Note: If you are not familiar with certain characters, this story will confuse you. Non-canon characters are included. The characters are in order of appearance: Atara Yoshi is the mother of Karma Koopa(below). She does not know where her daughter is ever since an incident that caused her to flee her village.

Karma Koopa is a hybrid of a Koopa and Yoshi with a purple shell as well as long, black hair usually worn in a ponytail. She has a hot temper and strongly dislikes the oldest of the Koopalings, Ludwig. However, she is unfortunately forced to become his future spouse (much to the dismay of everyone) as a result of a biological connection called a Metbond; it is a bond that is uncontrollable and will cause illness upon putting a certain amount of distance between them. If one of them is killed, then the other will as well.

Teela Yoshi is a friend of Karma's who was grudgingly accepted as a visitor after saving Bowser's life. She gained supernatural powers after being bitten by a "legendary" Boo on the night of a full moon. This resulted in a slight change of appearance; she grew long fangs on each side of her mouth. Although she already had long hair that consisted of various colors, the combined change in appearance caused many in her village to chase her out of her home, thinking she was a vampire.

In His Own Little World

Lightning flashed and thunder boomed as a small and decent house located on Cookie Mountain withstood nature's fury. The house was not very complicated; it was simply a two-story house surrounded by normally lush fields. Tonight, however, was different. The small structure could barely stand still on this stormy night. Within, two voices conversed in low, hushed voices, one pleading and the other oddly formal.

"Don't go, please don't go…"a green Yoshi pleaded softly. Her eyes were red with tears and an empty bottle of brandy lay on a nearby table. "First her, then her only friend…I don't know what to do. I can't stand being so alone."

"Don't you want to see your daughter again? Chances are high that she's still alive. I've known her for quite a long time, and she was tough. Very tough. She isn't one to die from hunger or thirst, and you know that very well, I believe. Besides, I can do things that other Koopas can't." replied the male Koopa Atara Yoshi was talking to. His eyes, dark and empty, narrowed. "I may be a year younger than her, but I am not to be underestimated." When she didn't reply, the boy backed away, and, opening the front door quietly, walked into the raging storm. But before going, he turned and said one last thing.

"I'm sorry Atara. It's for both of us." With that, he closed the door, leaving the grieving Yoshi to sob quietly.

Chapter One

"Ludwig? LUUDWIIIIIIIIG!" called Karma as she scanned the empty hallway for the blue-haired scientist. When the only thing that reached her ears was her own echoing voice, she sighed and abandoned all hope of finding the kook. Where was he when she most needed him, anyway? Karma made a mental note to sock him afterwards… if she found him, that is. Exhausted after searching the whole castle three times and still not having a clue to where he had gone, she retreated to her room and fell on her bed, with the intention of staring off into space. She fell asleep when her head hit the pillow instead. She did not sleep very peacefully however. A very peculiar vision formed within her mind's eye and she soon began to feel somewhat conscious of the fact that this was a dream.

In the dream, she stood on a small platform hovering unsteadily over what looked like a black hole surrounded by a swirling whirlpool of colors—blue, red, yellow, gray, and green. Standing on a similar platform across the void was a Koopa that looked somewhat familiar… but she just couldn't place her finger on how he was familiar. Besides, he had a mask on—the type of mask that covers every part of your face. The mask itself, though, was unsettling. It was the face of a human that tells you that he or she wasn't the normal human; he had unruly black hair that covered most of his top half of his face, dark circles under his eyes—indicating he hadn't slept very well—, and pitch-black eyes that seemed…lifeless, somehow. Suddenly, the figure spoke.

"Hi, Karma. It's been years since we've seen each other. I hope you do recognize me, for we used to be good friends…fairly good friends."

Surprised as she was, Karma was even more shocked at the hostility of the next words rolling off her tongue.

"How should I recognize you, when you have that creepy mask on? You look more like a stranger to me, and I don't trust strangers who don't show their face…old friend." The Koopa boy seemed anything but offended, however. In fact, he seemed downright amused.

"You're right…I should take this mask off, even if it makes me remember someone I liked," he said, resignedly yet with a tone of amusement. He began to remove the object, when suddenly, overwhelming forces made everything begin to blur,… to shrink,… and to finally, disappear.

"Karma! Wake up, for DAD's sake. It's six, and dinner's about to be served—" Karma, half-awake and half sleeping, bolted upright and began throttling her fiancé.

"Where were you when I needed you?!" the now fully awake Karma growled. "My diary was stolen—again!—and I don't know how to operate the DAD-forsaken tracking machine, so I searched the whole castle three times for you, and, and,…" Karma was lost for words in her anger, and stopped throttling Ludwig. Instead, she glared at him expectantly for an explanation. Surprisingly, Ludwig apologized.

"Sorry, Karma. I was running an errand for Dad, and had to go to the forest nearby. I had to go alone to discuss a treaty—you know how Boos don't trust Koopas unless they're alone, unarmed, and, well…"Ludwig turned red at the last part. "They have someone they care about that's not from their family. Which means you." Karma's anger dulled considerably. Ludwig did try to be friendly and lessen fights (though it wasn't all that effective sometimes) every once in a while, but to think he really cared about her was astonishing.

"The reason why we didn't get cramps from not being closer to each other was that the forest was only about two minutes from the opposite direction" Ludwig, ever the scientist, continued. "thus not affecting the Metbond at all." He began to say more, but Karma interrupted.

"Wait wait wait. Why didn't you leave me a note, puffball? I could have killed us both. And that wouldn't have been very good for your ego, would it?" Karma grinned. It was the first sincere smile Ludwig had seen in weeks; life was strained lately, and few had real happiness. Relieved, Ludwig chuckled and began leading her to the dining room.

Meanwhile, however, someone watched, unfazed and impassive. He had heard the word "Metbond" in their conversation. That, at least, surprised him… but what to do? He couldn't possibly destroy the bond…that would mean sure death to the two heirs… there was no solution, was there? The answer was surely a no. He blinked, and disappeared into the darkness. He would think of something, that was sure…just not now.