Ah! My Lunar Celestial Dilemma Chapter 6: The Clam Before The Storm

"Ara, Ara! Ranma certainly is quite popular, isn't he?" Kasumi said with slight edge on her voice.

Nabiki saw through the look of jealousy her sister had after looking at the pictures.

"Please! You don't jealousy any justice sis, you just don't have it in you." She said in jest as she took the papers back from her sister.

"You know me too well imoto-chan. Now what are we to do about our chaotic hero?" Kasumi asked.

"What do you mean, we?" Nabiki said in shock.

"Precisely what I said Nabiki, separately the other girls drove him away. We, you and me; just might be able to do what they failed to do." Kasumi said a she tapped Nabiki's nose.

Nabiki had nearly gone as far as considering what her older sister just offered, but something held her back.

"Kasumi what if doesn't work out that way? There are a lot of things to consider. His feelings for one thing and there's-"

"The fact that the two women who actually care for him and want to be with him just happen to be sisters? How will everyone, let alone he would take it?" Kasumi continued for her sister. "Does it matter?"

"Alright, who are you and what have you done to my sister?" Nabiki said defensively as she started to feel around her sister's head.

"Nabiki what are you doing?" Kasumi asked puzzled by her sister's actions.

"Checking for horns, it's been a while since we last seen or heard from that UFOni in diaper."

Kasumi gave a small laugh and sat on Nabiki's bed.

"I've always been your sister Nabiki that much has not changed." She said with warm smile.

"Then what has?" Nabiki said with caution as she edged herself to her desk and sat down on her chair.

"He did." Kasumi replied.

"What does he have to with it?"

"I'm tired of seeing him sad, tired of seeing him lose hope, most of all I'm tired of just being there in the background knowing that I could do more before he's driven off so far away that there's no hope of getting him back."

Kasumi's eyes welled up with tears as Nabiki rushed to her sister and held her.

"If you love him that much Kasumi…"

"I love him enough that there is more than enough room in my heart should he fall in love with you as well."


"Aren't you tired of being alone, with no one to trust, afraid of knowing that when you fall no one will catch you?"

"Kasumi I… He…"

"Think about it, together we can accomplish what many have tried over and over with no fruition. We can be good for him and he's good been to us."

There was a moment of silence as the sisters held each other in an embrace, their foreheads leaning against each other's.

(AN: I swear to god… wait he/she/it doesn't exist. I swear if I see one peep of an incest hentai or lime request… Well all you have to do is… WHACK! BAM! [Nabiki and Kasumi walks away dusting off their hands leaving Author-sama in a heap with an abacus and a frying pan imbedded on his head.]

"We could be good together, couldn't we? Heart, brawn and brains, sounds good."

"Are you then willing to try?"

Nabiki broke away from the embrace and paced around the room really giving what her sister offered some serious thought.

"Well?" Kasumi asked.

"The cons outweigh the pros, but he's worth it. I'm in, but Kasumi what about well…"

Nabiki was couldn't finish her thought as she at looked the tips of her index fingers tapping each other.

"About what Nabiki?" Kasumi asked and even with several massive face faults into several keyboards from the audience on the other side of the monitors actually, she meant it.

"Well umm … you know…" Nabiki blushed as she continued to tap the tips of her index fingers.

"Ara, ara!" Kasumi said as she placed a hand of her blushing cheek, "You've though that far ahead?"

"Huh?" replied a surprised blushing Nabiki.

"Well I suppose I invoke the elder sister clause and say I got dibs on him first." Kasumi said with a straight face.

Nabiki face faulted to the floor as Kasumi let out hearty laugh.

"That was heartless nee-chan." Nabiki said as she picked herself up off the floor.

"I try, but regardless of what might happen, we'll see. I haven't thought of things like that that far ahead, but now that you're informed and with me on this endeavor, I can only say that it should progressed slowly."

"But with Ranma that just might take till the next dynasty." Nabiki said as she flopped on her bed next to where her sister sat.

"Giving up already?"

"Hell no, but no schemes, no manipulations. If I want Ranma to see the real me I guess I better stop treating him as a mark."

"Good for you imoto-chan, I wish you the best."

"You do know that what we're doing is…"

"Falling into the stereotype that most men could only dream of, can be found on every other site on the internet, most dou-dinshis and some something Kuno couldn't get even if he paid for it? I'm well aware of that and know that. Ranma is not the type of person that would take advantage of it, nor would he of us. So, are we still in this together?"

Suddenly Nabiki stood up and struck a pose pointing to the distant horizon.

"To capture his wild heart." She called out.

"And heal his wounded weary soul." Kasumi called out as she stuck the same pose as her sister standing back to back.

"It's Nabiki's."

"And Kasumi's."

"Operation: Wild Heart Round Up!" the called out together.

There was a small awkward silence as the two sisters faced each other and stared as the author repeatedly smashed his head on the keyboard for writing the last few lines of dialogue. As a quickly as that moment passed the two sisters busted out laughing and both fell onto Nabiki's bed doing so. They turned to each other sill laughing, when the door suddenly opened with an unwelcomed guest to ruin the moment.

"Hey guys, what so funny that I could hear you down the hall?" Akane asked as she came in so cheerfully.

Kasumi and Nabiki quickly got up and flared auras reminiscent of the combined auras of Shampoo, Kodachi and Ukyo had when they were stuffed in Ranma's room together during the "Ranma ½ Christmas Special OVA : Tendo Christmas Scramble" and all directed to the one that ruined a very rare bonding moment between the two older siblings. Akane felt the back draft of the auras hit her as she got glared at by her sisters.

"What?" Akane asked cluelessly.

Kasumi gathered her composure first as she got up.

"I best return to tending breakfast." She said as she left to room.

Nabiki followed and added her two cents or yen as she exited.

"Kill joy."

"What?" Akane shouted.

"Learn to knock on the damned door, that's what." Nabiki called out as she disappeared down stairs.

Akane let out frustrated growl as she exited her sister's room slamming the door behind her.



Kasumi entered the kitchen and was disappointed to see that Ranma was no longer there and was quite surprised to see that the entire breakfast meal was already prepared and that the dining table was also already prepared as well. She found a note on the kitchen counter and read it.


Thank you for worrying about me, I wouldn't know what to do without your gentle care. You deserve a break, heck you deserve a vacation for what you do for your family... For me. Any ways, I took care of breakfast so you can take it easy. I hope it's your standards as you cooking lessons were fun and a far cry from what I learned on the road. I'll be in the dojo if you need me.


P.S. I'm sorry for taking advantage of you this morning. Please forgive me.

Kasumi wondered what he meant by "taking advantage of her." She went through what happened in the kitchen in her mind. Her thoughts lingered to when she was in Ranma's arms and a blush crept on her cheeks as she held the image of when Ranma kissed her forehead, tightened his embrace, and then looked deep into her eyes. Kasumi smiled as she placed the note in her apron pocket and then began to serve the house hold filing into the dining room.

There was an uncomfortable silence at the breakfast table as both Genma and Soun noticed the auras emanating from both Kasumi and Nabiki. The two parental idiots thought it best not to pursue the matter as they continued to eat their meal.

"Wow! Kasumi this miso is really good. Mind telling what you made it with so I can try to make it next time." Akane asked as finished her bowl.

"Ara, ara. That's Ranma's recipe, he made all of the dishes for today's breakfast." Kasumi Replied with pride before taking a sip of her miso soup. "Amazing, he got the balance between the dashi, miso paste and green onions just right. I wonder what else he used." She continued.

"I'll say, if he keeps this up; you and Ranma could rotate cooking duties and I wouldn't complain. You can take easy every now and then sis." Nabiki said before finishing her miso soup.

Akane slammed her soup bowl on the table spilling its contents and making a mess of the breakfast table by spilling everyone else's food, and then glared at Nabiki. Yet another reason to loath Ranma, not only has he outclassed her in martial arts, her popularity at school, the respect and in a sense fear of the community; now he out shines her in a skill she sorely lacks and desperately tries to do better in.

"I knew that boy was slacking off." said the idiot in the glasses.

"Then starve." came from Ranma as returned from the dojo.

"How dare you boy, show some respect for father." Genma shouted.

"Can it old man, I ain't got time for you bullshit. If there's anybody in this house deserve any respect it would be Kasumi for putting up with the crap we do and Nabiki for making sure our asses ain't tossed out in the streets."

Hearing Ranma praise her sisters and leaving her out of the equation added fuel the fiery temper of the self absorbed brat.

"Don't I deserve any of that respect? This is my dojo, my inheritance. You should be so lucky living here the way you whore yourself to your harem. Where were you pervert, out with one of you usual sluts? I'd rather eat garbage then let you cook." Akane yelled a she swung her arm across the table knocking some food of the table and some onto Kasumi's apron, staining it and ruining the note that Ranma wrote her in the pocket.

By this time the dim witted duo (the one with glasses and one with the push broom for an upper lip) were already several feet from the table, eating from their bowls that they managed to rescue while watching the fanfic (soap opera) that was unfolding in front of them.

"That can be arranged. Cook your own damned food from now on." yelled Nabiki.

She was about to say more, but Kasumi raised her hand in front of her. Nabiki grudgingly ceased.

"What the hell does that mean? What's your problem? Ever since yesterday…" Akane stopped midsentence as hamster wheel in her head stated to spin. "No… You couldn't…"

"THAT'S ENOUGH! For Kami's sake you're sisters, act like It." yelled Ranma.

Everyone in the room was shock to see and hear who those words came from. They stared at the young man engulfed in the full soul of ice, his fists clenched tightly at his sides with knuckles turning white from the strain. Vapor trails from trails coming from the corner of his mouth made him look menacing; as if he about to breathe fire should anyone oppose him now.

"Fuck you Ranma; this is your fault…"


Any further ranting from the youngest Tendo was stop and all but Ranma looked on in horror as the slow motion image of Kasumi slapping Akane was seared into their minds.

"You've said enough Akane." Kasumi said as she stood up glared at her sister. "Since you ruined breakfast, you'll be the one to clean up the mess."

"But I'll be late for school." Akane shot back.

"Then you should have thought of that prior to your actions." Kasumi said as she helped Nabiki up.

Ranma could not believe what he was seeing and can't help but think that Akane was right. The Tendo sisters at a disarray was more than likely his fault. He muttered a curse then made his way toward the front door.

"Where do you think you're going boy? Help your fiancé so she won't be late for school." Genma yelled."

Ranma ignored the fat oaf and was about open the door.

"Listen here boy…"

"He's going to Furikan to get his transfer papers Genma." came from Nodoka as she entered the dining room from the dojo.

"Auntie!" gasped the Tendo sisters.

"N,n,n… Nodoka, what are you doing here?" Genma said as he trembled in fear of his wife.

Kasumi and Nabiki were shocked at the news.

"Ranma was leaving," they thought. "No! Why now?" raced through their minds.

"My son and I had words Genma and it doesn't look well for you." Nodoka said as her hand caressed the handle of the family blade.

"You ungrateful boy, are you that desperate for death?" Genma screamed as he tried to lunge at young man at the door.

"Saotome no Kenshin, Divine Blade Style! Seventh Tatchi! Air Razor!" shouted Nodoka.

No one except Ranma saw the elegant but complex technique his mother used to launch the family blade with such speeds that rivals his own "chestnut fist" technique and imbedding it to the wall leveled to Genma's neck when he tried to lunge for him. Had Genma not stopped himself, he'd have a hell of a real close shave. There was a thin strong wire attached to the katana's tsuka leading all the way back to its saya held by a very angry Nodoka.

"There are far worse things than death old man." was Ranma's parting words as the door shut behind him.

"Move and it will be the last thing you do. We will have words." Nodoka said to the quivering mass of lard in the dirty white gi and swift a tug from the scabbard, the sword flew off the wall and flew back into its saya in one smooth motion with swift click locking it in its place.

After the shock wore off Kasumi tapped Nabiki on her shoulder. Shaking her head to what just happened, Nabiki turned to face her older sister. Not wanting to say it out loud, Kasumi nodded her head towards the door motioning for Nabiki to go after him. Nabiki for the first time in her life had a panicked look on her face, but was reassured when Kasumi took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze and nodded towards the door a second time encouraging her to go. Nabiki gave her sister a warm smile as a look of determination adorned her face and left. Both sisters saw calm before the storm, but neither was prepared for what's coming.


Saya: The katana's scabbard or sword sheath

Tsuka: The katana's handle/hilt/grip

Tatchi: means plural or multiples of, in Japanese sword play this might refer to the various stances and techniques the warrior uses

Kenshin: roughly means sword saint, master swordsman, also refers to a real person of the same name known for his sword skills

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