Chapter Two

At the dinner table, Ludwig and Karma conversed animatedly and happily, surprising everyone else.

"Did it go well?"

"Yeah. It sure did. The Boos accepted me at once, finding out the three points I informed you about a few minutes ago."

"Did you succeed in discussing the treaty?"

"It went better than I would have imagined. The Boos agreed not to wreak havoc in the basement if we didn't cut down the trees."

"The trees, eh? So all they wanted were the trees. It's kind of weird, considering Boos as guardians of trees. Aren't they dead souls that have come back to life? I think they should guard their graves instead of trees."

"Yeah, but, that's pretty much their nature, I guess."

Across the table, Roy muttered to Lemmy,

"Since when were they lovers?"

"I don't know. They seemed to hate each other until now."

"At least Yoshi did. As for Kooky, I don't know.

"Whaddaya mean?"

"He seemed as if he didn't mind her much. It was as if Yoshi was just an ordinary Koopa, or something."

"Oh…I see your point."

"Yeah, and I like to see them fighting instead of being mushy with each other. It's kinda gross."

"Don't worry, Roy. They'll turn back to normal tomorrow." To this, Roy merely grunted and excused himself, dragging his tired body to his room to read comics, and to eventually fall asleep. What he hadn't noticed, however, was that a certain member of the family was grinning mischievously, eyes glinting.

Meanwhile, a lone Koopa walked to the grayish brick wall of Bowser's Keep and, leaning against it, closed his eyes. Tomorrow will be a long day, he thought. And I ought to prepare for it.

The next day, the same Koopa boy grinned to himself. This was going to be too easy. Had one taken a look at his eyes, they would have noticed that the pupils were tiny dots of black instead of the dull, empty black color they had been the night before.

Bowser had just finished his breakfast and was, oddly, in a great mood. I feel like I can forgive my kids even if they destroyed my castle, he thought. Nothing will make me angry, even if the filthy hybrid spat on my face and jeered at me. I ought to go somewhere with my kids…and my daughter-in-law. Before he could do so, however, the doorbell rang. Wondering who it was, Bowser opened the door. Before him stood a Koopa boy, about Ludwig's height but a little skinnier. He had a blue shell topped with seven pearly-white spikes. His hair was uncombed and messy, the color of it was a shiny black. He had dark circles under his eyes, which told Bowser that the poor guy hadn't slept enough for a while. Three fangs jutted out; one on each side and one on the middle, making his mouth look like a combination of Ludwig's and Roy's. He wore a necklace of what looked like a cross and a sword welded together. Just what this guy wanted was unclear, but Bowser decided to let him in anyway.

"So, what business do you have with us, traveler?" The Koopa shook his head to this.

"I am not traveling around, actually. I'm looking for someone, and I thought that you could tell me where she is, or at least where she might be, based on my description."

"A she, eh? You looking for your girlfriend?"

"Not exactly my girlfriend… but a friend from long ago."

"What's she like?"

"I don't think you would know her. She isn't exactly a Koopa, and she isn't a type you would like, either…" the Koopa boy paused. "She's part Yoshi and part Koopa. Shortly speaking, she's a hybrid. Does that ring a bell?"

"Actually, I think it does. What's her name?" Bowser asked, a little suspicious. Who was this boy?

"Her name is Karma Koopa."