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Chapter Five: Breakfast and Potions

Lily left her new dad and "godbrother" in the common room around midnight. She entered the Dormitory marked "First Year Girls", and collapsed on the only unoccupied bed, not even bothering to undress. It had been a long day. She drifted off to sleep, comforted by the fact that no windows in the dungeon meant that the light wouldn't wake her up at dawn.

...Or so she thought. At five fifty the next morning, the light was switched on and Lily was startled awake. Blearily sitting up, blinking as she looked at the clock. Once she verified that it was as unbearably early as she thought, she noticed that there were two other girls awake. The rest had their hangings closed. Lily had not noticed the curtains hanging around her bed-her room at home didn't have any.

"Hello Miss 'disobey the teacher and stay up'. Welcome to morning." one of the two girls awake said.

"It's hardly morning before sunrise. Why are you up this early? Breakfast doesn't start till seven..." Lily strung the words together though her early morning sleepiness. "and classes don't start till nine..."

"We only have an hour to get ready! If you wanted to sleep more, why didn't you close your hangings?" the other girl said. Thinking she had proven her point, she turned away. It was obvious that neither girl would be any help. Lily gathered her toothbrush and shower supplies and left for the bathroom. Twenty minutes later, once showered, dressed, and ready to leave, she returned her things to the dormitory. Seeing nothing else to do, Lily left to explore the castle. After a while, she found herself at the just-opening library, where she spent the remaining twenty minutes before breakfast. After eating, she wandered for another hour, then returned to the Great Hall. It was much more populated, and the teachers were passing out schedules. When Snape saw her, he finished with the student he was helping, and although there were others who had been in the Hall longer, he went to her, and handed her a piece of paper with her schedule on it. She smiled at him, and whispered

"What am I supposed to call you?" No students were near where she sat.

"Professor Snape or Sir in public. If there are no students around..." He whispered, pointing at her schedule like he was explaining something. he trailed off, uncertain

"Dad?" she supplied, hopeful.

"...Alright."he said after a few second pause. This obviously made him uncomfortable, but he was dealing with it. " I don't think you should tell anyone about our ...relationship just yet. Tonight, at eight, please meet me on the third floor, in front of the library. Do you know where that is?" At her nod, he continued "We are going to speak to the headmaster."

She looked down at her schedule, and smiled. Potions was first, a class she was pretty sure she'd enjoy. Lily took an apple from a basket on the Slytherin table, and glanced over at the Gryffindor's. Sitting near Ginny, a black-haired green-eyed boy stared at her. She left the hall without going over to speak to Ginny. The boy's gaze was unnerving.

Harry stared at the new Slytherin girl. Snape was still paying her extra attention, even over the other Slytherins. When she looked up, she looked at him, and with a confused look, left the Great Hall without eating anything but the apple she held in her left hand.

Lily ate her apple slowly, and threw the core into a ready trash bin that had been following her, gliding an inch above the ground about five feet behind her. As soon as she threw it away, the bin Disappeared- magic at work.

Fifteen minutes before nine, she was waiting in front of the Potions classroom, in the dungeons, carrying her bag full of books. She was the first in the room when the door opened, and sat in the front row. She was quite surprised when the rest of the students started filling in the back, not venturing farther into the room until all the back-most seats were taken. Ginny wound up sitting next to Lily, as she was late, and it was the only seat left. Seconds after Ginny sat down, the door at the back of the class slammed shut, and Professor Snape billowed into the room, scanning the class with his eyes. They narrowed when he saw who his daughter sat next to, but Lily was the only one who noticed. She just rolled her eyes...which Ginny did notice, as well as the Professor. He decided to target her for his first lesson question attack-he had a tradition to maintain.

"Silence" He spoke quietly, as the class had already become quiet before he opened his mouth."You are here to learn the Precise Art and Intricate Science of Potion-making. As you have not yet been to your other classes, your perception of magic is more...receptive. There will be no foolish wand waving in this class. Very few of you will understand the beauty of a simmering cauldron, the quiet strength of a liquid seeping through human veins, bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses. I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, and even stopper death-if you can learn, unlike the dunderheads before you.

"Miss Scoggins- Where would you look if I told you to find me a bezoar?"his onyx eyes glinted as he looked at her. She smirked in an expression mirroring his.

"Well, I'd probably start with the potions cabinet." nearly every student in the class smiled. Ginny sank into her chair, seemingly attempting to disassociate herself from Lily."but if I didn't find one there, I'd go for a market over searching a goat's stomach." He closed his eyes, then asked another, harder question.

"What is the difference between Monkshood and Wolfsbane?"he challenged

"They're the same thing."

"What would I get if I added an infusion of wormwood to powdered root of asphodel?"

"I believe you'd get an explosion. If you added the root to the wormwood, though, you'd get the drought of living death." The potions professor smiled at her answers.

"Ten points to Slytherin."He faced the rest of the class. "You could take her as an example." The class continued, and by the end, only one student had managed to explode their cauldron. Colin Creevey somehow managed to turn the Boil-cure into a massive firebomb. Lily and Ginny, on the other hand, managed a perfect potion. As soon a Snape dismissed the class, Ginny left, never speaking to Lily more than required as potions partner. Lily, on the other hand had attempted conversation the whole class, and when Ginny hurried out of the room, Lily was only a few steps behind. Grabbing Ginny by the arm, Lily finally asked

"Why won't you speak to me?", spinning the redhead around by the arm to face her. "You were nice on the train, but you haven't spoken to me all class, and I saw you throwing pleading looks everywhere before you sat next to me."

Ginny looked to her feet, and mumbled something along the lines of "Slytherins are evil..."

Lily snorted. "Says who?"

Her response was a muffled "my brothers..."

"...And you believe everything your brothers tell you?" Lily smirked at her. Ginny slowly shook her head a fraction of an inch, and Lily, noticing this, snorted louder."Slytherins are not 'evil'. The defining characteristics of Slytherin house are cunning, ambition, and blood purity. Notice I didn't say 'evilness', 'cruelty' or 'desire to kill' in that list." smirking, Lily and Ginny walked to Transfiguration, following the flow of students. They met Professor McGonagall again, and discovered the wonders of wands and magic, as well as how their teacher could become a cat. The morning passed in a blur of wonder and hard work. By lunch, the friendship was repaired, and Lily almost went to sit with the Gryffindors at their table. However, the staring boy sat in the middle of the table again, and was looking ever more suspiciously at her. Instead, Lily joined her housemates and ate slowly, conversing with all who sat near her. As she finished and made to leave, however Draco followed her away from the table, and discreetly continued to follow her until she made it out of sight and hearing of the Great Hall. When none could see the two young Slytherins, he grabbed her arm and hissed

"What in Merlin's name are you playing at?!" at her, his grey eyes boring into her black ones."parading around with a Gryffindor like it's no big deal..." he rolled is eyes slightly, and shook her arm.

"What do you mean? It's not. There's no rule against having friends in other houses..."she replied, slightly confused.

"No...there isn't..." he answered "if you want to be friends with Ravenclaws, that's fine. Hufflepuffs are alright as well. Anyone but Gryffindors." he said this like it as the most well known fact in the world. When she looked at him blankly, he continued, "There's a feud? It's been going for over a thousand years?" the statements had question marks on them, like they were obvious answers.

"...and I was supposed to know and/or care?" my answer was just as obvious. He sighed in aggravation, placing his forehead in his right hand. Holding this pose for a moment, he sighed again, and continued, this time speaking through his hand, massaging his eyelids with his fingertips.

"I don't even see why anyone would want to be friends with them. They're belligerent, antagonistic, quarrelsome idiots with no sense of propriety." he re-opened his eyes, running his fingers through his hair like it was in his eyes. His short hair fell back in place.

"Er... belligerent, antagonistic, and quarrelsome all mean the same thing, and they're not all bad, nor are those their only qualities. Have you ever spoken to a Gryffindor?" seeing the loophole in her question, she added "...Civilly?"

His quick comeback nipped in the bud, Draco sputtered for a moment, then, defeated, attempted to mess up his hair again, and muttered "they haven't tried to talk to me, either..." as he walked away quickly. Lily walked back toward the Great hall, and found, to her surprise, a small group of Gryffindors waiting for her behind a corner, well within earshot of the argument. Ginny, smiling, patted her on the back, and pulled her into the group. The dark-haired staring boy who had stared at her from across the room smiled as Ginny hugged her, and said "Maybe Slytherins aren't all bad." to himself. Then, his hair fell in his eyes, and he pushed it back, revealing a zigzag scar.


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