What Used To Be


Legolas risked only one look back as he mounted his horse, Arod. No-one seemed to find anything strange about he, the King's best friend, leaving. The elf didn't know if this was a good thing or not. In truth, he felt as though his heart were being ripped out with a knife. He kept asking himself how he could do this. Walk away without a word ass though their whole friendship had meant nothing, as if he didn't care. But then there was the voice that always answered back. Because he doesn't need you anymore. He's moved on...and so should you. Legolas only stayed for Estel now, but Estel didn't need him anymore anyway. Legolas was only getting in the way, and if leaving would help his friend then he would do it.. Maybe leaving wasn't altogether best for him but he knew it would help Estel. After all, he missed walking under the tree's of Eryn Lasgalen, his horse Galadae, his friends Linnod and Nimduin, and especially his father. It was time to go home. He whispered into Arod's ear and the horse shot into a canter. No-one questioned him, as it was only dawn, and Legolas did not look back at the city of Minas Tirith, his residence for the last four years since he and Gimli had returned from their travels. He could not..

In the King's quarters, King Elessar and his pregnant wife Arwen had just woken up.

"Maybe today you should talk to Legolas about the wood-elves coming." Arwen suggested.

"No, not today." Elessar replied. "I have far too much to do...it will have to wait.. He'll understand, he isn't going anywhere, is he?" With that the King hurried off to start the day. Arwen watched him leave. She couldn't remember the last time Legolas and Estel had sat down together and just talked. She wondered how much longer Legolas would be able to stay if this continued. She knew that Legolas was feeling the call of the sea, and he only stayed for Estel. If Estel was gone, what need did he have to stay?