This week's drabble challenge word "Cramp". Check out Enkidu07, Mad Server, PADavis, Onyx Moonbeam, NC Girl, IheartSam7, Deangirl1, Orange Autumn for some more awesome fics.

Loved, but not owned. They belong to Kripke and the CW.


Dean hobbled around the room, making as little noise as possible not wanting to wake Sam. The hard cramp in his leg had brought him out of bed in one less than graceful motion. Long experience with 'charlie horses' told him massage wouldn't do the job — only walking it off would.

It took a few minutes of pacing and hopping to get the offending muscle back to normal, but it seemed much longer. He finally settled back into bed, surprised to hear his brother's voice.

"I love to watch you dance, Dean."

Sam shut up after the pillow hit his face — except for the giggles.


Thanks everyone. Hope you enjoyed. :D Nana