to salvage the ruined dojo.

"Listen Ranma..,"

"Go to bed Nabiki, it's late and right now I don't want to hear it." Ranma cut her off.

Nabiki stood her ground; it was rare Ranma shows his back bone around her, though guilt more than anything was her reason for staying.

"Look Saotome I thought that maybe you just wanted to vent and I'm here to listen." she said as she approached him.

Ranma dropped what he was doing and stuck his hands in his pockets and pulled them out, one pocket ripped the other empty.

"To bad Biki chan, I ain't got nothing on me. You cleaned me out already yesterday." Ranma said with a smile.

Nabiki knows all too well when Ranma lies, his posture, tone of voice, and a million other things gives that signal away. Ranma can never hide what he feels when Nabiki looks at him. Right now he's smiling at her and joking about being broke and all Nabiki could see was "leave me alone", "I'll forgive you later but for now just go." She did send out those specific invites out and knew how things will end up. Now looking at him, she wonders. Did she cross the line?

"Come on Saotome. Can't I give you freebie every now and then?" Nabiki asked.

It was too quiet in the dojo. Nabiki doesn't like when it too quiet and wanted to really hear what Ranma had to say. Ranma let out a sigh and walked to the large hole in the wall of the dojo and was about to walk out.

"Saotome, wait!" Nabiki said as she moved to wards him.

She stopped when Ranma stared her down, his face morphed from complete anger to far beyond sad. It was the look any one would have when hope is lost.

"Nabiki, if you could you'd charge me for every breath I take." Ranma said sadly.

He quickly used the Umisenken vanished in front of her eyes.

Nabiki stood there for a moment and let what he said sink in. She then thought that if he had slapped her, it would have hurt less than what she was feeling now. Nabiki had never shown weakness since her mother passed; someone had to be strong for her family. Suddenly the dojo door opened and in walked Akane. Nabiki made sure her poker face was on straight. Her sister was no doubt here to bash Ranma for day since she knew that she was the only on capable of pulling something like that off.

"Nabiki it's late, what are you doing here any ways. That baka-hentai should be the fixing this place up." Akane said she looked damage.

"I'm juts trying to figure out how much this gonna cost to fix." Nabiki said nonchalantly.

"Where is that hentai any ways? I bet he's with one of his floosies…Baka." Akane went on.

"Wow nee-chan, you really don't trust him don't you?" Nabiki said a she made her way to the door.

"Yeah, about as much as I trust Kuno. By the way onee-chan tanks for bailing me out today, if it weren't for you doing what you did; I'd be married to that baka." Akane said next to Nabiki.

Nabiki could only stare at her sister. She wasn't mad that her wedding day was ruined, but rather thankful that it was ruined.

"Come Akane. You don't really mean that do you?" She asked.

"Please! Can you imagine what the neighbors would think when they see me married to that sex changing freak. The last thing I need is rumors about me being "bi" being gossiped about town. Had I known that that barrel was filled with "Spring of Drowned Man" water, I would have just given it him and be done with him?" Akane went on.

"You really are piece of work; you know that nee-chan?" Nabiki asked.

"What the hell does that suppose to mean?"

"The guy risks his life, his pride, his cure, and broke his code for you and you still treat him the way you do."

"Why are you defending him all of the sudden; are you after him now to?"

"No dumbass, but I'd get the picture if someone was willing to kill for me."

"You're being a hypocrite. You wanted him out to. You keep bitching about he's eating us out of house and home."

"Yes, he was a liability but ...,"

"But nothing I missed the days where things were normal..,"

"Bullshit! You miss being the center of attention. You bitch about Ranma's ego, but that his only self-defense because Genma fucked him up and that's how he copes."

The girls never noticed that Ranma was on the roof of the dojo as they argued. He was caught of guard at fact that Nabiki was defending him instead of Kasumi. He wanted to be elsewhere, he did not want to hear the siblings fight, least of all, fight because of him. He took to the air and roof hopped as far and as fast as he can. He was about to clear over an alleyway when a shooting pain came from his back. Ranma did not make it across the alley as he fell two stories to ground. It felt like someone is jamming a hot iron into his spinal column on mid section of his back. Ranma could not stand the pain and blacked out. Suddenly a lightning bolt shot out from the heavens and struck the ground near where Ranma passed out. On the ground in some form of sigils was written the message, "ERROR."