Chapter 1: The One Who Survived

"He couldn't know that at this very moment, people meeting in secret all over the country were holding up their glasses and saying in hushed voices:

'to Harry Potter, the boy who lived'

Five hours earlier:

Running, the man saw The Dark Mark shining above the house. So Lily, Harry, and James were already dead. Hopefully, the child wasn't. Rushing through the door, up the stairs, into the little boy's bedroom, he saw little Harry Potter, standing there, holding the sides of his crib, crying. Quite surprised, he wasted a few precious seconds staring at the child, before looking to the floor, finding Lily, and hurriedly pulling the knife from his pocket.

"I'm so sorry..." He whispered, as he cut into her cooling body. there were small movements coming from her abdomen. Carefully, carefully, He sliced through the membrane, and removed his baby girl from her deathly body. the child started breathing, and a gasp escaped his mouth as tears rolled down his cheeks. Her cries prompted him to wrap her in a blanket he had brought. Sealing Lily's sliced stomach, he swept from the room, leaving Harry to be found by Sirius Black, who roamed outside, looking for survivors. with one last look at the Potter's house, the man stepped on his broom and flew to the closest hospital outside of Godric's Hollow.

Little Known Fact- at the time of her murder, Lily Potter nee Evans was eight months pregnant.

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