A/N Hello. Like I promised, I have a new story up. This one's going to be a whole story and not lousy like the other one, so don't worry. I hope you enjoy!This is

going to be all in Suze's POV.

Summary: Gina's back. And she's got her eyes on Jesse. And what's this about a pretty, blond science partner of Jesse's? She wouldn't. Would she?

"No way, did she really do that!" I said, laughing my head off.

"Yes, she did!" Jesse replied laughing as well.

Now, let me backtrack a little. Two weeks ago, Jesse came back. To life. No joke. I'm not going to bore you with the whole story cuz, well, you should already know it. You do, right? Or else you shouldn't be here.

Anyways, Jesse managed to snag an apartment about 5 minutes away from where I live. It's not that big, but whatever. Like I care. I'm just happy I have a place to do "naughty things" to Jesse without my mom interfering.

Okay, so we haven't got past second base yet. So what? I have finally gotten the love of my life and I'm complaining about not getting any? I'm not even sure I want some. Yet. Wait till wedding day, Jesse, you're in for a surprise. Getting back to the present.

"Let's go, Querida, it's getting late." Jesse said

"Alright, alright, but that good night kiss better be a heck of one" I said. But Jesse's kisses are always mind-blowing, so I don't have anything to worry about.

We paid the check and got into his car, a sparkling new white Mercedes, the first thing he had gotten out of his first-ever paycheck. Men. That reminds me, Jesse has gotten a job, but he is starting medical school on Monday. He is way psyched.

We talked the whole time about random things like T.V. shows (I have finally gotten Jesse up to date about these things) and things in general. You know, things normal couples talk about. Because we're a normal couple. Me and Jesse. Jesse and me. Yuh-uh. God, that feels so good to say. That we're a normal couple. Le sigh.

He dropped me off on the porch and gave me a nice, long, kiss goodbye. I'll spare you the details. Let's just say, Jesse's kisses are yum-tastic!

I slipped through the door and my mom bombarded me with questions like she usually does. I waved her away.

"Not now, mom, I'm tired." I said and faked my voice to sound all groggy. I'm a perfectionist at faking voices. Comes with the territory.

I think she bought it because the next thing she said was" Okay, honey, you go and get your rest."

I smiled gratefully at my mother's beaming face. Poor woman. All she ever wanted was a normal daughter. Sigh. Too bad she'll never get that normal daughter.

I was bounding up the stairs when my mother's voice stopped me.

"Oh honey, I almost forgot, Gina called earlier," she said

Gina? I stopped in my tracks and slowly turned around.

"She said she was coming back here for another two weeks, they're having spring break now" my mom continued.

I almost forgot about her. I know this was a very mean thing to say, but hey! I had a lot going on for me. I hadn't told Gina about Jesse yet. I wonder what she'd say. A wave of panic washed through me. Because I know what she would say.

Let me tell you a little something. When Gina sees a cute guy, well, she pounces. Like a kitty going for a piece of salmon. And let's just say Jesse's really cute.

Hot, even. Like electrifying, hell-burning hot.

She wouldn't

Would she?